Luck Horoscope 2022 – This is How Lucky You’ll Be in 2022

Luck is ruled by the planet Jupiter. The 5th house rules the luck that you have accumulated from all your prior lives good deeds and that 9th house rules the luck you deserve in this lifetime. The planets that rule luck are the Sun and Jupiter! What kind of lucky year can you expect in 2022?

Which Zodiac Signs Will be Lucky in 2022


For the past few years getting back up on the pony and on with life has probably taken a lot out of you, now you are less inclined to rely on just luck and more on hard work! In 2022 you’ll start to get the attention of influential and important people who will notice how hard you work, and how far you’ve come. Jupiter the planet of luck and good fortune transits Pisces along with Neptune! There’s a real shift in 2022 from the have’s and have not’s and it’s a roll of the dice for your Sun sign! You can strike it rich in 2022, by taking chances on unique opportunities that come your way!


The planet Saturn has a way of making us work very hard for every little thing we want and then making us work a little harder. Nothing has come easy and it has seemed that there’s always been a price to pay.  Letting go and not hanging on so tightly might help especially as Saturn begins the year retrograde.    You are lucky with foreigners, travel, spirituality and fine-tuning your God-given talents. Influential people, bosses, and powerful people can take a liking to you and take you under their wing!


Lucky in Love? Finally! Jupiter rules your solar 7th house of relationships and dealings in business and with the public.  Fame and fortune could be yours in 202!  Jupiter will be in a sextile to your solar 7th house of other people and popularity in 2022, and transiting your solar 9th house of religion, spirituality, dreams, self-promotion, writing, traveling, and dealing with foreign countries and people! Everyone wants to hear your opinion on just about everything! The 9th house is equally a lucky house because it’s a growing house, every time you stretch yourself, learn something new or do something adventurous, you will be fortunate!


Jupiter the planet of luck is transiting Pisces your solar 8th house of high finance, other people’s money, or your mate or partner’s money.  You could start the year poorly and end it rich! This house also rules commissions, legacy’s, inheritances, banking, finance, and credit.  It does seem the people always just want to give you gifts and money because your lucky 5th house Scorpio is ruled by the 8th house.  You get to put your hands in everyone’s pockets in 2022!


Your Sun sign rules the very fortunate 5th house so you normally get along on a lot of luck, winning at games of chance while others look on…aahh, usually.  That hasn’t been the case with Pluto transiting in Sagittarius, the sign that is ruled by the lucky planet Jupiter.  Pluto likes to take anything related to the ego, as the sign of Leo, the 5th house, or the Sun in anyone’s natal chart, and pull the rug out from underneath. The Good news is that Pluto has left your 5th house and while you might be gun shy and super cautious about taking chances, your luck will slowly but surely return.  Saturn in Virgo your solar 2nd house of money won’t let you gamble outside of your budget but, will strategically entice you into taking well-planned and well-thought-out chances and risks!


You have a unique opportunity this year for being lucky that you may not even realize.  Saturn the ruler of your lucky Capricorn 5th house isn’t exactly letting you bet the house on anything this year, but every once in a while you will gain from just being in the right place at the right time.  Saturn and the sign of Capricorn on the 5th don’t just mean hard work and dull activities, but rewards and awards!  You could win something other than the lottery that is equally of value.  So don’t get down, rewards come when you least expect them and this year they are long-lasting and permanent! Jupiter the planet of luck joins Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius your solar 6th house of service to others.  That little old lady you help across the street could be a millionaire in disguise!


With 3 big planetary transits to your lucky 5th house…Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune! You have every chance of making your dreams reality and stumbling upon a pot of gold.  Jupiter rules lucky breaks and in your 5th house, the house where your good deeds have been accumulating interest, lucky breaks could be all around you.  What will attract your good fortune you ask?  An optimistic attitude that you share with all. Passing on positive vibes to children, being creative, and being a good role model for others.  Laughter, finding the bright spot in every dark cloud, and giving others hope.  This will attract good fortune from the ethers to you. The sign of Aquarius rules sudden good fortune, and like a lightning bolt, lady luck could strike throughout 2022.


The lucky planet Jupiter is transiting your 12th house of divine intervention.  In the 12th house, Jupiter acts like a guardian angel watching over you, so your luck comes from faith, prayer, and philanthropic deeds, to sacrificing your own time and sometimes yourself for others.  When you have a need, it will be fulfilled. Uranus is transiting your solar 5th house of luck, and your storehouse is running a little low, in fact Saturn and Uranus are saving your good luck for emergencies!  So do all you can in 2009 to make it lucky and happy for others and it will come back to you 100 fold.


Your Sun Sign rules, luck, and lucky breaks! Your ruling planet Jupiter rules luck and lucky breaks, so what’s the problem? Oh that’s right, for some time Pluto has been transiting your Sun sign and you haven’t relied on your optimistic attitude to attract good fortune, not with that stick in your hand! A forceful demeanor has replaced that cheerful, devil-may-care attitude you once had. Things have changed though and slowly, little by little you’ll go back to being fun, funny and always optimistic person people remember. Your laughter and joy will be contagious and attract luck and happiness to your life in 2022. It could even surprise you at times. So let your hair down and let the good times begin.


Your solar 5th house of luck is Taurus, the natural 2nd house of the zodiac and its rules, money, luxuries and self-esteem, and good morals.  With Jupiter the planet of luck along with Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius your solar 2nd house of money, there’s lots of money luck for Capricorn’s this year! You may gain through gifts and others’ money.  Pluto the ruler of the 8th house has entered your sun sign for a very long stay and unexpected windfalls could follow.  Avoid getting rich quick schemes and anyone who wants to make money from you.  Money has to come to you, not get taken away!  Feeling good about yourself and keeping yourself above reproach goes a long way in attracting abundance this year! Let the lightning bolt of good fortune strike!


Jupiter the planet of luck and ruler of your solar 11th house of unexpected windfalls, hopes,  fears and profits, will transit your Sun sign in 2022, giving you that extra push just in the nick of time.  Every once in a while in 2021 you could have lost faith but, Jupiter’s in the house now and faith won’t be in short supply, but abundance.   By being yourself and happy regardless of what you see and think, luck comes rolling in! People will flock to you like magnets in 2021 and you could benefit from your popularity in a major way.  New ideas can be put into motion and fresh starts get a lucky push. Break free of ruts and outworn ideas, start over in 2021 and you will prosper! Remember energy follows thought, as you think so you are!


Lucky Jupiter is spending time in your zodiac sign in 2022. Some possibilities for this placement may include expanded activities with your partner or another favorite person; doctors visits associated with motherhood; day-to-day activities which expand your ideals and dreams; and lucky career opportunities.

You might also want to get a new pet, especially a large one. I recommend big sweet dogs with floppy ears myself. Just make sure you have the room and the time for one. Another element of luck this year can be found in your neighborhood, with your siblings, and associated with training and teaching. Communications should be enjoyable, especially those that are nurturing and emotional. Call your parents.