July 2022 Monthly Horoscope


According to the July 2022 Horoscope, this month there are many important discussions in which you wish to get involved, and although there can be quite a lot of disagreement, if you are willing to examine unconventional possibilities then very creative solutions can be found. If you are involved in examinations, education, or a learning project, then you have a chance now to make a great impact.

There are indications that you have to take a new approach to an old problem, and that if you want to get things right, then you have to change your style. This is true whether you are involved in training, travel, connections abroad, or simply if it is a question of getting your opinions across. Ranged against you are powerful and influential people, with a tremendous grasp of the subjects that interest you. The way forward is to admit any past mistakes which came from your being too much insistent on your own point of view and too little receptive to others. Engage in dialogue!

Towards the end of the month, there are some incredible opportunities that you may be able to avail yourself of. Any communication ventures based on new technologies are well-starred. It’s also extremely good for spontaneous trips, perhaps involving long distances. It seems that there is an opportunity buried in the past, or from a recent contact, and it’s just a question of making the necessary connection.
So this is the time to expand your horizons, bearing in mind that certain changes will soon arise concerning your family and domestic life, and it’s good to be ready for the future and open to experimenting.


You have now discovered how good life can be. Reveling in a sense of security and confidence in your talents and abilities, you are able to express yourself in a relaxed and assured way. You expound your opinions and theories with humor and wit. People are attracted to you, and enjoy the sense of calm and happiness you exude. Whatever you do, make the most of the good times now. With your luck right now, everything will go well, particularly educational projects, travels, and all family relations.

At home, there is plenty of activity and some dynamic restructuring going on. It’s rather a good time to take a look at finances. Some creative changes in this area could make more money available for family projects. If in doubt, talk to your bank. You’ll find them amenable to debt restructure or investment plans. They may play tough, but, hey, you’re a good risk.

Towards the end of the month, there can be unexpected developments either at home or in your career. For a number of years you have longed for excitement and new challenges in your job… perhaps work with technical challenges, international contacts, or more freedom. As per July 2022 monthly horoscope, Taurus may be able to take advantage of new opportunities.


Long-term situations which have been slowing you down come to a head this July. You are being challenged to accept responsibilities and limitations and tighten up your act in the face of implacable opposition.

However, not every circumstance should be accepted. You’ll find that if you are prepared to give up something to which you are attached, but which is weighing you down, then there can be certain freedom. There are very great psychological breakthroughs to be had this month.

This awakens your magical dreams and visions and is an excellent time for expressing musical or creative sides to your nature. Your fantasy is stimulated, but you also need to take care that you are not led astray by wishful thinking. Take a close look at what you want to achieve, then cut out the completely unrealistic plans. Once projects are simplified in this way, there can be a success.

You can expect a very favorable financial development this week, perhaps connected with home or family matters. Perhaps it’s time to spend some money on the property – any investment should go very well.


July is going to be an exciting and eventful month. The early focus is on how to achieve more security, especially financially, and you may well feel that circumstances are chaotic and beyond your control. July may leave you feeling rudderless and confused, and you could be wondering how to support the lifestyle you need. You have to be very careful in your economic judgments – not all advice is good at this time, and you could be the victim of others out to make a fast buck. Mind you, if your interests are more in the spiritual and psychological sphere, this is a great time for emotional expression and creative release.

The new moon of the 28th is dramatic because it conjoins the planet of surprise and change, Uranus. This activates a sudden urge to travel, so you may wish to make a spontaneous and unplanned trip to an exotic location at this time. At least, if you stay at home you are going to be rather restless! You can satisfy your need for change and consciousness stimulation by getting involved in groups that embrace unusual ideologies and personal growth.

This new moon heralds important changes concerning your philosophical interests and beliefs, and any engagements you may have with foreign countries. It also signals a sea change for educational projects or circumstances in which you wish to broadcast your views. This is a time when new media and the latest technology can help you get your message across.


Life can seem to be going at a dizzying pace, but don’t go get vertigo. You have a deep responsibility to take life super seriously for the next few months. Be careful about life and don’t take risks. Avoid making a bad situation worse with your unwanted opinion, unless you can make a difference in the long run. Take care of all old business now. Finish projects. Get ready for a new agenda. You are about to remake you.

As per July 2022 Horoscope, you are about to make a run for the money. You are about to change yourself as you have never done before. You are about to be a friend to many. The influences in your life may make you careless, so pay extra attention to doing the right thing at work and in your family situation. Love requires deep commitment in all kinds of weather.

Think ahead by being the person you want to be now and then. Project your path to success through the challenges you face day-to-day. There are reasons to be independent, but don’t go out of your way to rock the boat for others. And slow down out there. Set your own mental speed limit.


Don’t keep all your assets in one area and don’t leave important matters unattended to. You have too much at stake and there are many chances to make mistakes. You have to watch your step at work and don’t get caught napping. If you are too proud to ask and too humble to demand just take from life what you can. Your heart is being tugged and hopefully, you are being hugged. The world is waiting for your goodwill and strong leadership now if only to get things done. Be a temporary fix to all that needs doing. Be the adhesive for those situations that need gluing.

Be thoughtful and chatty even if it is just small talk or sports. Don’t let a friend go deep when you can throw a short one for fun. You are ready to rumble and tumble but play safely and learn your physical limits. You are growing strong and brave. You should not make financial blunders now. Look to literature or entertainment for serious fun.


Hold on to your cash and hold on to all that you want to keep. Financial mistakes are possible this month, but are not likely if you only spend on what you must. And maybe put off an expensive present or purchase. You have to build up resources until the right moment and then go forward.

Times are favorable, but if you can weather a mid-month financial pinch then advance cautiously. If you travel, be brief about it. If you have career matters to attend to, then make sure you are meticulous about details and dates, and figures.

New romances may get hectic in July as each other’s edges get chipped down, and dreamy dates could eventually evolve into nightmares. Those in love have intimacy and shared pleasures together in-store. Those with extra money could put it into self-improvement. And don’t forget about the wide world and which way the bird flew. Get your car and home ready to ride out power outages, shortages, or local disasters.


Everything depends on you. You have to make the right decisions and do the right deeds and say the right things. You are on top of your game and have your wits about you. You are ready to win your way by doing what you must and walking the walk. The day is yours and the night is yours too. You have fun to wrangle and time to romantically tangle but first, make your peace.

There are things to tie up at work and maybe a messy cubicle to tidy up. There are mistakes to correct and slights to neglect. Be humble in the face of overwhelming reality. Be meek when the winds are mighty. Be ready to share what you have with those you love.

July 2022 horoscope tells you that you should be ready to love and make deep romantic commitments. There are pitfalls for those who might travel far unless extreme precautions are employed. Be careful about spending and don’t take much for granted.


Romance is a rush. Work is great. Partnerships are energetic. Your mind is clear and thinking straight, but watch out. You are in a sexual season of passion and pleasure. Discipline your desires and you will get much higher. Friends may be going down different trails with challenges and trials of their own, but don’t neglect them or let them down.

Be firm and strong with those you deal with in everyday life but let things happen easily if you can lend your guiding hand. Be romantic, but don’t slip into business ventures unless you enjoy aggravation at this time.

Let relationships find their balance through contracts and agreements that enhance the skills and resources of the other. Be cautious about money matters and don’t let accidents happen. Keep your anger in check even if you think you’ve been slighted or hurt. Be especially cautious about losing things. Make backups and think of your personal safety above all.


In July 2022, hold your own and do your best. Take what you need and leave the rest. Hunker down when you have to and run free when you can. The seasons may be unreasonable, but it is up to you to find the flavors and fashions that turn your fancy. Romance is a high priority and love is as good as it gets. Get your home in great shape for the rest of the year and then put your care into love and family matters. Be creative in how you live and share your happy heart.

Pay more attention to detail now than ever and do things that are routine but necessary to the success of the project or assignment. Be ready for problems, but don’t let them stop you. Do what is necessary to fix this or that and then get back to work.

Take setbacks as lessons learned. You have a great deal riding on how you perform at work and career matters may be of high concern. Don’t fall asleep at the wheel or do things that are unbecoming. Clean out the cobwebs in your brain and be a little extra cautious. 


Wake up and start dreaming. You have so many wishes to make and so many chances to take. You have to do this and that in order to be able to do that and this. You have to prepare to go far by taking each small step. Your love life heats up and your mind is aflame with passions. You have good deeds to do and promises to keep.

You have duties that just can’t wait and obligations that may need urgent attention. Rust never sleeps and things can go wrong if proper maintenance is not performed on machines and body parts. Be a mentor to many but keep occasional bad moods or attitudes to yourself. Be self-righteous and see what that gets you. Be arrogant but be ready to duck.

Be loveable and polite and people will want you back for a repeat performance. Your happy core may be swiftly spinning. Your creative juices are gushing. Your romantic life should be full of wonderful experiences. Beware of meaningless travel or useless investments. Think twice and act once.


Things are going fine if you don’t mind a few setbacks and unexpected events. Be cautious at first as you approach these times and spend more time at home if you need to. Get ready to do what you have to. Don’t inconvenience others or otherwise upset matters.

Get expert advice instead of relying on your first impulses. Be energetic but willing to take time to relax and enjoy your free time with those you care for. Communicate with others who will listen to your thoughts and concerns. Share your intimate dreams with your mate, but don’t go off the deep end with delusional wishes and outrageous requests. Be humble and willing to change even when you are outraged at an occasional indignity or inadvertent insult.

Don’t overstep your authority in work or career and be sure you are not to blame if things go wrong. Take charge of your personal life, but don’t overcharge your credit card. You are ready to play but get in shape before you break something in your exuberance. Try to make progress, but don’t press your luck and veer away from trouble. 

  • June 7, 2022