Sagittarius 2022 Horoscope – Love, Money, Career

A great wave of optimism will literally flood Sagittarius in 2022 and you will see every problem in a new light. Changes in relationships.  Increasing property situation and facility to tighten new contacts that will result in a second time.

Affective life will be passionate and dynamic from early summer: you will be an irresistible and very sensual lover.  Don’t exaggerate with the sweets and take care to the weight. 

Sagittarius, during the first three months of 2022, you’ll be amazed at your progress when it hardly seems as if you have made that much of an effort. And because you will enjoy working on certain jobs and accepting new challenges, they haven’t been a chore at all.

sagittarius 2022 horoscope

In the spring, you shouldn’t be too quick to turn down someone’s offer even if this is a person you don’t know very well. They may mention a club or society that they want you to join and this could be an ideal opportunity to widen your social circle.

According to the Sagittarius Horoscope 2022, the news received at the end of March will make you feel like the cat that got the cream. Your good fortune may however be as a result of someone else’s bad luck and this will, in a way, mar the overall excitement of the occasion.

Far away places will strongly appeal in July when the Sun is in the travel sector of your chart. A holiday will be a strong attraction and you might be tempted to travel on the spur of the moment. This may mean putting back plans already made for the middle of the year but if you don’t feel like getting on with them, why bother?

Career gets the priority in August but this may make it difficult to carry out all responsibilities at home. You will have to put your keen Sagittarius mind to work and think of some ways to make domestic life less complicated. – This might be the case too if you are trying to divide your time between two families.

In September, the Sun will be in your social sector and you should accept any invitation that gives you the chance to have a little fun. It won’t be a good idea to make any rigid plans for this busy time of the year otherwise you could miss out on other opportunities that come your way unexpectedly.

Moving on to the last quarter of 2022 and this will be a time to devote yourself to a private and very special project. There may be some thoughts about making new starts but you will want to get your head around all the pros and cons before you bring such ideas out into the open.

You might be tempted to pull out of some social arrangements but think about how others will react. if you leave them in the lurch, you might not be offered a similar opportunity. In fact, you could gain yourself a reputation for being irresponsible. In September and October too, the people around you will be an important factor in your life.

As November begins, you might sense some contention in the air and you’ll be stuck right in the middle of all that’s going on. There may be some worry that the person you least want is going to come out the victor. Now if there is any way that YOUR support might ensure this doesn’t happen, this is the time to offer it to the other side. Because of this, you could find yourself working alongside someone you never imagined you would get on very well with. And this, could be the start of a beautiful friendship or a romance if you’re single.

A hectic and demanding year will give way to a more relaxing time in December. As 2022 ends, a partnership matter will come to a head when joint decisions are made and you start moving forward more decisively.

The lucky colors for Sagittarius in 2022 will be yellow, pink, and milky white, and the auspicious numbers 8, 13, 67, 90.

Planetary Influences on Sagittarius in 2022

Mars’ entry in Sagittarius on January 13, 2022, will awaken their senses. It will offer them vitality and extraordinary strength. They will have a stronger desire to get involved in as many activities as possible and discover endless opportunities. In other words, a remarkable period is waiting for them!

Saturn will be in retrograde in Aquarius from June 5, causing problems in the family life of Sagittarius. Jupiter’s transit will bring additional energy to Sagittarius. During this time, they will focus on accumulating fame and wealth without neglecting their loved ones.

Love & Relationships

2022 brings many beautiful and romantic moments for the Sagittarius. They will be more committed to their couple’s life, more concerned with their partner, and able to impress them more than ever. The relationship will beautifully evolve all year long, and delight and passion will be right at home


The single Sagittarians will meet their soul-mated, and even if things seem complicated at first, they should expect remarkable and memorable events that will change their lives forever. Of course, provided they accept these changes and fight for what they want.

Love can appear suddenly, in uncommon circumstances, or throw you in the arms of someone completely unexpected. And it would not be surprising for the relationship to involve cultural differences or geographical distances.

Money & Career

Sagittarius continues to have the ability to create new financial opportunities in 2022. This trend will continue all the way into 2023, but that doesn’t mean you can take it for granted.

Most people that you share close quarters with, in either your professional or your personal lives, may secretly share your morals and agree with you before you even have a chance to express your ideas fully.

You are surrounded by several empathic people who may even be as psychic as you are, from time to time. Others will take your side in disputes, projects, plans, and affairs whenever and wherever there are any potential conflicts, competitions, or challenges.

 Transformations to your surroundings should be surprising and surrounded by secrecy. Things will more than likely work out in your favor wherever public funds or contracts with bureaucracies or institutions are involved. Transactions may result in unexpected finances, favors, and good fortune. Make use of your psychic gifts. Be moral!

You have a drive, will, and focus that other signs envy, fear, and overwhelmingly admire. You are a true credit to whatever organization you join or contribute to.

Can Sagittarius become rich in 2022?

You are a highly moral person, even if you tend to deal in shadowy ways and walk down occult paths from time to time. You possess a very long memory, Sagittarius, and may find that you are unwaveringly loyal and grateful towards those that have helped you in the past but woe to those who have crossed you in some way, shape, or form! 

In 2022, Sagittarius may find that his visions become a reality, helping him to steal the spotlight once again. Clandestine situations and sources may net you raises and rewards.

Try to avoid jealousy and vindictive actions lest you garner the fury of someone in an influential position. Your own influence may help you to find your way to the top! Secrets may come to light, for better or for worse. You would do well in careers that make use of your cunning, intuition, will, and ability to keep a secret.

Is 2022 Lucky for Sagittarius?

In 2022, Sagittarius’s luck can be found wherever depth, intrigue, and mystery may be involved. Try to focus upon what brings you the most profit and pleasure in 2022. A maternal figure may be able to help you achieve what you once believed to be impossible or highly improbable at the very least.

 Someone might compliment you upon your perseverance and depth of soul. Don’t be afraid to follow your impulses and passions early on in 2022, and to do whatever feels most natural and holistic to you in the latter half of the year. 

You are a highly influential individual and may be able to work your magic to your favor, hopefully benefiting those who have been fortunate enough to follow you and listen to your sage advice. 

February and March may be your best and brightest times. Secrecy may help you to attain your goals and dreams. Pay attention to visions and intuition as they will likely cause you to walk down the right path, again and again.



Jupiter’s presence in Pisces over the next twelve months will have a healing influence on the body, mind, and soul. With Chiron joining Neptune in Aquarius the healing you need could be right on your doorstep.

The presence of Mars in Taurus till February and Saturn in Capricorn all year suggests the demands of work and study could take their toll, especially on your digestive system. 

Interestingly with Jupiter and Neptune in square aspect throughout the early part of 2022, this would be an excellent time to take up meditation or Yoga which is aligned with a spiritual discipline.

The other reason the area of health is emphasized is that it could be a consequence of a fun-filled, self-indulgent year with the pursuit of pleasure likely to leave you frequently feeling the worse for wear. 

Therefore it’s important to take regular time out next year to detox your body, mind, and soul.

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Updated: January 2, 2022