What Animal is Taurus in Chinese Zodiac

Taurus – Snake

The Chinese sign of the Dragon corresponds to the European sign of Taurus, so the month of the Snake corresponds to the period from April 20 to about May 20 of the sign of Taurus.

Both Taurus and Snakes are loyal, creative people who only want long-lasting relationships, which attracts people into their circle of friends. Besides, if you have something on your mind and want to confess to someone, Taurus/Snake is the best person, as they know how to keep a secret.

Taurus personality

Security and stability are the driving forces for all Taureans. They seek a life that will provide a steady and comfortable existence.

Possessions are therefore very important, acting as they do as anchors, keeping their lives on a steady even keel.

Patience is a strong suit, and they like to take their time to consider their options fully.

What are Taurus strengths and weaknesses?

However, determined and steadfast – once Taureans have a goal in mind, there is very little that will deflect them from their chosen course of action.

At work and play, solid, stable, and hard-working Taureans make reliable and responsible members of the workforce – as long as they are allowed to go at their own pace.

Being hurried and hassled are pet hates, and no self-respecting Taurean will be pushed around against his or her will.

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Back them into a corner, and there’s a danger they will turn into raging bulls!

Their talents can take them into a wide range of occupations, from farming and horticulture, architecture and finance, to singing, dancing, and design.

What is Taurus like in love?

In love and relationships, Taureans are some of the most sensual people in the entire Zodiac.

Taurus is a physical Sign, which means they enjoy basic pleasures and creature comforts.

As lovers, they are some of the most loyal and committed of partners, never entering relationships lightly, but committing themselves only after having envisaged every conceivable situation from every conceivable angle.

However, once they give their heart to a partner, they give it for life. Their gritty determination means they are prepared to hang on through thick and thin – even a long, long time after a relationship has ended.

What health problems do Taurus have?

In health matters, Taurus rules the neck and throat, and Taureans are particularly vulnerable to sore throats, hoarseness, and colds that settle in the chest.

A tendency to overindulge, coupled with a great appetite for rich food and good wine, invariably piles on the weight, especially around middle age. If Taureans weren’t quite so averse to exercise, trips to the gym would really help!

Where wealth is concerned, not renowned for gambling with their money or risking their possessions, Taureans seem to accumulate wealth slowly but surely throughout their lives.

For them, money in the bank provides security, and they take great comfort in seeing their pennies grow. They do particularly well with long-term investments and possess a brilliant eye for seeking out objects that increase in value over the years.

Snake Personality

The Snake is a deep thinker endowed with innate wisdom. It has a great talent for seduction, as well as good manners, natural grace, good humor, and a taste for refinement.

The Snake is quiet, keeps its own secrets, thinks much, and trust only its judgement. At times it can be headstrong and stubborn.

It does not tolerate hardship or defeat and can become jealous and play dirty — it is then implacably calculating and coldly awaits the moment to strike, not hesitating to trick hypocrites. Although it is sociable, it is touchy, untrustworthy, and easily angered. Its anger is violent and vengeful.

The Snake must accept its fate because it cannot escape from it. However, it knows how to change its position and learns quickly from experience. It is very fond of sex. It becomes possessive, jealous and dominating, but is not always faithful.