The 7th House in Astrology – The House of Marriage

This is the house governed by the planet Venus and the Libra Sign.

In astrology, there is an angle that is directly across the Ascendant called the\par Descendant. This is also known as the cusp of the 7th house. It symbolizes our relationship with the self, social contacts and the people who play an important role in our lives.

It also discloses to what type of people we are attracted and vice versa. The 7th house represents your marital partner, significant other, business partner, agreements, the public, lawsuits, nephews and nieces, as well as polarities, visual arts and sunsets.

It also describes family physicians, open enemies, competition, lawyers, astrologers, contests, divorce and how you get along with others.

The 7th house occupations can range anywhere from lawyers, artists, musicians, mediators and judges to architects, museum staff, art galleries and fashion designers. Further occupations of the 7 th house include interior decorators, marketing consultants, marriage counselors, team building, diplomats, floral designers, receptionists, customer service and even the Avon lady!

The 7th house correlates with the sign of Libra and the planet of Venus. You can blend these two energies to gain more insight into this house. Regarding medical astrology, it rules the kidneys and lumbar vertebrae. The 7th house also resonates with the Justice and Empress cards in the Tarot and to the number of six in Numerology.

A seventh house person is most often romantic and loves to maintain peace and harmony at all cost. If the person is a woman, she would enjoy a box of chocolates and flowers and to be courted in the old fashioned way!

More often than not, a person is concerned with their significant other and how they relate. In astrology, the two most valid methods of comparing two people are the synastry and the composite charts. The first method compares the two horoscopes and examines their interactions.

It focuses on the aspects of the key planets and superimposes one planet into the house of another. The second method is called the composite chart. This chart is generated by taking the midpoints between both sets of planets and house cusps and consolidating them into one chart.

Some tips on compatibility charts are checking out aspects to Saturn, as Saturn is good for long-term relationships and is also, in many cases, a karmic tie. Here is a good rule of thumb to follow. If a relationship survives the first two years, a Mars cycle, you will have experienced just about every major argument you\rquote ll ever have in that relationship!

Love and Signs in the 7th House

The Signs that will travel through this house will benefit from ample amounts of resources and opportunities to grow thanks to their relationships.

house house of marriage


If for you the 7th House begins at or encompasses Aries, you will be drawn to an energetic, confident partner, that knows how to defend his viewpoint no matter the situation. Read more about Aries in the 7th house !


You will be attracted to a partner that can give you stability in your life, even on the financial side. The physical appearance of this partner will also be an important factor.

You or your partner will often times be jealous or stubborn, but very focused on creating a safe household, full or harmony and understanding. Read more about Taurus In The Seventh House.


The 7th House represents a great need for flexibility and diversity in partner relationships, including marriage.

They need an intelligent partner that shares their interests and ideas so they can have conversations and always learn something new from them. Harmony is very important for the couple. Find out more about Gemini in the 7th House.


In the 7th house, the Cancer sign will make you favor a partner that is very sensitive to your emotional needs or one that gives you the opportunity to let out your maternal affection. Furthermore, any suitor will be irresistible to you should they have a desire to start a family.


They look for a reflection of their own ego in their partner or a similar person to themselves. Fights will be frequent in the couple because both of them will openly show their willpower, as they are temperamental persons. They desire a marriage born out of love, but they will also take note of their partner’s prestige, they won’t accept just anybody.


When Virgo is in the 7th House, the compatibility horoscope will show you that you are a match for individuals who are hardworking, rational and down to earth.

You are most likely very dreamy and can easily lose yourself in details, you will find love together with a pragmatic and analytical person that can help you achieve your dreams.


When the Libra is in the 7th House, it will reveal compatibility of signs with mannered and refined individuals that also have an interest in art or law.


It attracts a mysterious, secretive, passionate partner, capable of meeting someone he finds fascinating from the start, without knowing why he can wrap his personal charm around and conqueror.

He can fall in love at first sight, falling under a spell instantly. If any problems might appear in the couple, they will not be capable of divorcing because of their possessiveness.


Sagittarius in the 7th House guarantees you are compatible with a naturally independent person, interested in knowledge and travels.

Your potential partner’s enthusiasm and desire to respect your personal freedom will matter more to you than anything else.

You won’t easily get married, but it will prove to be full of joy and accomplishments when it happens.


Marriage will happen later in life, mainly to gain a certain status in society and a sense of security.

It is not the type of person to get married quickly, opting to first build a solid social situation, and only after that, in order to assume start a family, he will start thinking about a partner in life.

They will have a strong marriage, even if it will come later, at an adult age.


If your Aquarius Sign is in the 7th House of your chart, you are compatible with a person who is extremely original and independent, with which, before anything else, you can communicate very well.

And if your potential partner is involved in various social activities, he will be that much more attractive to you.

Your detachment and need for freedom in your relationship will delay your marriage quite a bit.


The compatibility zodiac will indicate you are attracted to an idealistic and intuitive partner, to balance your rational and tangible results-oriented side.

Sometimes, you would rather be all by yourself than expose yourself to potential failures in your love life, even more, when you have high expectations from him.

The ideal partner for you is profoundly sensible and understanding, romantic and capable of unconditionally giving you his support and admiration.

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In closing, a key to a successful relationship is balance. One needs to maintain their own identity yet give up enough to engage in a relationship, so the key for both will be to recognize that the other also needs to maintain those attributes that make them unique. With this said and done both partners can get down to the business at hand; putting their best feet forward and letting the tango begin!