Leo June 2022 Horoscope & Yearly Predictions

Is June a Good Month for Leo?

According to the Leo June 2022 horoscope, your home and family will require action this month. Happily, you have cosmic help. A confusing message or miscommunication with a landlord, roommate or parent could cause a calamity of errors, so aim for clarity.

In love, if you feel you haven’t been receiving enough support from your partner, things should improve near in the first week. Still, the first week will be a rather mixed-up week, and your partner may not agree with your domestic plans. Things will improve later in the month.

Handling your home situation would be quite enough to keep you busy, but your career will also bring big news near the Full Moon on June 14. A boss may announce a departure, you could be promoted or decide to change jobs, or you may land a big new client, as a few examples.

Should you become downsized (possible but not likely), don’t fret. Venus will take special care of you after June 20, so something better should show up soon. Those born around August 19 will feel this Full Moon most.

Best day to tune into your health: June 16 could bring on nervous tension. Book a stone therapy massage, or light a pretty aromatherapy candle at home.

Is 2022 a Good Year for Leo?

As reported by the Leo 2022 horoscope, this year will be a time when you will shine in social situations and attain many of your life’s dreams.

You will want to bring to focus your Leo qualities in the area of ambition, career and status in life. You will remain calm and poised to attain the maximum mileage of your efforts at your workplace.

This is the period when special stress is required to put your life on the path of success and smooth sailing.

If you can control your pride, this year will help you to develop much power of character that can take you through all the highs and lows of life, so be aware of the ‘me first’ attitude.

You will feel stress and struggle but if you can remain rooted in your duty, there will be prosperity. You are not a lazy person by nature and this does enhance your karma to a large extent. So by God’s grace and your extended efforts you will sail through all difficulties and enjoy life and reap the benefits of your efforts.

leo 2022 horoscope

If you are a parent, there is a need to look at progeny matters. This may mean a heart-to-heart talk as well as being there when and if they need you.

Married Leo persons should be very careful of extramarital inclinations. These would mean heartache for both of you.

If you are single, there are great marriage prospects during the first seven months of the year. If you are in a serious relationship, you may tie the knot before the year is over. It is important not to indulge in casual affairs if you wish to get into a serious partnership which is well indicated in 2022.

Health will need careful handling or else stomach problems may slow you down. Your expenditure may go beyond your budget so it is best that you keep an eye on it. Legal matters are best handled in June.

Generally, it would be beneficial for you to maintain a cordial relationship with your work associates as it would be with perfect team spirit you will achieve success.

The Lucky Colors for Leo this year are gold, purple and orange. These colors will bring good luck and positive results in 2022. The lucky numbers for your zodiac sign are 5, 12, 45, 68. Leo’s most harmonious times will be from April 2 to June 16.

Planetary Influences on Leo in 2022

When Saturn is retrograde in Aquarius, from June 5 until October 23, will bring significant changes for the Leos, especially in their friendships. Saturn will be retrograde in the sector of relationships and will make Leos evaluate how they interact with friends, family, and everyone around them.

Mars’ transit in Leo brings many beneficial changes. This will be an advantageous period for their love life, and they will have many reasons to smile.

Jupiter will be retrograde from July 29 until November 23, 2022. Leos do not like this astrological phenomenon very much because they have the impression that they have done nothing wrong to the others, and Jupiter does exactly that: it shows them where they have tripped over their own feet.

Leo Love & Relationships Horoscope 2022

In 2022, in love, Leos will feel the extremely powerful and beneficial influence of Venus. Everything will go according to their plans and expectations.

They will live romantic moments next to their partners, the past misunderstandings will get solved, and the relationships will become more serious, with the chance of a marriage proposal in sight.

For those who are not yet involved in a relationship, 2022 will be a year at extremes in which they will jump from one state to another. 

Sometimes they want freedom and action, and sometimes they want peace and stability. From the middle of the year, they will have to choose between two totally different admirers.

Instead, divorced Leos seem to want to rebuild their lives in 2022, hoping that for the second time they will not fail again. The first 6 months of the year will unfold at a known pace, but in the following months, tensions may arise in the area of relationships.


In 2022, Leo may have the opportunity to pursue more than one job or a job with more than one role. Being one of the most sociable signs of the zodiac, Leo’s excellent people skills can help you prosper in 2022 because the importance of working relationships is emphasized.

Developing contacts, socializing for work, and working in partnership should prove beneficial. You’re suited to positions of prominence and leadership for the first half of 2022, and this would be also a good time to try to develop a more independent and public role for yourself where you can show what you can do.

However, if you’re starting to feel like a small fish in a big pond, then be prepared to put yourself in the shop window and be open to an opportunity to take a bigger role in a smaller operation.

Don’t let pride prevent you from taking a step into the unknown. To get the most satisfaction from your work in 2022, it’s important to establish a regular routine, be physically active, and feel you’re doing something useful, productive, and meaningful.

Leo does everything with an amazing flair! He is brimming with creative ideas. Leo can do well in acting, theater, advertising, sales, promotion, and other such creative careers or businesses. He bonds well with kids. He craves a free environment and lots of stimulation to unleash your creative powers.

 Leo Money Horoscope 2022

Can Leo become rich in 2022?

As far as increasing his personal wealth is concerned, Leo’s best bet in 2022 is real estate. Leo may be surprised to learn what he can really afford. Contact an estate agent and don’t be afraid to approach the bank for a loan.

2022 is definitely Leo’s year for finding a big, spacious house for very little money. Seeking investment opportunities? Try stocks related to shipping, food distribution, and hotels. After March 24th, you may find it increasingly easy to sell your creative work for handsome profits. A New Moon Eclipse on the 22nd is perfect for landing a high-paying job or getting a huge pay raise.

Is 2022 Lucky for Leo?

Leo’s home life provides plenty of emotional satisfaction in 2022. An addition to your family could arrive. Perhaps a relative will get married, or maybe you’ll have a child. A home renovation project could add lots of value to your home, too.

It’s also possible that Leo will inherit a valuable family heirloom. If you’re not on good terms with your relatives, this is the year to mend those broken fences.

In the event it’s better to keep a healthy distance from your family, you’ll have no trouble surrounding yourself with loving friends who provide the encouragement and support you’ve been lacking for some time.


Your sense of belonging to the groups and social circles with which you interact will have a big impact on your sense of well-being over the next twelve months.

Therefore it’s essential to embrace those people who give you the thumbs-up and those group activities that allow you to be yourself, have fun and express initiative.

At the same time, it may be time to get a healthy distance from those who bring you down rather than big you up. You should make the most of the opportunity to take a more prominent role within your various social and vocational circles but it’s important for you to be a team player and a gracious host and not hog the limelight.