Pisces 2022 Horoscope – Love, Money , Health, Career

The Pisces (born between February 20 and March 20), the twelfth astrological sign of the zodiac is governed by Neptune and is an Air sign.

According to your 2022 horoscope, the abundance available to you this year is found within the relationship you can form with yourself.

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Is 2022 a lucky year for Pisces?
In 2022, the Pisces will have a tremendous fortune in love, although they won’t realize it from the beginning. Although the year seems to start the way it normally does, love will arrive later on in the most unusual form. In June, the Pisces will strengthen the love relationship they already have, or they will start a new, promising one.

pisces 2022 horoscope

Planetary Influences on Pisces in 2022

In 2022, Pluto develops the pessimistic side and the fear of failure in relationships for the Pisces.

They are extremely predisposed to daydreaming, and they will often be at a disadvantage because they live in a utopic world.

They are devoted and affectionate, but they can react extremely aggressively if they discover they’ve been cheated.

In love, they always take into account certain beliefs, and they don’t approve compromises.

Jupiter retrograde will allow you to correct the exaggerations and dissonances in your perceptions or vision about job, success, self-affirmation, and destiny.

The influence of Mercury retrograde on Pisces:  As someone born under the Pisces, you already tend to be a bit dramatic, but when Mercury is retrograde, your impulsivity might explode.

Any emotion that you’ve blocked so far will surface, which can become overwhelming for the people around you who will feel attacked, even though you might have good reasons to get upset, and to react.

During this period, it is important to understand the importance of the way we formulate our opinions, and how we express our feelings.

It is better and healthier to think twice before you say something.

Neptune will be retrograde in Pisces between June 28 and December 4 of 2022, in Pisces.

During this time, you are required to focus more on your inner-self, on a personal level, but we will go through the same recalibration process for higher goals at a collective level.

Neptune retrograde in Pisces, the most sensitive sign, represents the reconnection with our extrasensory capacities. Our clairvoyance gets activated, and we become energetically receptive.

For Pisces, Uranus’ transit in Taurus will bring completely new ways to communicate, which might seem scary to them.

However, if you trust your heart and inner voice, you will always be heard. It is not recommended to remain silent, and it would be wise to get out of your comfort zone.

Now it is the time to speak clearly and to let people get to know you better.

With Mars retrograde from October 30, it will follow a period when the Pisces will feel the need for isolation, meditation, and introspection since Mars is retrograde in the house of the subconscious.

At the same time, the Pisces are advised to pay special attention to their health and professional sector, to treat their existing conditions, and to not become overwhelmed by less unpleasant situations that can occur at work. They have low energy in doing daily tasks.

Love & Relationships

Relationships are not a high priority for you this year. You will be letting go and learning to avoid those relationships that bring you nothing.

You will tend to be contemplative about what worked and what didn’t and will be willing to let go of those that are not fulfilling or are destructive. If you are married, you will tend to stay married.

The single Pisces will have in 2022 the opportunity to meet someone who will radically change their future, and those who are already in a relationship will start giving some serious thought to getting married and extending their families.

 Career & Work

You have yearned for freedom and new ventures in your work and career world. This is the year you get it.

2022 sees you more willing to take risks or to forge new paths professionally and you will find that your work of your own choosing this time will bring you deeper satisfaction, it will have greater meaning.

The last three years have not been all that enjoyable. You will enjoy 2022, especially after spring when the new ventures take on a form quite different than you are used to.

You’ll be going beyond your comfort zone, yet be quite comfortable in doing so. Dedicated work is an important keyword for you this year.


Your work will bring reward, not challenged until the eclipse in the spring. When that occurs this year, you will quickly shift and any losses will quickly turn to gain as you restructure your financial affairs, your financial strategies, and even your financial philosophy.

You may not see the changes in you but others will and they will be drawn to you and then it will seem that lady luck has arrived with a plethora of income opportunities, new, different, and adventurous.

You will make serious financial plans but be more open to new ways.

You probably won’t be playing it safe in 2022 now will you hold your cards to your chest this year.


Health issues may challenge you this year or health issues could rise above in 2022. Just when you feel unrestrained in your career, the piper comes to exact a price in health.

You, however, will be more open to doing the things it takes to get health back in order and you will do so quickly early summer and it will be a lasting change of focus on food, diet, exercise and wellness.

A two-month setback in the spring, not of a serious nature, leads to permanent change.

You will also find changes of an emotional nature and come to a higher spiritual, dreamy plane and it will decrease stress for you, bringing you long sought peace, contentment, and joy.

2022 brings continuing adventures and fun and you want to be well to enjoy them on all levels

Astro Forecast by decans:

1st decan: if your birthday falls between  February 20 and February 29

The 2022 Pisces horoscope predicts that the bond that establishes your unique and independent identity and how you can take that out into the world absorbing both knowledge and understanding.

It is a year to find the truth of ‘you’ and to learn to rejoice and regale in it. Intuition and imagination run strong throughout the period and inspires many of your goals and projects.

2nd decan: If your birthday falls between  March 1 and March 10

Dreaming your dreams without fear of ridicule or failure and allowing them to merely enhance your life will help you tap into the reality that exists around you and to learn to use both facets of life to make your mark..and find your success.

Change arrives in the area of love and helps define your course for the future. Expect a lot of new energy, new events and new emotional gratification to come from this area of your life. Access your inner child and allow them out to play…it is quite likely that they know precisely where you need to be on that sparkling horizon ahead.

3rd decan: If your birthday falls between  March 11 and March 20

Early in the year there is added influence exerted in your job and career and changes of how you perform your job is likely to take place. Go with the flow and be ready to accept the need to change routines to embrace the future.The rest of the year finds the strongest literal change in the realm of love, romance, heart and children.

New people, new dreams and new creative endeavours are likely to be incoming.All the more important to be walking in your own truth and under your own light .This prepares you to both enhance and empower your ability to get into the semblance of a love affair.

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Pisces Facts – Traits and Qualities

  • Being creative and helping others, govern your direction. You are a sensitive, shy, emotional, and compassionate person. You often care more for others than for yourself.Feelings, empathy and the unconscious dictate how you express yourself.You are an idealist and visionary. It is through pursuing your ideals and compassion for people’s suffering that you find recognition and fulfilment.
  • You subtly influence your environment when you express these or vice versa.Often you take on other people’s feelings and become confused about what you are feeling. You are like a sponge absorbing everybody’s feelings.Then you are confused about what you experience. Sometimes, you cannot deal with the hurt and pain that you see. Wanting to help and save people, or you want to run away.
  • Therefore, you need to learn discrimination and to have peace and tranquillity in your life, or periods of retreat so you can find out what you feel.Alcohol and drugs are dangerous for you, since you are easily affected by these, losing direction. As a form of self-protection, you have learnt to camouflage yourself and project a different image.You may be a gifted artist, or you may not know who you are. You are seductive and need to be careful of being seduced by your own camouflage. Therefore, your life is inspired or confused.
  • The sensitivity that you have and your ability to be with people, suggests healing, psychic and artistic talent.Working behind the scenes helping people suits you as well as developing your artistic talent. For you, dance and movement are excellent forms of self -expression, also poetry and photography.
  • Your contact with the unconscious gives you a visionary and dreamy quality which needs to be used.It is necessary that you commit yourself to your dreams. As you may avoid commitments.You need the support of like-minded people to fulfil these ideals. The commitment to your dreams and visions makes your life heaven and the lack of it hell. Water has a healing and soothing effect upon you.