Horoscope 2022

The 2022 horoscope includes predictions for the coming year! We feature yearly love horoscopes, career, love, relationships and romance. All the zodiac signs will get a comprehensive analysis for 2022 for all aspects of their life. 

2022 will be a year when almost all the zodiac signs will receive the fruits for their efforts and work in the previous years. They must be determined to achieve a solid financial base and the planets will help them take advantage of their opportunities. It may be a busy year that requires the signs attention and consumes their time, but it is all worth it.

There will be some interesting opportunities. This year, the Water signs of the Zodiac (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) will be able to pursue your dreams and wishes. Lots of travelling is possible. They are likely to receive a business proposal that may expand your professional vistas.

Creative activities are favoured and other people will be impressed by their talents and skills. They must use these talents to get personal benefits and even some material gains.

People born in fire signs (Aries, Leos and Sagittarius) will realize that relationships are important and they will make efforts to strengthen them. At the end of 2022 they will be satisfied with your good friends and reunion with your beloved ones.

The new year will be really successful and happy for the earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo). Stressful situations are possible. They may find it hard to achieve balance between personal and professional life and love and romance is blossoming. They will be surrounded by people who love you and care for them, so you will always receive support when they need it.

2022 will be marked by confidence and enthusiasm for Air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) . They will strive for personal and professional growth and development. They are perfectly aware who they are and what they want. Problems and challenges will be addressed with ease. One thing they need to realize is that success requires cooperation with other people.


In 2022, you will travel for pleasure and get the freedom to explore unknown territory and probably bump into new opportunities and possibilities.

You will pick trip options from the unknown to the known, in a precise manner, throughout the year. This may help you enhance your health too. Long-lasting illnesses might come to an end because of a certain miraculous phenomena, during the latter half of the year.

Financially, there will be ups and downs. Family matters will be stable and carry on smoothly. Initiatives to undertake family responsibilities will be highly appreciated and this will be followed by good results. But, you will need to multi-task in order to balance different goals and targets. Respect will be earned.

A high amount of energy is required to spark the romance in your life. During the span of this year, you will find great gains in property and business.

Especially, in terms of investment, there might be better odds for wealth creation. This alone can suffice to complete the aim of generating fortune.

Overall, 2022 is a time of realization about money and peacemaking in life.

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For people falling under the Taurus zodiac sign, knowledge is the key to overcoming any obstacles. There could be a need to understand and work hard in order to share a genuine rapport with your loved ones.

This is likely to be frustrating because of numerous questions and contrary opinions. 202 is not a great time to travel but a few trips might be arranged. Make your ideas clear, be bold and take the initiative.

Financial operations will show uphill progress. Physical appearances may get attention from heavy workouts and a change in the manner of dressing. At work, you may get unexpected appreciation or envy.

These mixed results will not allow progress to be smooth. Sincere efforts and immense concentration is required to deal with professional matters. You may drift into a mode of profound thankfulness.

The most important thing is to strike a balance between work and play.

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A doze of success is bound to set in, so proper planning is essential. A happy influence from every direction of life will make you more energetic and determined.

Your desire is to have a free and fruitful life and you will take all efforts to make it possible. SUCCESS is your mantra in 2022 and your financial horizons will expand to make you feel powerful and much sought after.

Luck will favor you, but you need to keep yourself away from negative thoughts. You will feel deeply connected to people around you and they will be attracted towards you.

Family and beloved ones will feature prominently in your life. Your health can be a little worrisome, so you should pay attention to your well being and keep everything in-line and balanced.

Your career will receive a boost with promotion and increments. Your dream to acquire land or own a house can come true and frequent trips abroad may take place. Expect concrete dividends and material gains for your quests.

This year you can look forward to a balance in your life as a whole.

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2022 presents you a year full of luck, success and delights. While you’d been struggling for the previous years, your efforts will start producing results, from now.

Luck will be highly in favor of you. You have a brighter future to plan – stop being nostalgic about the past and start enjoying the present.

Expect a high-spirited lifestyle on the health cards. But, do not forget to continue following a balanced diet and practicing a regular exercise regimen.

A friendly and amicable environment will surround the residence. Exceptional joy and happiness will flow in from children and siblings. A word of caution for expecting mothers – special care is required in the second half of the year.

Travel to outstation destinations is on the cards, which will prove profitable.

On the professional front, a series of new contacts will develop, that’ll help you climb the success ladder.

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A prospective year to try your experiments is in-line. More so, these trial and errors will prove fruitful and add spark to your life.

Powers of creativity and imagination will be showered upon you. Health will be excellent round the year, both physically and mentally.

By following a proper and healthy diet, you’ll stay energized and on-the-go. With a positive outlook, your well-being will further be boosted.

Support will flow in from family members. Your kids will make you proud, through their excellent performance in academics.

Liquid investments should be avoided during March and August. Investing in residential real estate from September through November will be highly rewarding.

Productive travel is on the cards, benefitting you in terms of both mental peace and finances. Dream of fulfilling a foreign trip will be realized in the second half of the year, as you get a sponsor.  

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Welcome the year 2022 as a boon gifted by God. All aspects of life will see better performance from your end, compared to the preceding years.

You have all the time to display your carefree and lighthearted mood. Plenty of good news is in-store for Virgos. You’ll finally comprehend the connection between a healthy body and healthy mind.

Fresh air can be inhaled by those suffering from blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol as you are on the road to recovery.

Unreasonable demands from teenagers are likely to flow in, with a desire to experiment with everything. Here comes a word of caution for parents – turn a friend to your kids to counsel them and to be aware of their goings-on.

Business trips to foreign destinations are foreseen, benefiting you on both professional and financial fronts. Uninvited guests are likely to visit you and stay for a longer time than expected testing your patience and interrupting your privacy, but there’s nothing much you can do about it. So, take a chill pill and relax!

Purchasing property would reap maximum rewards, during April to June, thus enhancing your financial stability, in the long-run. Meeting with a powerful individual, around August or September, will support you in the future.

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Incredible ideas, new contacts, and concrete decisions see a significant place in your list of dos, throughout 2022. A fruitful year with plenty of blossoming projects and realizing objectives is likely to keep you on your toes.

As such, it is not a magical wand you need to get your set goals accomplished, as the year will be completely inclined towards you; hence, simply noting down a list of wishes will do the job.

A new beam of energy will be infused in your life with a positive growth in the health arena. Those experiencing a declining health due to age factors will notice an unexpected improvement, boosting your overall well-being.

While you’ll be in the pink of your health round the year, but a well-balanced diet with a regular workout schedule will further pump you up.

Wasting time on online matrimonial sites will be of no use, as your prayers will be answered by your close ones bringing suitable matches for your eligible kids.

The months of May or September can be a little troublesome as some uninvited guests are expected at your home. It is best to accept them rather than grumbling. Investments in real estate during March and October will yield maximum returns.

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The year 2022 is expected to bring pleasure and self contemplation. All aspects of life are likely to proceed smoothly, with special emphasis on relationships and career.

Time to give that ear-to-ear smile and wait for a fulfilling year heading towards you! Taking too much pressure and workload can drive you down.

Gulp down a large glass of iced water and welcome the New Year on a happy note, with open arms. To stay mentally and physically healthy, a positive outlook is demanded on your behalf. Give immediate attention to a prevailing minor skin problem, else it is likely to worsen later on.

See a doctor and seek expert medication, as home remedies are not a solution to all ailments. Close ones will extend support.

Kids are likely to give you good news in the month of March. Celebrations are in the pipeline as a housewarming is expected in the second half of the year.

Not very satisfying results are foreseen with business or professional visits made in the first quarter. Investing in property during the months of March, June and October will yield moderate returns.

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A blend of positive and negative experiences is on the cards of a Sagittarius for the year 2022. Stresses and tensions can be triumphed over with a positive outlook and composed mind.

Maximum support will flow in from near and dear ones. Kids will bring in adequate pride to you. Foreign trips will prove to be highly beneficial.

Though health-related concerns are predicted, but you are capable of coping up with a well-balanced diet and proper fitness schedule.

Displaying a too-friendly nature towards strangers during travel can get you into trouble, as he/she may take your behavior negatively.

2022 will be a promising period for investing in real estate. The person whom you’ve been secretly seeing at the workplace will start reciprocating your feelings.

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The year 2022 offers you a promising and smooth life ahead, provided you leave all the tensions and stresses aside. They haven’t benefitted you in the previous year; nor will they do in the upcoming one.

Then, isn’t it best to kick them away and proceed further, looking for a more prospective and happening future? The mantra for 2022 – do not pressurize yourself mentally or physically.

For a more compelling and relaxing life, keep yourself free from any kind of tensions and worries. You’ll be given extra attention from family and close ones.

Though they may have mixed intentions behind this special interest, but that’s not your cup of coffee. Simply sit back and enjoy being in the limelight!

But, avoid making too many demands, lest you may be shown the way down. All you need to do is appreciate the respect given to you.

Since the first half of the month may not be fulfilling, postpone your property deals to the second half for better returns.

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If 2021 had been a year of back falls and hardships, the upcoming year will provide you with a great sigh of relief. With your life soon-to-be back on track, the year 2022 presents you a platter full of positive energies, rich possibilities, and prospective opportunities.

Expect a strong influence of improvement on both personal and professional front. All your hard work will start paying off, giving you enough time to indulge in pleasure and leisure, as well. A stretch of good luck can be foreseen in all aspects of life, be it work, money or fame.

With worries and anxieties moving out, your health quotient will be good, piping in more liveliness. Stay fit and fine by incorporating a healthy diet and moderate lifestyle.

Your assets will increase quickly, offering you a chance to invest in real estate, though you need to be cautious while investing in any new channel. It is better to stick to commercial property rather than residential ones.

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Positive energies will rule your life throughout 2022. You’ll feel pumped up, as plenty of action and new ventures are in-store for you.

Sufficient support will be provided by your family if you are planning to invest a large sum of your savings. Your health stars are very strong, though you’ll have to pipe in huge doses of optimism and positive attitude to stay happy.

By keeping yourself both mentally and physically healthy, your overall morale is likely to be boosted exceptionally. Good news from kids is on the cards, bringing you pride.

Surprises are also lined-up as siblings have get-togethers planned. Your peaceful mind might take a toll with a misunderstanding with a close one, from your spouse’s side, cropping up. Maintain your temper and tackle the situation diplomatically.

Any plans to invest in real estate in your name should be called off; instead, use your family member’s name to turn fortunate.

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Retrograde Planets 2022 :

Mercury goes retrograde 3 times in 2022:

  • Jan 14, Aquarius – Feb 4, Capricorn
  • May 10, Gemini – Jun 03, Taurus
  • Sep 10, Libra – Oct 02, Virgo

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn – from Jan 1, to January 29

Mars Retrograde in Gemini – from Oct 30, 2022 to January 01, 2023

Jupiter Retrograde from Jul 28, 2(Aries) – Oct 23 (Pisces)

Saturn Retrograde Jan 04, (Aquarius)  – Oct 23 (Aquarius )

Uranus goes retrograde 2 times :

  • January 1 to January 18, (Taurus)
  • August 24, to Jan 1, 2023 (Taurus)

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces – June 28 – December 4

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn – April 29 – October 8

Node Retrograde in Taurus – Jan 1  –  Jan 1, 2023

Chiron Retrograde in Aries Jul 19 – Dec 23