Baba Vanga Prediction List From 2023 to the End of the World

The Bulgarian-born clairvoyant, known as Baba Vanga or Nostradamus of the Balkans, became famous after 80% of her predictions came true. Her real name is  Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova and she lived between 1911 and 1996. She lost her sight after being caught in a tornado as a child.

Baba Vanga died in 1996, at the age of 85. 

Over time, several books have been written about Baba Vanga’s life and predictions. She became a celebrity after it was said that she had managed to anticipate the ISIS attacks, the beginning and the end of the Second World War, the disintegration of the USSR, the death of Princess Diana, and even Brexit. 

Many of her predictions came true, so she became world-famous. You can find every prediction the mystic Baba Vanga has made starting from next year all the way up until the year 5079, down below. You can also download this article as a PDF document.

  • 2023 – The trajectory of our planet will adjust marginally.
  • 2025 – Europe remains sparsely inhabited.
  • 2028 – Humans create a fresh and innovative power source (Most likely Controlled Nuclear Fusion). World hunger is eradicated. Humans step foot on Venus for the very first time.
  • 2033 – Sea levels rise due to climate change.
  • 2043 – The international economy is booming. Europe becomes Islamic.
  • 2046 – Synthetic organs become readily available en masse. Transplants have become commonplace.
  • 2066 – While besieging Rome (which is at this point Islamic) the US discovers a new type of weapon classed as an “environmental destructor”, it can immediately freeze anything in its path.
  • 2076 – The social caste system collapses, resulting in Marxist socialism.
  • 2084 – Nature revives itself.
  • 2088 – A new virus appears which makes people get old in the matter of a few seconds.
  • 2097 – The virus is exterminated.
  • 2100 – An artificial sun heats up the dark part of the Earth.
  • 2111 – Humans become increasingly robotic, resulting in a scenario much like that in the movie “Terminator”.
  • 2123 – Small nations constantly wage war while the major superpowers refuse to step in.
  • 2125 – A space agency in Hungary receives signals from deep space. Baba Vanga comes into the public eye again.
  • 2130 – Societies are being constructed undersea with the aid of extraterrestrial beings.
  • 2154 – Animals evolve to be human-like.
  • 2167 – There is a brand-new religion that becomes popular around the world.
  • 2170 – The Earth becomes dry and desertified.
  • 2183 – The Mars colony becomes self-sufficient and demands sovereignty and separation from Earth.
  • 2187 – A few volcanic eruptions are successfully suppressed.
  • 2195 – The underwater communities become fully autonomous by producing their own power and food.
  • 2196 – There are no longer European and Asian races as they mix and form the Euro-Asian genome.
  • 2201 – The Sun gets colder and the Earth goes through massive climatic changes.
  • 2221 – Humans come to horrifying realizations while scouring the universe for aliens.
  • 2256 – A returning rocket brings an intergalactic virus back to Earth.
  • 2262 – Planetary trajectories experience fast adjustments, which puts Mars in danger of being destroyed by an asteroid.
  • 2271 – Physical constants fundamentally change, resulting in incompatibilities with our current physical formulas.
  • 2273 – The Euro-Asian genome mixes with the African race, creating the Afro-Eurasian race.
  • 2279 – Scientists discover that energy can be created out of nothing by way of black holes and space bending of matter.
  • 2288 – Time traveling is discovered. Aliens and humans make contact.
  • 2291 – The sun gets significantly colder and humans try to reheat it.
  • 2296 – Solar flares become commonplace. The gravitational pull experiences modifications, resulting in the Space Station and satellites crashing down on earth.
  • 2299 – France leads a guerilla war against the Islamic state.
  • 2302 – The justice system has major reforms and innovations, and a lot of universal values and laws are discovered.
  • 2304 – Humans study the Moon thoroughly.
  • 2341 – The Earth is in grave danger from something in outer space.
  • 2354 – An unforeseen problem will cause major shortages of water all across Earth.
  • 2371 – Famine becomes a major problem again.
  • 2378 – A new race of people emerges.
  • 2480 – The world goes into a total blackout due to the collision between two artificial suns.
  • 3005 – There is anarchy and war on Mars. Planets experience significant axial changes.
  • 3010 – An asteroid will collide with the moon, creating a huge dust cloud filled with pebbles which orbits around the earth.
  • 3797 – Every living being on earth disappears. But humans are crafty enough to create colonies in a new solar system.
  • 3803 – The colonies are sparsely populated and humans don’t have much contact with one another. The unique climate in the colonies causes genetic mutations in the population.
  • 3805 – Wars are frequently fought for resources, leading to major population collapse.
  • 3815 – The warring period ends.
  • 3854 – Civilization stops progressing, humanity turns to tribalism for a semblance of order.
  • 3871 – A new religion redefines morality and ritualistic norms.
  • 3874 – The new religion becomes massively popular in all societal groups, and the prophet establishes a brand new church.
  • 3878 – The Church teaches scientific principles which have long been forgotten.
  • 4302 – Cities and civilized society reappear due to the Church embracing science and technological development.
  • 4302 – Scientists discover how every illness manifests in the human body, helping in the creation of a universal cure.
  • 4304 – The universal cure is discovered.
  • 4308 – Significant brain development occurs leading to humanity becoming less evil and selfish.
  • 4509 – Humans can speak to God by virtue of their newfound moral sense.
  • 4599 – Immortality becomes the norm in society.
  • 4674 – Human prosperity has peaked at 340 billion humans living on a multitude of planets. Aliens and Humans mingle resulting in an humanoid-extraterrestrial race.
  • 5076 – The edge of the known universe is discovered.
  • 5078 – Humanity decides to attempt to leave the known universe, with about 40% of the human population refusing to do so.
  • 5079 – The world ends.

Download in PDF format Baba Vanga’s predictions list up to the year 5079.

What can we expect from the Baba Vanga predictions for 2023? A lot of things have happened during the last months – both good and bad. Some psychics get their predictions right yet others are not; however, it’s important to note that the future forecast is made to help the humans get a clear perspective about the disaster, war, or terrorist threat that could possibly occur.

Here are Baba Vanga’s five predictions for 2023

baba vanga 2023 predictions

1. A big country will carry out research and testing activities of biological weapons on people.

The famous soothsayer Baba Vanga claims that in 2023, the doctors will perform a series of human experiments that will lead to the death of hundreds of thousands of people. People will be injected with viruses that will cause illnesses such as cholera and bubonic plague.

2. In 2023, a star will explode, and its light will light up the sky for 5 years!

The predictions of the famous Baba Vanga are also linked to the explosion of a star that will explode and make darkness disappear and be light all the time: “The sky will be illuminated for years to come”, says the wise fortune teller.

3. Planet Earth will pass into the fifth dimension – the aliens will attack the Earth

During the alien invasion, electricity will not be used for three days and three nights, it will be total darkness, the Moon nor the stars will be visible, and following these events, out of all the people on Earth, only ten thousand will be saved.

4. Nuclear war

Baba Vanga says a nuclear war is coming in 2023, in which three billion people in large urban settlements will die from nuclear explosions caused by strategic intercontinental missiles with multiple atomic warheads and another five billion will die from famine, radiation, resource conflicts and epidemics during the nuclear winter.

Even a small nuclear war could trigger a global apocalypse. Vast swathes of Earth will look like Mars or Venus, and the oceans will become toxic and lifeless like Titan.

The sixth extinction will be more catastrophic than the Permian-Triassic extinction, which occurred some 252 million years ago, when 96% of all marine species and 70% of terrestrial vertebrates became extinct.

Only beetles, scorpions, tardigrades, extremophile bacteria and fruit flies could survive a nuclear war.
It will take tens of millions of years for new species of vertebrate plants and animals to evolve.

5. Human reproduction will become an artificial process, performed only in labs with the aid of an artificial uterus.

By 2023, people will be born artificially, only in laboratories, and only the leaders will decide what kind of people will be born (what characters, what skin color to have, etc.). It will be a fully controlled process, and natural births will be forbidden.

6. Humans will turn into vampires in 2023

The year 2023 will be marked by the sudden spread of a virus that turns humans into vampires, according to the famous Baba Vanga.

The newly created vampires are the result of a parasitism that changes the genetic structure of the host (the human) and consequently its appearance. The new creatures are immortal, capable of telepathy, are afraid of water and have ancient leaders from whom they receive messages telepathically, regardless of distance.

They can only be killed by the sun’s rays, or a source of ultraviolet rays. Silver causes them great pain and even death, which can also occur by decapitation. Traditional protections: crosses, holy water, garlic, have no effect on them.

7. Birds will be affected by a dangerous virus

A dangerous virus is appearing in birds that will spread to humans.
This virus will be a virus that will be easily transmitted between many people. In this case, we may face an epidemic of the flu, and affected people must be isolated and treated with appropriate medication.

8. A massive earthquake will shake the world

A natural disaster in 2023 will trigger fires, landslides and a 20-metre seismic wave that will sweep away entire towns and villages along the Pacific coast.

It devastated farmland, homes, agricultural crops, vehicles. The quake will trigger a tsunami alert on Japan’s Pacific coast and in neighbouring New Zealand, Australia, Russia, Guam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Nauru, Hawaii, the (US) Northern Marianas and Taiwan.

9. 2023 – a world where humans will be cyborgs, with artificial bodies and artificial organs.

Nanotechnology will allow us to live forever. Eventually, nanobots will replace blood cells and do their job thousands of times more efficiently. Humans will be able to run a long way without getting tired and sinking.
in water for four hours without oxygen tanks. Heart attack victims – will be able to take advantage of bionic hearts.


Whether the disaster of the world’s ending will come true or not, people on Earth have luckily passed the fatal year of 2021 together and still lived well till the current moment. The predictions of imminent occurrences in Baba Vanga’s predictions for 2023 somehow turn out to be the inspirational resources for the provident men and women to read and explore the miracles so that they become filled with spiritual awareness.