The Luckiest Colors for Aries

What are the lucky colors for Aries?

Aries lucky colors are: black, orange, red, and yellow. Aries is a fire sign and also a cardinal sign. It is a sign of action, always dynamic and full of energy. 

 The fiery colors of Fire, namely red and orange, are colors that exude intense heat and energy. 

On the other hand, being a cardinal sign, oriented towards the east, it is also attracted to the colors of the Sun, which are also intense shades of red, orange or yellow. 

Black is also a lucky color for Aries, being the color that connects it to the earth and the intense telluric energy that this sign has.

Decorating Your House According to Your Power Color

Aries will feel in their element in a home with red accents. We only say accents because we don’t recommend having a house full of red things because red can become tiresome on large surfaces. 

So limit yourself to choosing one large piece of red furniture or several small decorations in this color. Or, if you still prefer to have a home with more red, you can choose a less vibrant tone, such as burgundy.  

Red Outfits for Aries

As you know, red is a powerful color symbolizing passion, love, and seduction. A red outfit will give you confidence, energy, and optimism, wrapped in a feminine and mysterious air. 

Wearing this color will increase Aries’s energy levels and optimism. It is also a tool to communicate their talents and courage to those around them.

Red Gemstone Jewellery for Aries

The Carneol stone is a red stone whose color can have brown or orange inflections. Since ancient times, Carneol is believed to bring peace and harmony, to be effective in treating depression and cultivating sexual energy. 

A carnelian stone resonates with passion and vitality, aligning with the ideals and will of those in the sign of Aries. 

It will allow you to focus on the tasks at hand in the short term while supporting the dynamic leadership qualities that Aries have by nature. The Carneol stone has the power of helping Aries to anchor themselves in reality, to be more pragmatic and practical.

Lucky Days When Aries Can Wear Red

Aries should wear something red every Tuesday. People say that Tuesdays have 3 bad hours because we usually lose something (money, time) or someone. So let’s wear red accessories on Tuesdays: it makes us make decisions faster, be more reactive.

 Red clothes and accessories give the feeling of power but, used in excess, instigate conflict and aggression. Too much red stirs up tempers.

Red is related to passion, and love and is associated with fire and desire. Since ancient times it has been customary to wear red accessories for the winter holidays – Christmas and New Year. Red is the color of Santa’s suit and is believed to bring good luck, wealth, and good energy.

Meaning of the Color Red

Being a very strong color, red attracts attention like a magnet. Precisely because it puts you in the spotlight, it is not recommended for shy and introverted people.

Red is a great general stimulator, specific to active and competitive people. Although synonymous with passion, it should be used sparingly, especially by choleric or natively agitated people.

Symbol of fire, the color red increases blood pressure and breathing rate, it stimulates cell regeneration.

It is best to wear something red when you have to make quick decisions or complete delayed projects, it increases courage and will power. Used in moderation, it is a tremendous general stimulant especially for passive people, and encourages action and self-confidence.