Scorpio October 2022 Horoscope – Get Ready For Scorpio Season

Is October a good month for Scorpio?
As per Scorpio’s October 2022 horoscope, this is a month for putting closure to the things that are no longer working in your life, and you know what they are. Clean your closets and get rid of some of the hodgepodges that no longer serve you.

Some of the clutter in your thought process should be eliminated also. You probably feel super sensitive this month, but try not to allow your emotions to get the best of you.

On the 5th, 14th, and 23rd, situations in your life may emerge that may require you to change or at least alter your plans. Watch your mouth on these days for it can get you in trouble. Close friends and family may require your understanding and sympathy.

Be sure to listen to what they say when they come to you. Think with your head and not your heart on the 9th, 18th, and 27th of the month. “Organization” is your keyword on the 8th, 17th, and 25th. This pertains to your personal as well as your professional life.

Romance & Relationships: This October you would be wiser to give out your energy rather than try to collect it. You will not win an argument so don’t get pulled in. Don’t bring your working worries home with you.

If you were born between November 7 and 10 don’t show your cards in October. Haste will make waste. Stay in the background and remain as invisible as you can. Do not underestimate your adversity. Words carelessly spoken will have an exaggerated effect. Let go of some of your time demands. You are probably overextended. Success will come in small matters but not in large ones.

scorpio 2022 horoscope

Scorpio Season 2022 Starts October 23

What does Scorpio season mean for you?

The Sign of the Scorpion may have you thinking of words like “danger” and “sting.” Despite its treacherous reputation, the scorpion only stings when threatened. But rest assured, this cunning creature is shrewd and always checking things out.

The dwarf planet Pluto, also known as the Lord of the Underworld, rules Scorpio. He is responsible for providing the intense and transformative energy that can boost our internal strength and power. However, Pluto wasn’t always in the picture. Before this heavenly body was discovered in 1930, Scorpio was under the rulership of Mars, the God of War, which explains the scorpion’s capacity for aggression and action. So for all intents and purposes, you can say that Scorpio is co-ruled by these two powerhouses.

Mysteries and Deep Dark Secrets

During Scorpio Season 2022, the energy will focus on mysteries and deep dark secrets. It’s important to note that Scorpio is a fixed water sign, not unlike still waters that run deep. It’s anybody’s guess what’s at the bottom; it could be buried treasure or a scary sea monster. In many ways, life might feel like this right now. You may have the urge to submerge under those surface emotions and find out what’s really lurking underneath. This energy will help you get in touch with your emotional depths and it could be quite cathartic.

This period is also excellent for probing the mysteries of life and looking into hidden things. Ghost hunting, paranormal research, conspiracy theories, mystery schools, the occult, and spirituality are just a few of the possibilities that may excite you now. At the very least, you’ll be in the mood for a good mystery novel or a “The Baby-Sitters Club “marathon. For the truly brave, it’s an excellent time to confront the secrets within your own heart and mind. But have no fear; Scorpio energy likes to get to the bottom of things no matter how challenging or unpleasant.

Scorpio Season 2022 – Time for Transformation

The Sun in Scorpio is a time for transformation. So, while you’re busy investigating life’s personal riddles, you may come across things you’d like to change. You’re in luck! The energy of this transit can help you immensely.

Scorpio has a reputation for undergoing metamorphosis. In addition to scorpion symbolism, this sign is also represented by the legend of the phoenix. According to Greek mythology, the phoenix is a bird that continually undergoes death and rebirth. This is where the saying “like a phoenix rising from the ashes,” comes from. Keep this image in mind during the Sun’s time in Scorpio.

Now is your chance to do a deep dive and emerge transformed. It’s the perfect time to deal with Pluto-ruled themes and activities. Going to counseling, understanding and improving your sex life and even dealing with taxes and budgets are all favored now. You’ll have the drive to get down to the bottom of issues, analyze them, and purge them if necessary.

Like the autumn leaves dying and falling off the trees, you might find that certain aspects of your life are withering away. Perhaps it’s a relationship, a job, or just the way you’ve been thinking or feeling. Although it might be intense, challenging, or scary, the energy of this transit will carry you through the difficulties and renew your outlook. You, like the phoenix, will rise from the ashes and be rejuvenated.

Embrace the energy of the Sun’s time in Scorpio. It has much to teach us.

Scorpio Love Horoscope 2022

If things didn’t go great in the past years, it should be known that, in 2022, the Scorpios will regain their enthusiasm, their mood will improve, and they will be more self-confident. Thus, freeing themselves from other pressures, they can deal more leisurely with soul matters.

In the couple, the Scorpios will go through tense situations but also unforgettable moments next to their partners. In 2022, they must take into consideration their partners’ wishes and requests only so they can maintain a balanced relationship.

The single Scorpios will find their soul mates through acquaintances or close friends. Although at first, it will seem more like a game, everything will slowly turn into a beautiful love story.


Scorpio’s career horoscope suggests that you can make tremendous strides toward your ambitions and worldly goals in 2022.

However, there is the potential for a certain degree of conflict, especially with superiors or senior workers, this also indicated where career, vocation, and life direction are concerned.

In part, this conflict may well take place within you as you try to decide whether you should be a team player or do your own thing.

Until you resolve this conflict within you, you may experience conflict in the workplace. While this is not a bad time to go it alone, if you do work with and for others, it’s advisable that you work as independently as possible.

You‘re more suited to situations where you can show initiative and make decisions with as little interference from others as possible.

This is a time to show others what you can do. Therefore be prepared to take a step up and be open to opportunities where you can show initiative, where you are judged by results and can lead by example.

 Scorpio Money Horoscope 2022

Scorpions are great where money or anything to do with it is concerned. Many of them are self-made folk, although an astounding number of Scorpios accede to wealth. We should all be so lucky! It’s almost simple to see Scorpios wanting money desperately, by whatever means it comes. Money buys them all they want – refuge, liberty, and, best of all, power. That power means to control, and Scorpios firmly believe the slick saying that “the person with the most chocolates wins!” In their case, however, those chocolates are in all probability bars of gold.

Can Scorpio become rich in 2022?

You’ll want to get your finances sorted in 2022. If you can manage to be ingenious and strategic it will all work well for you. Just don’t let your heart rule your head and overspend on loved ones or your social life. Money should come your way discreetly after October from the generosity of someone close.

Is 2022 Lucky for Scorpio?

Scorpio has tremendous fortune with travel, education, and publishing. If you’ve ever wanted to visit a foreign land, 2022 is the year to do so. It shouldn’t be any problem getting extra time off work.

Alternatively, you may decide to travel while you’re between jobs. Going back to school is another possibility. Scholarships and grants may prove plentiful, allowing you to study in style.

Finally, if you’ve ever wanted to publish a story, poem, or screenplay, get to work early in the year. By the time November rolls around, you could see your name in print. Legal matters are also favored for the first eleven months of the year.