Horoscope 2022 – July to December


The lord of Aries sign is Mars. You are therefore called ‘born tough’, You are dashing and straight for word. You are also supposed to be a go-getter.

From July onwards you will be more confident in those days. You will overcome every problem or hurdle coming your way for success. On the same line, I must say that you will handle any baffling problem with total ease. You can handle any anomalous condition with a very smooth approach.

You are advised not to drive fast and be cautious on road. If you are working in unsafe conditions, you are supposed to follow safety rules. You will receive a lot of cooperation and helps from your friends and relatives.

aries 2022 horoscope

For students, the period from 16th August to 15th Sept. is a flourishing area. You will find that you receive a lot many opportunities and a person like you having extraordinary determination will take advantage of those.

For marriage seekers period from 3rd November to 26th November is a Luckyperiod. For collegians, the period of 26th June to 27th July and 3rd to 27th November is a period of joy and togetherness. Couples will be in a special romantic mood in those periods.

For artists and persons relating to media also, November month is quite auspicious. You will be appreciated for your audacious attempts and will be rewarded for your appearance. You have got every chance those days to shape your carrier as well as an increase in monetary gain such that you will live in affluence.

For businessmen, the period of 18th October to 30th November are the best days. You will do expansions and diversifications in those days. Especially doctors, engineers, and businessmen relative to machinery, ferrous goods, medical instruments, etc. will be benefited in those days.

For the period up to 19th July, your gains will be sky-high. You will find situations becoming positive from 16th July onwards. You will be more aggressive and will be appreciated by social groups.

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Taurus is a lucky sign. You are an artist and have a gregarious personality. You can be either a good writer, poet, or stage performer. You are best suited to work with media.

You are a glib talker. Taurus woman is a loquacious woman. Lord of your sign is Venus. Taurus people are good-looking. Taurus girls born in Rohini Nakshatra are beautiful and charming.

In the month of July, you will be happier and will experience peace of mind. You will be engaged in your hobbies etc. this month.

Taurus 2022 horoscope

Regarding money matters good periods are from 6th to 27th July and again part of Sept. & October.

Regarding home-related matters, 16th August to 15th Sept. is a Lucky period. You may go for new land or redecorate in the present house or may go for further decorations etc. You may think of purchasing new vehicles in those days.

For students, the best period is August – September. You may be rewarded for your hardship in those days. Also, you will have a lot many new openings in this period.

For marriage seekers, 10th July to 26th August and October end to November end is a period for finalization of relationships.

For collegians also those days are good for getting new friends. But care should be taken that limitations should be lined among relationships. The position of Venus and Mars may result in having an intrepid campaigner. During those periods you should try for being sufficiently phlegmatic.

For businessmen period up to 19th, July is a fishy period. Especially for a novice person, he is advised to avoid audacious attempts and avoid choosing options for which results are unpredictable. For the period of October mid to mid-November, care should be taken while relying on people.

Chances are there that rivalry may evolve some naive attitude from your competitors. Anyway, the rest of November month will be positive for you and you will be successful in keeping a good relationship.

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Gemini people are brilliant people. You are brainy chaps and use your brain for betterment, Lord of your sign is Mercury.

You are generally soft-spoken, you like to keep relations with others. You are suitable to work in fields where brainwork is involved. Computer, software professionals, decision-making groups in industries, research and development, etc. are prime areas of your work.

In the month of July as well as later parts of September and October, you are more confident. Your speech will be appreciated as you are a glib talker. You will receive help from your close ones from August mid to mid-September. In this period you will have many chances to prove your potential in you. You will be in high spirits those days. You will experience peace of mind in September & October. You will be engaged in get-togethers, as well you will go for purchasing decorative household items.

For artists as well as media people November is the month of success You will receive a lot of new offers. You will be appreciated and receive appreciation & monetary rewards. You may be selected for higher performance and will enjoy fame and affluence.

In the month of November, new relationships will be developed. Avoid materialistic views and believe in platonic relations. You should be more circumspect while dealing with your close friends. Marriage seekers anyway will be receiving fruits of finalization those days.

Gemini persons will be able to execute their plans in August mid to mid-September as their bread will be buttered. While they should be cautious in October mid to mid-November as you may get into trouble for nothing.

Gemini people are more hard-working more ever they are indefatigable workers, therefore they should take care of their health and avoid working in unhealthy conditions and traveling in clear sunshine and should avoid ocular difficulties.

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Cancer is a sign of the moon. You are emotional and caring for others. In this world, everybody wants to grind his own ax but you are an extrovert person and love to help others. You should keep yourself & be sufficiently phlegmatic.

You will be experiencing mental peace in the coming days. Anyway, you should be more circumspect while taking higher risks and new adventures.

July will help you in recovering due payments and equally pending issues will get resolved those days.

If you are a businessman, you will visit aboard for collaborations and expansions.

In the month of July as well as September & October and later fortnights, your scope will be widened and you will progress with flying colors.

Your family matter and house matters will be resolved in the month of November. You may plan for procuring a new house as well as vehicles.

In the month of July mid to August end, students will experience Lucky days. They will receive rewards on those days. For sportsmen, this is a period of warning. In the area in which you enter, you will be succeeded.

Marriage seekers are having good periods in October & November. Married couples are anyway advised to be mare circumspect in October mid to November end. Some small issues may become serious in those days. Your attitude should let bygone be bygones & let us take care in future.

Up to July mid also long driving should be avoided and safety precautions should be taken, also while entering new ventures a tyro should understand the depth of water in which you are jumping. For businessmen, 29th June to 27th July is a period of gains. They may go for new expansion by which they will receive good monetary gains for service people also your bread will be buttered in said days.

Cancer people are gregarious persons and due to your positive attitude you win people Therefore you experience more pleasant in retrospect. You will experience this in the months of July & November.

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Leo persons are aggressive, confident, and high potential persons. The lord of your sign is the Sun, which is the origin of all. You are that is why very strong, mentally as well as physically. You have always audacious attempts and are known as a go-getter.

Your nature will give more success in the period of August mid to September mid. You will be successful and can receive everything you attempt. For politicians, this is the best period. They will be selected for upper positions and will receive a lot of fame from followers.

You will be strong in monetary positions in the months of July and part of September and October. If you are dealing with brain work, those are the best days for you. you can start new expeditions and will receive a lot of help from others.

You should be careful in October mid to November mid, as you get into trouble for nothing. You may come across such opportunists who never hesitate to worship the rising sun. You shouldn’t go for new ventures in the above days.

Your home affairs will be settled in the period mid-July to the 3rd week of August. You may go for purchasing new household items or may go for land for your business. Students will be happier at the yearend, they will also be receiving appreciation in October to November period.

You may have ocular difficulty or stomachache. You should also be more circumspect about health and avoid unhygienic conditions. You should give up faulty eatables & drinking habits.

For marriage seekers position of the planets is quite lucky in the coming months, but you are advised to keep yourself up to mid-July as well as in December month. Married couples should become liberal in those days and should consider voracious enjoyment for God’s sake do not hurt egos of each other.

From the carrier’s point of view, the month of July & November is quite prosperous. People from the field of ready-mades, perfumes, decorative items, items of ladies’ jewelry etc. will be benefited in the above two months.

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Virgo means innocence. Virgo is godliness along with brains. You are sensitive, caring, and considerate enough. You are generally a loquacious woman or a glib talker. You are mostly a gregarious person an open-minded and loving in nature. You are good-looking and have a smiley face. In the coming days, August-end to September end are periods to experience self-esteem. You will be praised by your followers. You will be sufficiently phlegmatic as well as happy in those days.

Your monetary level will be further raised in July month. You will receive payments that were due on those days. You will receive new opportunities in November month and will walk on the road of affluence.

In the months of July and August, you will be honored for your indefatigable works, you will be called a go-getter, and will receive words of |Praise.

virgo 2022 horoscope

For students October mid to November end are Lucky days. Your IQ will be appreciated and will get the reward. Sensitive students, especially beginners should avoid nostalgic feelings in the early days. For artists and media people, they will receive fame in the months of July and November. They will receive new chances for upgrades. Actors may receive different roles say up to the presentation of definite neurosis etc. Actions & media people are advised to start a new venture in either July or November and should avoid October mid to October end for starting new works.

Marriage seekers are having a Lucky period this year-end. For married couples the coming days are good and they can improve their lifestyles, as well as relations, will be better if they understand that many heads, many minds.

Businessmen & persons working with a computer, software professions, consultancy, etc. will have success with flying colors in July as well as September and part of October. In the month of November, your bread will be buttered and will receive a lot of fame and recognition, and monetary gains.

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Libra means balance. Libra persons are supposed to balance in any circumstances of life. You are a charming personality with a magnetic appearance. You are recognized for your elegance in you. You also know that style makes the man that is why you are always well dressed and while in Rome you do as Romans do.

Your best days are in November when you will be confident enough and the decisions taken by you will give fantastic results. For artists and actors, this period will give success with flying colors. July and August are the best periods for earning money. You may be helped by family members as well as friends close to you. In the early days, say the month of July you will be relieved from baffling problems and will find new ways to walk with.

libra 2022 horoscope

You are advised to show true perspicacity while dealing with family members in positions of Uranus and Mars. You should care for the health of your family members and avoid unhygienic situations for students. August mid to September mid is a good period for prosperity. You will be receiving appreciation in those days. While in October mid to end of November you may get into trouble for nothing.

For collegians, July is good as new relations may be developed. You will be happier in the month of November as you will be getting new opportunities. Every marriage seeker will be receiving a lot many options to choose within.

The position of Mercury in the ninth house will give you fantastic opportunities you will travel a lot in July and September month. You will enjoy short tours along with your friends etc.

Businessmen will be happy due to success with flying color in the month of August mid to September mid. If you deal with chemicals, perfumes jewelry, etc. Your bread will be buttered in those days. For beginners, it is advised to go for consumer products so that they can walk towards affluence, for the months of October I will say that take time by the forelock and success is yours.

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Lord of your sign is Mars. You are a straightforward and a go-getter. You are hardworking and recognized for the indefatigable work you do, as you believe that practice makes a man perfect. Lord of your sign is in his place in July mid to end August. You will be at the apex of your opportunity in front of you.

Regarding money matters, September is a good period for you, and you will have a lot of gains in this period.

In the month of November, you will move around people and influence persons around you. you will be appreciated these days and get success with flying colors.

scorpio horoscope 2022

The presence of Uranus along with Mars in the month of December indicates that you should take care of your family members on those days.

Students are lucky that they will be appreciated in August mid to September mid. They will be getting success in this period.

For collegians, July is a month of joy as new relations will take place. But you are advised to be circumspect in relations and avoid problems due to psychogenic ailment.

For marriage seekers, July month is a period of success, they will receive a nice companion in this period. For married couples, July is the month of romance and togetherness. You will arrange a short tour and visit picnic sport along with friends.

July is also very lucky for all scorpions. It will solve all problems pending for years together for businessmen & service man, August mid to September mid is a period of adventure. You can enter into a new business or for expansions. Regarding monetary benefits, July, part of September and October is the best period. You will receive all pending payments in this period. It is not necessary to tell Scorpio that take time by forelock & success is years.

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Sagittarius is a sign of patience and wisdom. Lord of your sign is Jupiter, which is a Guru of Gods, therefore you can be the best teacher or preacher you are a gregarious, hardworking, and brainy chap. You like to make money honestly and you honor people along with you.

You are a good speaker, a glib talker, and have audacious attempts. You are best suited in the education field as a lecturer, or else you can be a writer or a consultant. You will fill more confident in the month of July.

You will be financially strong in the months of July and August due to your position or Mars in the second house being in his own house, but this monetary condition will evolve through your indefatigable works. In later days in November, you can prove your potential in yourself. you will be proved to be a go-getter and people will appreciate your contributions you should care for your family member at the end of this year.

sagittarius horoscope 2022

Students will be happy in the month of November as their efforts will be returned by rewards, & as it is said ‘ as you sow, so shall you reap’, you will get maximum returns for your maximum efforts. You should take care of your health in the month of October as Venus will be in the sixth house. You should avoid unhealthy conditions and having Unhygienic foods etc.

In the month of July, you will enjoy friendships & togetherness. Marriage seekers will definitely be engaged by finalizing their partners. You will receive a gentle, good-looking partner very soon.

For married couples, the coming days are days of joy and togetherness. The travel of the sun through the ninth house will raise the benefits in every field.

You will feel that your lucky days are back in existence

For businessmen & service people July month is good. Equally part of September & October is quite good in those dimensions. People from computer and software will experience success with flying colors.. consultants, as well as traders, will experience lots of success such that you will continue walking towards affluence

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Lord of Capricorn is Saturn. capricorn people are definite indefatigable workers. They service hard to get success in their lives they always like to work themselves rather than get it done by somebody else. You hate a native attitude as well as obscene enthusiasm.

You are advised to keep yourself in the month of November. You should take care of your temper and can use iceblocks to lower it as your temper may cause an anomalous situation on those days.

Your money matters will be solved this year, only you should believe that perseverance prevails. You will enjoy with your family members & may go for a long tour this year, in the month of July and August you will go purchasing new land. You may buy decorative items at your residence.

For students, July is the month of success, and you will be appreciated by reward. For artists and media people July, as well as November, is a period of success with flying colors. You will receive lot many new openings in your field and you will be appreciated by viewers, and receive fame and popularity.

You will feel that all your problems are solved in the coming days. You will find that due to the position of Jupiter and Rahu all your pending problems will be solved as if as simple as ABC.

August end to mid-September is a period of togetherness for collegians while it is a period for finalization for marriage seekers. For a married couple, it is a time for romance & together dance. In the months of September and October later fortnights, Mercury will be very powerful to you. You will find that lot of positive issues will come up on those days.

For businessmen & service people, July and November are periods of total success especially when you deal with perfumes, ready-mades, consumables, eatables, and all consumer products You will find that your bread is buttered in those days and experience that there is a time for all things.

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aquarius horoscope 2022

September will provide you with excellent opportunities especially if you are connected to the field of communication, computers, and aviation. The money scene will also be good and you will be quite a heavy spender. October is going to pass by peacefully. You will be content with your career. If in business, you can strike an important deal.

Happiness is indicated in the family, as all of you get ready to celebrate a major event. A well-aligned Saturn and Mars denote that initial conflicts at the workplace will be sorted out. Any attempt to make more money will be met with success.

When December arrives, you will be feeling wonderful. Your family life will be a happy one and you will enjoy being surrounded by your loved ones. Career prospects will brighten, so if you are on the lookout for a change of job, you will not be disappointed.

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Pisces is a sign of sweet people. You are good-looking and are gregarious. You have a smiley face and can interact with people effectively. You are a loquacious woman or glib talker gentlemen. You are an attractive and magnetic personality.

Lord of your sign is Jupiter which is Guru of Gods. That is why you are brainy and can teach as well as preach well. You can be a good consultant in your field.

Your monetary conditions will be good this year and you will receive unexpected pending dues in the months of July and August.

If you are an artist or relate to media, you will succeed in the month of July, even if it is your debut in the month of July, you will be flourished by appreciation’s through viewers, for writers, poets, singers or dancers, those days will give success with flying colors.

pisces horoscope 2022

Your family matters will get settled from July onwards and you will experience a healthy atmosphere at residence and may think of purchasing items in July, September, or October. The mercury along with Jupiter will help you even in the purchase of vehicles etc.

For students month of August is a Luckyone. You will succeed in your studies as well as in co-curricular activities.

You will find that your problems are solved effectively in the month of August mid to September mid, Due to the presence of the sun in the sixth house, you will be relaxed from your opponents. Care for your health and for any fishy ocular problem contact oculist immediately. If you are marriage-seekers then September & October are fortunate months for you. you will be meeting with your life partner in those days. Partner will be a brainy chap, smart looking and good from heart. The period of July and August will prove that take time by the fore look and success is yours. You will find that all anomalous phases will be solved with very easy solutions.

If you are a businessman you will appreciate that ‘where there is a will there is a way. You will find that all unexpected problems will be resolved in the period from August to October.

If you are a consultant or related to the education field, you will find that although some problems arose they will be sorted out in this period and believe me and you shouldn’t do any investment up to 20th July, also do not go for any risky affairs in those days. If you receive some abroad opportunities, suspect the feasibility of it and take a decision only after thorough analysis. Also, be aware that a bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

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