Lucky Color Of The Year 2023 Based On Feng Shui

Colors are more than just visual cues in our lives; they hold immense power to influence our emotions, psychology, mood, and thoughts. They add beauty and excitement to our world and can enhance the positive energy around us.

Feng Shui recognizes the significance of colors and suggests that each zodiac sign has its lucky hues that can increase positivity and decrease negativity. By embracing the right colors, we can unlock endless benefits and opportunities.

However, the Feng Shui experts caution against using unfavorable colors in 2023, as they may lead to hindrances and problems.

Lucky colors have the potential to bring us tremendous success and happiness in our careers, relationships, and overall existence. On the other hand, avoiding unlucky colors in the upcoming year is crucial to minimize difficulties and overcome challenges.

Fuchsia Pink - the lucky color of the year 2023

Are you ready to step into the Year of the Water Rabbit with style? Mark your calendars because it begins on January 22, 2023, and lasts until February 22, 2024. And according to the principles of Feng Shui, the lucky color that’ll ignite wealth in your life is the fiery Fuchsia Pink!

Picture this: a mesmerizing blend of red and purple tones, as if a bouquet of fuchsia flowers were dipped in a pot of liquid gold. That’s Fuchsia Pink for you – rich, deep, and captivating. While some might mistake it for magenta, let me clarify – Fuchsia is a combination of red and blue light, whereas magenta is a pure spectral color. So go ahead and embrace the bold beauty of Fuchsia Pink.

In Feng Shui, pink is often associated with the essence of love, romance, and marriage. It embodies femininity, gentleness, and innocence, creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere. This is why it’s often used in bedrooms and other relaxation spaces. But remember, too much pink can evoke a feeling of over-femininity or over-romance, so use it sparingly.

And now, let’s talk about Fuchsia – the epitome of femininity, creativity, and playfulness. Its vibrant and eye-catching hue radiates confidence and boldness, making it a color that dares to be different. In some cultures, Fuchsia is even connected to spirituality and the pursuit of knowledge. So, don’t be afraid to add a pop of Fuchsia to your life and see where it takes you.

What Is The Lucky Color Of The Year 2023in the Philippines?

Get ready to experience a lucky year ahead with the power of Feng Shui! 2023 is the year of Fuchsia Pink in the Philippines and other parts of Asia, and experts predict it’ll bring prosperity and love to those who embrace it. But Fuchsia Pink isn’t the only color to watch out for – red, green, and blue are also believed to bring good health, prosperity, and love. On the other hand, brown is thought to bring bad luck, so it’s best to avoid it. And don’t forget the lucky numbers – 3, 6, 18, and 38 are expected to bring good fortune.

So, how can you infuse these lucky colors and numbers into your daily life? The options are endless! Wear clothing or accessories in these hues, decorate your home or office with them, or incorporate them into your personal or professional branding. For instance, try sporting a fuchsia pink shirt, hanging green curtains in your living room, or making blue a dominant color in your business logo. By surrounding yourself with these colors, you’ll create a positive atmosphere and attract good luck.

Feng Shui considers Fuchsia Pink to be a lucky color that’s believed to attract wealth, love, and prosperity in 2023. Its calming and delicate vibrations can bring positive changes in these areas. So, consider incorporating Fuchsia Pink into your wardrobe or environment, and feel the power of this color transform your life for the better.


Red is a powerful and vibrant color often associated with luck, prosperity, and wealth in many cultures and belief systems, including Feng Shui. It is also commonly associated with passion, love, and happiness. Red is thought to bring positive energy and stimulate the senses, making it a popular choice in Feng Shui.

However, it is essential to use caution when incorporating red into your Feng Shui practices, as it can also be associated with danger and aggression. In some cases, using too much red in inappropriate areas may be believed to bring negative energy or cause problems in your life. It is generally recommended to use red sparingly and in a balanced and harmonious way.


Green is associated with growth, abundance, health, balance, harmony, and stability. It is believed to have a calming and soothing effect and is often used in Feng Shui to create a peaceful atmosphere, although it can also be associated with jealousy and envy.


Blue is associated with change and quick communication and is believed to activate intellectual creativity in 2023.

Attract Prosperity and Joy in the New Year: The Fortunate Colors for New Year’s Eve 2023

In the Chinese zodiac, the beginning of the year is seen as a time of good fortune and happiness that can extend throughout the rest of the year. One way to enhance this positive energy is by using lucky colors in gifts for loved ones. This could include items such as wallets, jewelry, coats, or decorative items.

The lucky colors for the year are believed to be Fuchsia Pink, red, green, and blue. These colors are thought to bring prosperity, love, and good health, and incorporating them into your gifts can be a way to pass on these blessings to the recipient. It is important to take advantage of this opportunity to use these lucky colors. The next chance to do so may not come until the next annual celebration or anniversary. So, consider using these lucky colors in your gift-giving to help bring good fortune and happiness to your loved ones.

Also, at the New Year’s party, make sure to wear at least one piece of clothing in the lucky colors of 2023:

  • Money and wealth = Pink
  • Love and love = Red
  • Iron health = Green
  • Change and happiness = Blue

Feng Shui Color Strategies for Creating a Welcoming Atmosphere

In Feng Shui, the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) are each associated with a particular color. Using these colors in your home or office can help to create balance and harmony. It’s also important to consider the room’s location or area you’re decorating, as different spaces may benefit from other colors.

For example, a calming blue might be suitable for a bedroom, while an energizing red might be better for a kitchen. Balancing warm and cool tones can also contribute to a sense of harmony.

In addition, you can use color to create the desired atmosphere in a space. Soft pastel colors might create a relaxing atmosphere, while bright, bold colors might create a more energetic atmosphere. Finally, using color to highlight important features or areas of your home or office can help to draw attention and create a sense of focus.

Lucky Colors Based On Your Chinese Zodiac in 2023


The lucky color of Rat in 2023 is Burgundy Red, representing money and power, and it will help you be remarkable in all regards. The Rat will be one of the luckiest signs and attract abundance. Do not be overcome by envy.


The lucky color of Ox in 2023 is Celestial Blue. In 2023, find balance with your words, impulses, diseases, and envy. You need to pay more attention to who your friend is and on whom you can rely. Not everyone around you wants your well-being. Be careful with your health and words. Do not hurt the people you love with the words you utter when you get angry. 


Tiger’s lucky color in 2023 is Green Lime, which represents hope, power, and health. You will be very fortunate in terms of health, well-being, and prosperity. This year, you will get involved in many projects. 


Salmon Red is the lucky color of the Rabbit in 2023, representing calm, patience, and absolute knowledge – a total reinvention. You require spiritual tranquility when you make decisions. Do not be hasty to break up or make drastic changes in work-related problems. You will reach one of the highest points in finances.


The lucky color of Dragon in 2023 is Fuchsia Pink. Finally, you will heal from that headache, that migraine, those illusions, or bad dreams. It will be an essential year for your mental health and spiritual progress. You will find that ideal partner and management business you wanted so much, which will facilitate your development. 


In 2023, the lucky color of the Snake is Magenta. You will be fortunate in terms of work, money, love, health, and planning. A positive change will occur in matters related to the house, city, or country. 
This year, you will need to be strong during difficult times. You will be the support of your family and partner in work-related issues. Think clearly about the decisions of moving forward and helping those around you. 


The lucky color of the Horse in 2023 is Silver Blue. This will be a year when you undertake actions to become free. Carry a silver coin or pendant with you to curb the envy that gets near you this year. It would help if you got ready to overcome the obstacles and the demons that may surround you.


The Goat’s lucky color in 2023 is Green Forest. You will have no limits and be able to accomplish all your plans. But you must be very careful about your public and romantic relationships that may get fractured by jealousy and betrayal. You should pay attention to the people you associate with.
It will be a great year with no boundaries. You will accomplish what you desire, go on a memorable trip, advance financially, finish your studies, and succeed in your career. 


In 2023, Monkey’s lucky color is Cherry Red. It will undoubtedly be a year full of passion and strength; you will advance in all regards, take measures to move to another city or country, finish your studies, and progress professionally. You will find the ideal partner and talk about marriage or becoming parents in 2023.
Money will come quickly to you in 2023, but you need to be mindful of what you spend them on. Beware of fake love and toxic friendships, which will be plenty this year. 


The lucky color of the Rooster in 2023 is Cobalt Blue. In 2023, happiness, joy, and romantic and sentimental stability will finally make their way to you. The Rooster starts to become an adult. You will go through two failures but not defeats, which will only make you stronger. Use this color, and don’t say no to luck. It would be best if you learned from everything you have ruined. 


The lucky color of those born under the Dog sign is Rose Pink in 2023. You will finally find the love you need so much to be happy. At last, you will find stability in thinking matters and no longer feel betrayed. 


In 2023, the lucky color of the Pig is Lavender. You will have one of the best years in all regards. A year of emotional stability to start developing in all domains, and above all, you will begin to thrive in your own business.


  • February 9, 2023