All Types of Horoscope Explained

Astrology studies the influence of planets on a person’s personality and life in the unique moment of coming into the world.

The basic elements of astrology are the zodiac and natal zodiac sign, the ascendant, the astrological houses, the position of planets in the astrological houses and in the zodiac signs closely calculated for the hour and even minute of the birth, and also for the geographical position of the child’s birthplace.

Based on all these data, the astrological chart and personal horoscope of an individual can be drawn.

Astronomically speaking, the zodiac contains the circle of constellations on the ecliptic.

Astrologically, the zodiac contains all 12 zodiac signs that divide the ecliptic into 12 equal parts of 30 degrees.

There are more constellations on the ecliptic, but astrology operates only with 12 of them. From this point of view, we can consider that the zodiac signs are, in fact, segments, each of them occupying 30 degrees.

If we refer to a text, the zodiac contains the description of some general traits for each of the 12 zodiac signs.

Astrological chart

Technically speaking, the astrological chart is a picture. It is an image of the position of the planets in the zodiac signs and astrological houses.

The astrological chart or map outlines a specific moment in time and place on earth. It is, in fact, a print of the sky. This is why for the moment we are born, an astrological chart or map can be drawn.

Nowadays, the astrological software can immediately provide an astrological chart, once we introduce all the required personal data: the date, hour, and place of birth. The charts can be also drawn for any event or moment.

What is Horoscope?

Whoever wants personalized information about themselves, is less interested in the zodiac or astrological chart itself.

Horoscope is, in fact, the center of interest because it contains the decoding of an astrological chart, more exactly, of the influence of the planets on a person or event, in a specific moment or period.

For example, we read the daily, weekly, monthly, etc. “horoscope” (not the daily, weekly, monthly, etc. “zodiac”) because that info is valid for that specific timeframe for the natives of the zodiac sign.

The “horoscope” valid today was not valid yesterday, and it will not be valid on Tuesday or in 3 months.

When we analyze the personality profile of someone, we start from the natal map (astrological chart), so from the position of the planets in the zodiac signs and astrological houses at a precise moment, and in a certain place.

Thus, the horoscope represents the interpretation of the astrological chart. Unlike the zodiac, the horoscope contains personalized info.

Types of Horoscopes

Chinese Horoscope

If the classic European zodiac delimits the zodiac signs after months, the Chinese zodiac establishes zodiac signs based on years, the 12 signs each corresponding to a year, to which the characteristics of the respective sign are assigned. The Chinese horoscope is closely related to feng shui. For example, people want to find out what their lucky colors are, so they can use them for clothing, for home or garden decorations.


The Aztec calendar has 260 days. There are 20 types of Aztec signs, governed by a specific God or Goddess, which influences the individual personality. 

Arboreal Zodiac

The Arboreal Zodiac determines the inner side of a person. This zodiac focuses more on the spiritual and intimate side of a person.

Egyptian Zodiac

The Egyptian zodiac is based on 12 zodiac signs, each governed by a God or Goddess. 

Floral Zodiac

In the Floral zodiac, each day has a corresponding flower. 

Indian Zodiac

In the Indian zodiac, there are 36 signs, somehow overlapping with the European zodiac decans. 

Greek Zodiac

There are ten signs in the Greek zodiac, corresponding to some Greek mythological beings. 

Erotic Zodiac 

Find out how each sign manifests in a love or friendship relationship. 

Celtic Horoscope

The Celts honored the rhythm of nature and watched the phases of the moon. Based on that, Celts created a horoscope that brings to light human-animal correspondence.

European Zodiac

Here you can find the general character of the signs, which is determined only based on the Sun’s position at the moment of birth. 

6 Reasons to Believe in Horoscope

  • 1. With the help of the horoscope, you have greater chances to avoid unpleasant things to happen on a specific day.
  • 2. With the help of the horoscope, you get to know yourself better.
  • 3. The horoscope can help you improve your relationships with other people.
  • 4. The horoscope can represent a good socializing topic.
  • 5. If you know your ascendant, you can find out information about your soul before the current reincarnation.
  • 6. The horoscope can help you take advantage of all the opportunities that occur throughout the day.

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With the help of the horoscope, you can plan your future on your own, a future full of happiness and accomplishments.

If, for example, your zodiac sign predicts that today you will be extremely active, and you will have more motivation to work because your effort will be rewarded, you will work gladly, and you will have more achievements.

Horoscope 2022 – Everything you want to know about health, money, career, family, and couple


In 2022, you will manage to find love more easily, but you will need to have a more optimistic and detached perspective.

The most important astrological event, in terms of love, will take place between May 13 and June 25 when Venus will be retrograde, causing tensions in the love life of all the zodiac signs.


Saturn is the planet that symbolizes, in the natal theme of each person, career and professional achievements.

Saturn returned to Capricorn on December 20th of 2017, where it will remain until December 18th of 2022.

Let’s not forget that Capricorn rules the governmental structures of the society: politic, church, monarchy, big corporations, monetary system, and macroeconomics.

Saturn in Capricorn will further strongly emphasize these structures, either by contesting them or, on the contrary, by consolidating and empowering them.

Socially, the planets presume a 3-years work phase, when social recognition, reconstruction, public image, new roles within the family and society, orientation towards change, and progress will combine.


Financially, in 2022, the Earth signs, and especially the Capricorns, if they plan on getting rich, will find immediate and novel solutions because they are serious, responsible, and don’t avoid working hard.

Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Pisces signs will be willing to work, and as they are serious, with a very developed practical sense, they will have financial help throughout the year.


In terms of health, all zodiac signs should have a healthy and balanced diet, which will help many to heal, and avoid health issues.

The Universe, through the voice of Earth, offers the chance to approach alternative treatments such as acupuncture, homeopathy, and music therapy. This is an excellent time for reconnecting with nature, and for spiritual healing.

2022 Horoscopes for Every Sign:

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