Luck Horoscope 2022 – This is How Lucky You’ll Be in 2022

According to the horoscope, the year 2022 brings many changes in love life, money, and career. Some zodiac signs will enjoy beautiful, unforgettable moments, while others will be less fortunate.

The stars will watch over these natives and help them find their way in life. The lucky signs will have many beautiful moments in 2022. They get opportunities that you should not miss.

Which Zodiac Signs Will be Lucky in 2022


Ram, you look to be in line for some wonderful partnership luck in 2022. You and your partner will have the opportunity to grow closer by pursuing your ideals, hopes, and wishes together. Defining the spiritual values of you and those closest to you will align your relationships and allow you to pursue value-based interests together.


In 2022, Taurus will be expanding or experiencing growth in these areas like money, sex, insurance, inheritances, and in some cases power. However this year the south node will also be near the degree of Jupiter, causing a coupling of their energies. The south node can be protective, in that it allows you to have a “fall back position” so to speak. It can also bring endings, and things which are self-destructive in influence. Taken together, this might be a good year to review your will, or up your insurance policies to protect your children should something happen to you.


Your luck hinges on your siblings and communicative efforts, and especially, with older women. Your kids and creative enterprises are also sources of luck. Your creativity will be most fortunate if you join with a friend or partner. Together you may make your dreams, or the dreams of many others come true.


Well, your luck is tied to the energy you have to put into your career, or with a male for whom you have a lot of future karma. Perhaps this person makes decisions at work which will either help or hinder your personal career goals. Showing initiative and drive to this person would help your cause immensely, especially during the first couple of weeks in April.


Overdoing communications or behaving compulsively will not bring you luck. In fact, luck will not be found at all if you do not put a lot of effort into creating it. The good news is Leo will be motivated and driven to succeed, thereby creating his own luck.

Short journeys, your community, and extended family are lucky, unless you’re in karmic payback mode, in which case the opposite will be true.


You should have some career luck and increased luck in your personal status. The stars are arousing your fears for your security and the opportunity to look over your foundations. You would do well to use 2022 for reassessing and maintaining your assets. Virgo also is doubly blessed with both benefic influences present in their solar 2nd house. The South Node is also in attendance, so be careful not to waste resources on status-oriented purchases. They will not bring you the happiness you thought they would.


Libra’s luck is tied to things from your past, as well as the philosophies you espouse and the travels you take. You may receive a gift that allows you to reach a much-desired goal. Be careful though that you do not deceive yourself or others or that you overstate your abilities. Either of these things will lead to a downfall of epic purport ions. Being true to yourself will bring you the most luck.


Scorpio should expect luck in abundance in 2022. You may experience some surprise growth or opportunity in areas related to children, creative efforts, love affairs, or investments. The only caution I would give you is to stay away from investments involving the auto industry or any money-making enterprise associated with your siblings. If your children are at an age to drive, you may unexpectedly have to spend money on their vehicle, or perhaps you will be able to buy yourself a new one. Scorpio must get ready to ride a wave of luck in 2022.


Sagittarius will have their greatest opportunity for growth and luck in relation to their partner’s resources. Area of sex, so sexual expression and opportunity will be on the rise.

Also, if you are involved in research of any kind you may have to extend the time you work on your project, but you will make even more intense discoveries in the end. Speaking of endings, they will be lucky for you as well.

Many Sagittarius individuals who have been in negative relationships will experience an increase in inner strength and fortitude allowing for an opportunity to begin your life anew. Courage may be required to do this, but rest assured that you will have plenty. Remember, the greatest rewards go to those who have dwelled in the deepest and darkest valleys and who overcome the greatest adversity.


Luck will come by increasing your status and expanding your career. Following up with people with who you have done business in the past would be a good use of your energy. If things are expanding too rapidly, you may need to cut back and rethink your next move before you or your product loses its integrity.

Involve others in all planning processes and explore different options and philosophies to find the best route to success. You have the potential for cashing in on rewards due to past karma right now, so even if one door closes, expect a window to fly open and rescue you.


Aquarius is the sign of luck this year…at least until April. Lucky Jupiter is in residence in the sign of Aquarius and is bringing many opportunities your way. Most of these opportunities will come to you because you use your personal influence or extensive talents to attract others into your sphere that can help you reach your most cherished goals.


Lucky Jupiter is spending time in your zodiac sign in 2022. Some possibilities for this placement may include expanded activities with your partner or another favorite person; doctors visits associated with motherhood; day-to-day activities which expand your ideals and dreams; and lucky career opportunities.

You might also want to get a new pet, especially a large one. I recommend big sweet dogs with floppy ears myself. Just make sure you have the room and the time for one. Another element of luck this year can be found in your neighborhood, with your siblings, and associated with training and teaching. Communications should be enjoyable, especially those that are nurturing and emotional. Call your parents.