Horoscope 2021 Predictions

Since the beginning of November, a very good period is announced for those involved in long-distance relationships. Expenditures increase from the middle of the month. During or around the 20th, there are some meetings that will have a strong impact on your mentality. Additional earnings may occur at the end of the month.

Aries apparently has some family problems that don’t seem to end, but in fact, the situation is not so complicated.

Taurus will probably feel the need to spend more time in intimacy, just him with his thoughts, to figure out what he should do to get rid of certain problems.

Cancer has a whole month at his disposal that invites him to put his thoughts, desires, and intentions in order. He will feel better and be able to focus on the really important things.

Even if some of Leo’s desires go crazy and do not give him peace, it would be good to keep them under control because not all of them are beneficial, neither for him nor for his loved ones.

Virgo would like to get rid of the multitude of worries, fears, and limitations that obscure his love life, but it is not possible overnight, it is a long process.

Although Libra is doing well in the position of the one who offers wise advice, in November 2021, it would be good to offer consultancy only to those who want this and only if he manages to respect their personality.

horoscope 2021

Scorpio has a special moon, which invites him to discover the reasons to enjoy life.

Sagittarius has a bright November that he can use to free himself from the wrong conclusions he has reached about himself.

Capricorn will be the center of attention and it would be good to propose to honor this position, becoming an example for those around him, a source of inspiration.

Aquarius will enjoy the good news, some gifts, and the presence of people who are very valuable from his point of view.

In November, Pisces may be offered a job, a position, a position that will benefit them.

Horoscope 2021 Overview


This is a great year for building foundations, consolidating, and achieving. in 2021 you can now make major strides forward.

Your life’s direction seems to be clearer and you have the focus and desire to work hard to achieve this direction.


This time period promises to be an artistic, creative and romantic year for you. It’s also a year when, if you’re single, and haven’t planned marriage in 2020, you could be hearing wedding bells ringing now.

Certainly, you will have opportunities. It is up to you whether you want to take them.


This could be a great year for you with highlights in the partnership and relationship area of your chart.

Opportunity comes your way in this area, which could mean that if you are single, you will no longer be by year-end. You are feeling you need to grow in your relationships.

It could be that old, stale relationships could now leave your life to be replaced by ones that enable you to learn and grow. The emphasis is here on growth and abundance.


In 2020 you were still feeling the difficult effects of Saturn going through your Sign, but this is now long gone.

However, it is now traveling through your area of finances and it is urging you to be cautious and thrifty. Saturn represents discipline and it is expecting you to be disciplined in this area.

If you are not, you will feel the limiting effects of Saturn. If you are, this wonderful planet will assist you in securing firm financial foundations to your life. The choice is yours.


This is an important year for you. Not a flashy one, but a solidly important one.

Please take responsibility for all your actions, thoughts and feelings. As I said, it’s not a fun year, but it is one in which you can build firm foundations for the future.


2021 should be an interesting year for you with some different things going on. It’s certainly a busy time, but when is it ever not for you, Virgos!

Life is full of a million tasks to do – all before breakfast!


Overall, 2021 is a good year for you with many possibilities for growth and change.

The planets are all making harmonious relationships to your Sun, which indicates opportunity and a good year to bring your dreams to reality; to make them work for you. It also provides you with the necessary discipline to accomplish this.


Security is always a big issue for Scorpios but 2021 could show the way to earning alternative sources of income.

Abundance is coming your way, but also the possibility of large expenses as well as income.

You could be involved in purchasing real estate or some large ticket item that could bring you income in the future. Certainly, finances are highlighted this year, as well as your personal sense of self-worth.


2021 appears to be a great year for you. You are just feeling more abundant, generous and able to rise above the pettiness and anxiety that has been plaguing you for some years in your life.


You have undergone challenges in the past few years in all areas of your life – health, finances, relationships – and these challenges have forced you to examine your life more deeply.

To work out what you really want. In fact, you have gone through a period of karma, when your negative karma has brought endings and disruptions and your positive karma, opportunities for change.


The focus this year is on cooperation and relationships. You used to be extremely idealistic about your friends and partners but over the past few years, life has taught you to be more realistic.

You no longer expect the same high standards and integrity from others that you did in the past. It’s not that you have lowered your standards, but have come to realize that you cannot change others – only yourself.


Your spirituality is still uppermost this year. Your co-ruler, Neptune, continues its slow journey through the area of intuition, compassion and spirituality in your chart, pushing these things to the forefront of your life.

It is not a year to ignore your intuition, but to follow it, even if it seems to be telling you to do the opposite of what your conscious mind is telling you to do.

UPDATE: Here’s what the horoscope 2022 says you can expect for your zodiac sign next year. We also published the 2023 horoscope.

Which Zodiac Signs Will Be Lucky in 2021?

In the following year, some zodiac signs will be luckier than others.

Almost all the signs will enjoy an abundant year, full of many events, but one that will emphasize the financial stability gained through great efforts.

However, the 2021 horoscope claims that we should not go from one extreme to the other, so it is not recommended to overthink higher profit because, under these conditions, nothing will come out of it.

We should keep in mind that the year 2021 is not a year for saving, moderation being the keyword.

Taurus is the favorite of the year 2021 and will enjoy significant financial gains.

Thus, those born under the Taurus sign will be more motivated to work hard for their benefit and even to start a good business that will bring them very high earnings in a short time.

Scorpio is the second zodiac sign that will have many personal and professional advantages this year.

Also, Scorpios will have the chance to get promotions in 2021, and to obtain better-paid functions, thanks to their ambitious and hardworking nature.

Pisces is the third astrological sign from the Zodiac that will have great chances to earn money and to develop professionally this year if they know how to put aside their pride and approach everything with diplomacy.

In love and career, Pisces will be successful if they learn to be patient and to take advantage of the favorable moments.

Monthly Horoscope 2021


You’ll feel as though a great weight has been lifted from your shoulders this month overwork and career matters, and seemingly insurmountable obstacles will vanish in the mist. Take the chance to make positive progress by doing your homework and keeping your ear to the ground over new opportunities that may be coming your way.

Don’t be averse to mixing business with pleasure. The results could be phenomenal. Joint finances and partnership ventures look solvent, but if disagreements or differences of opinion become a thorn in your flesh, you need to take steps to clear them away.

Preferably before the 23rd, when demands on your resources will flood through the door. Keep your purse or wallet firmly closed except for necessities. This won’t go down well in emotional partnerships, but since you’ve been experiencing more than your fair share of ups and downs in that zone, it could push you over the edge to perhaps calling it a day with a certain someone.

The 17th and 18th of the month are extremely lucky in terms of career. On October 4th, you will take a test of courage, and towards the middle of the month, there will be a perfect time to solve any sentimental problems.


Welcome developments over your career kick into place all the way through this month so, whether you want to raise your profile or promote your talent, it seems you can do no wrong.

People you meet are on the same wavelength as you so they’ll stimulate your imagination and will encourage you to take a broader view of your potential. Meeting and interviews are successful but take a healthy dose of skepticism after the 28th and double-check all details and information before agreeing to anything or putting your name to paper.

Money won’t come easily this month, but if truth be known, has it ever? Don’t get disheartened. Take your time. Although you’re worn out trying to juggle financial balls in the air, your sheer dogged determination and staying power will be your greatest strengths.

As for love, that thing you thought you’d never experience again, well get ready, as events in the first half of the month will show you it’s still there for you. It may arrive at the oddest times and in the oddest places, but it will take off like a rocket. Be ready for anything.


It doesn’t have to be lonely this Christmas, as this month it’s all about relationships. Been neglecting the light of your life? Feel like really making this yuletide one remember? Now’s the chance to show them your thoughtful side and ensure you’re not left out in the cold. Single? It’s the party season and instead of a trail of suitors leaving you bored rigid, you may actually hit the jackpot and bag both brains and beauty.

But could this be a meeting of two hearts or a meeting of opportunity? Fate also plays an important hand in the final half of the month. But before you balk at this, remind yourself that the changes that come about are necessary and your life will be far richer as a result.

As far as money, business, and long-term investments are concerned, you are on the ball. Don’t underestimate that mercurial mind of yours. Seeds you plant now have the potential to bear serious financial fruit. Merry Christmas.


Retrograde Planets :

The dates for Mercury Retrograde 2021:

  • January 30 – February 21 (Aquarius)
  •  May 29 – June 22 ( Gemini)
  • September 27 – October 18 (Libra)

Other Retrograde cycles

  • December 19, 2021 – January 1, 2022: Venus retrograde in Capricorn
  • June 20 – October 18: Jupiter retrograde in Pisces (until July 28), and in Aquarius
  • May 23 – October 11: Saturn retrograde in Aquarius
  • January 14 – August 20: Uranus retrograde in Taurus
  • June 25 – December 1: Neptune retrograde in Pisces
  • April 27 – October 6: Pluton retrograde in Capricorn
  • The North Node is retrograde throughout the year: in Gemini (until December 23) and then in Taurus.
  • Chiron is retrograde in Aries, between July 15 and December 19.
  • Lilith (Black Moon) is not going to be in retrograde motion in 2021.
  • Planet Mars will not exhibit a retrograde motion in 2021.

In conclusion, the Horoscope 2021 warns us that the astrological events of this year will test our limits. Altogether, the year 2021 will be at least as memorable as 2020. Unlike it, it will be memorable in a positive way.

  • March 17, 2021