Baba Vanga Prediction List From 2024 to the End of the World

Baba Vanga left some terrifying predictions for the year 2024. The famous clairvoyant predicted what will happen in the year 2024 to all of humanity.
Angelia Pandeva Dimitrova, known as Baba Vanga, foresaw several frightening events. She was born in Strumica, Republic of Macedonia on January 31, 1911. Baba Vanga died on August 11, 1996.

Baba Vanga is a famous clairvoyant who is said to have predicted several events in the 20th century. 23 years after her death, Baba Vanga is considered one of the most insightful fortune-tellers the world has ever known.

Let’s explore some of her most intriguing predictions for the period spanning from 2024 to the apocalyptic year of 5079.

Unveiling 5 Astonishing Predictions for 2024 from the Mysterious Seer, Baba Vanga

A New Pandemic from Siberia:

According to the prophetic visions of Baba Vanga, the year 2024 will witness an extraordinary event: a new pandemic, coming from Siberia, caused by a frozen virus, which will be released by climate change. For now, the Monkey Pox alerts are more and more worrying.

Assassination Attempt on a Great Political Leader:

According to her predictions, in the year 2024 two of the world’s most prominent leaders will be in trouble, and Russian President Vladimir Putin will face an assassination attempt, set up by someone from his security team. Trump will lose his hearing due to a mysterious illness.

Baba Vanga, who has become an extremely well-known figure among conspiracy theorists, also predicted a massive earthquake followed by a tsunami that would destroy large parts of Asia and Europe would face a disastrous economic crisis.
According to her predictions, in 2019 two of the world’s most prominent leaders will have problems, and Russian President Vladimir Putin will face an assassination attempt, set up by someone from his security team. Trump will lose his hearing due to a mysterious illness.

Baba Vanga, who has become an extremely well-known figure among conspiracy theorists, also predicted a massive earthquake followed by a tsunami that would destroy large parts of Asia and Europe would face a disastrous economic crisis.
As for Donald Trump, the US president is going to have a disastrous year. Not only will he succumb to a mysterious illness that will leave him with brain trauma and hearing loss, but a member of his family will also be involved in a car accident.

Baba Vanga announced when the war in Ukraine will end

The date on which the war will end was discovered in the archives of some files. According to these writings, one of the fortuneteller’s relatives in Bulgaria spoke about the fact that Baba Vanga warned about a war in Ukraine.

Although it did not give an exact date for the end of the military conflict, it reportedly said that the situation would calm down only in 2027.

“Only the 8th Ukrainian president will be able to save his country from disaster,” said Baba Vanga, who died 25 years ago. Since Ukraine left the USSR, Volodymyr Zelensky is the 7th president of this country.

The Emergence of Artificial Intelligence

Within Baba Vanga’s prophetic insights lies a glimpse into the ascent of artificial intelligence in 2024. She foresaw a singular event in which advanced robots would attain self-awareness, setting off a fervent and contentious debate surrounding the ethical dimensions and potential perils of highly intelligent machines.

Get Ready for the Future: Baba Vanga’s Stunning Predictions From Next Year to 5079!

Baba Vanga’s reputation as a world-famous mystic is well-deserved, as many of her predictions have come true. Vanga’s alleged psychic abilities have amazed people worldwide, from natural disasters to political developments. But her prophecies don’t stop there – she has also made numerous predictions from 2023 up until 5079.

If you want to look closely at her prophecies, you can download this article as a PDF document.

  • 2025 – Europe remains sparsely inhabited.
  • 2028 – Humans create a new and innovative power source (Most likely Controlled Nuclear Fusion). World hunger is eradicated. Humans step foot on Venus for the very first time.
  • 2033 – Sea levels rise due to climate change.
  • 2043 – The international economy is booming. Europe becomes Islamic.
  • 2046 – Synthetic organs become readily available en masse. Transplants have become commonplace.
  • 2066 – While besieging Rome (which is Islamic), the US discovers a new type of weapon classed as an “environmental destructor”; it can immediately freeze anything in its path.
  • 2076 – The social caste system collapses, resulting in Marxist socialism.
  • 2084 – Nature revives itself.
  • 2088 – A new virus appears, making people get old in a few seconds.
  • 2097 – The virus is exterminated.
  • 2100 – An artificial sun heats the dark part of the Earth.
  • 2111 – Humans become increasingly robotic, resulting in a scenario like that in the movie “Terminator”.
  • 2123 – Small nations constantly wage war while the major superpowers refuse to step in.
  • 2125 – A space agency in Hungary receives signals from deep space. Baba Vanga comes into the public eye again.
  • 2130 – Societies are being constructed undersea with the aid of extraterrestrial beings.
  • 2154 – Animals evolve to be human-like.
  • 2167 – There is a brand-new religion that has become popular around the world.
  • 2170 – The Earth becomes dry and desertified.
  • 2183 – The Mars colony becomes self-sufficient and demands sovereignty and separation from Earth.
  • 2187 – A few volcanic eruptions are successfully suppressed.
  • 2195 – The underwater communities become fully autonomous by producing their power and food.
  • 2196 – There are no longer European and Asian races as they mix and form the Euro-Asian genome.
  • 2201 – The Sun gets colder, and the Earth undergoes massive climatic changes.
  • 2221 – Humans come to horrifying realizations while scouring the universe for aliens.
  • 2256 – A returning rocket brings an intergalactic virus back to Earth.
  • 2262 – Planetary trajectories experience fast adjustments, which puts Mars in danger of being destroyed by an asteroid.
  • 2271 – Physical constants fundamentally change, resulting in incompatibilities with our current physical formulas.
  • 2273 – The Euro-Asian genome mixes with the African race, creating the Afro-Eurasian race.
  • 2279 – Scientists discover that energy can be created out of nothing by way of black holes and space bending of matter.
  • 2288 – Time traveling is discovered. Aliens and humans make contact.
  • 2291 – The sun gets significantly colder, and humans try to reheat it.
  • 2296 – Solar flares become commonplace. The gravitational pull experiences modifications, resulting in the Space Station and satellites crashing down on earth.
  • 2299 – France leads a guerilla war against the Islamic state.
  • 2302 – The justice system has significant reforms and innovations, and many universal values and laws are discovered.
  • 2304 – Humans study the Moon thoroughly.
  • 2341 – The Earth is in grave danger from something in outer space.
  • 2354 – An unforeseen problem will cause significant water shortages across Earth.
  • 2371 – Famine becomes a major problem again.
  • 2378 – A new race of people emerges.
  • 2480 – The world goes into a total blackout due to the collision between two artificial suns.
  • 3005 – There is anarchy and war on Mars. Planets experience significant axial changes.
  • 3010 – An asteroid will collide with the moon, creating a vast dust cloud filled with pebbles that orbit around the earth.
  • 3797 – Every living being on earth disappears. But humans are crafty enough to create colonies in a new solar system.
  • 3803 – The colonies are sparsely populated and humans don’t have much contact with one another. The unique climate in the colonies causes genetic mutations in the population.
  • 3805 – Wars are frequently fought for resources, leading to significant population collapse.
  • 3815 – The warring period ends.
  • 3854 – Civilization stops progressing, and humanity turns to tribalism for a semblance of order.
  • 3871 – A new religion redefines morality and ritualistic norms.
  • 3874 – The new religion becomes massively popular in all societal groups, and the prophet establishes a brand new church.
  • 3878 – The Church teaches scientific principles which have long been forgotten.
  • 4302 – Cities and civilized society reappear due to the Church embracing science and technological development.
  • 4302 – Scientists discover how every illness manifests in the human body, helping create a universal cure.
  • 4304 – The universal cure is discovered.
  • 4308 – Significant brain development leads to humanity becoming less evil and selfish.
  • 4509 – Humans can speak to God by their newfound moral sense.
  • 4599 – Immortality becomes the norm in society.
  • 4674 – Human prosperity has peaked at 340 billion humans living on a multitude of planets. Aliens and Humans mingle, resulting in a humanoid-extraterrestrial race.
  • 5076 – The edge of the known universe is discovered.
  • 5078 – Humanity decides to attempt to leave the known universe, with about 40% of the human population refusing to do so.
  • 5079 – The world ends.

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