Soulmate Zodiac Signs Compatibility

Soulmates are inherently compatible and frequently a great fit for one another. A lot of people looking for that soulmate will turn to astrology to see if a new person in their lives could potentially be ‘the one’.

Astrology can give us insight into our compatibility with other people. Sometimes people compare two signs and get discouraged—but it’s a little more complex than that. Before you jump to any conclusions, there are some things you should know about sign compatibility.

One common astrological compatibility hypothesis claims that opposite zodiac signs ( the ones that are exactly opposite to each other on the Zodiac Wheel) frequently form awesome pairs more because of their contrasting characteristics.

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What Sun Signs Tell Us?

The Sun sign represents a person’s ego. It is the way the person presents himself to the world and expresses himself. It’s your basic nature throughout your lifetime. It’s the essence of your personality– it’s your nature. It tells people how you approach life, and how you generally relate to the world.

What is Sun Sign Soulmate Compatibility?

Certain signs are considered naturally compatible with other signs. The qualities of each tend to complement each other, and balance each other out. For example, Leos and Aquarians are considered a good match because they balance each other out.

Leos are warm, generous, and passionate; Aquarians are cool, collected, and calm. Leo and Scorpio, however, are considered a bad match because they are both very dynamic personalities who like to be dominant, and neither likes to give up any control.

Are Sun Signs All There Is To It?

Some people reduce astrology to a general set of traits based on Sun signs, but the fact is, there is a lot more to it than that. If you’ve ever seen a natal chart, you’d notice we have other signs—like the Moon sign (the inner self, the hidden nature) as well as the Ascending sign (which shows us how your upbringing and environmental influences affected your development and personality).

In fact, a natal chart is quite complex. There are 12 different spheres of influence, and how the various planets fall within all of them shows a much more complete picture of who you are— or who anyone is. Even further than just where those planets fall, you also have to take into consideration their relationship to each other.

Is it Bad if Our Sun Signs are Incompatible?

A lot of people can be discouraged when Sun signs are ruled by all the popular books and websites as ‘incompatible’. Some people will give up right away, or as soon as things become hard. “Why bother?” some people reason. “The stars say the relationship is destined to fail, so why even waste my time?”

You really should fight this instinct, as for all you know you could be throwing away a good thing. It’s true that compatible Sun signs are always a plus in a relationship, but as mentioned, each person is the sum of an entire, complex chart based on a number of different configurations.

That’s why all Capricorns are not identical people with identical personalities—so many other influences come into play, that two people born on the same day but at different hours or in different locations can have very distinct personalities.

Incompatible Sun signs don’t mean a relationship is guaranteed to fail; astrology can’t predict whether or not a relationship will ultimately be doomed, it can only tell you whether conditions are favorable or unfavorable to success.

Your Sun signs can tell you about the nature of the person you’re with and the challenges you may have to face to make a relationship work. Ultimately, you are two well-rounded individuals with a lot of different influences, with many different dimensions to your character. Use your Sun sign as a tool for understanding rather than a veto stamp.

Which Zodiacs Are Soulmates?

Aries and Sagittarius

The relationship between an Aries and a Sagittarius is one of the most intense and enduring relationships in the zodiac.
Sagittarians have that optimism and ambition that is admired by Aries. Both are smart and creative and will complement each other easily.

Aquarius and Pisces

Aquarius-Pisces couple has a strong connection. Pisces are dreamy and cautious but will fall in love with the spontaneity of Aquarius. They make an ideal couple because they have common interests and they will never get bored together

Virgo and Taurus

Virgos are pragmatic, and analytical and tend to be perfectionists, yet extremely faithful and stable. The best compatibility for Virgo is with Taurus, they understand each other perfectly and can form a perfect couple.

Capricorn and Cancer

There is no sign more disciplined, pragmatic and with a better perspective than Capricorn. The best compatibility is with a Cancer, both being zodiac signs guided by the same ideals in life. Cancers will enjoy the ambition of Capricorn, the emotional stability and the seriousness with which they deal with life’s problems.

Leo and Scorpio

Although they are stubborn and difficult, their relationship can work wonders in 2022. Their passion is intense and they will form an enviable couple.

Gemini and Libra

What a wonderful combination of zodiac signs soulmates! Life is beautiful in such a couple. Both partners are lovers of adventure and fun and enjoy each other’s company. Libra and Gemini have a full social life together and can spend a lot of time in the company of friends or in artistic circles, probably at the theater or opera.

Relationships by Element

Of course, in astrology and compatibility, any combination of signs can work well together, it’s just that some work better than others. All combinations will have positives and negatives and of course, it takes effort, compassion, and forgiveness to maintain any loving relationship.

Below is a guide to all relationship combinations as grouped by their element. All you need to do is look up your element and that of the person you want to compare astrology and compatibility with.


This is a good combination as both are energetic, enthusiastic and share a love of adventure. Inability to compromise or cooperate may cause conflict in this combination.


This is a case of opposites attracting. The fire sign brings spontaneity and adventure to the relationship while the more careful earth sign brings security and stability. This can provide balance in the relationship, although these opposing qualities could become a source of irritation.

Fire – Air

Fire and air work well together because both are lively, enthusiastic and spontaneous. Potential problems can arise because neither is particularly interested in mundane issues and both can be impractical.


This can be a difficult combination as fire signs may seem insensitive to water signs and water signs appear too introverted and secretive for outgoing fire people.


This works well and can result in long-lasting relationships because both signs share a common outlook on life with routine and stability being important. Lack of ambition and excitement can cause a downfall of the earth-earth relationships.

Earth – Air

This combination may lack any real depth or ambition however air signs learn a great deal about the practical side of life from the earth sign and earth enjoys the ideas and stimulation that air signs bring to relationships.


Each sign admires the other qualities of water appreciating earth’s practical nature and earth enjoying the water sign’s depth of character. However, irritation can set in and water signs may find earth signs too predictable while the water sign’s chaotic ways will annoy the more organized earth people.

Air – Air

These relationships are often lively, stimulating, and spontaneous but they may lack depth. They can also be impractical as air signs are more about excitement and ideas than seeing things through.

Air – Water

Air and water work well together as they both share a love of imagination and will enjoy sparking ideas off each other, they will certainly enjoy some inspiring conversations together. Again neither is particularly practical and this can pose problems in the long-term future.


These relationships can be very deep, intense, loving and loyal. However, planning for the future can be a problem and the tendency toward addictions of any kind or wallowing in negative thoughts and behaviors needs to be avoided for ultimate success.

You just found out which are the most compatible zodiac signs. Now discover which zodiac signs simply hate each other.