When a Taurus Man Misses You

The Taurus man is a quite complex individual, passionate and masculine, lazy and yet active, a controversial and versatile lover. Probably the most trusted man of the zodiac, the Taurus man is first and foremost a man you can rely on to be both a friend and a lover. 

We’ll try next to establish how you can tell if a Taurus man really misses you. I wonder how he will behave and what will give away his true feelings if somehow he will try to keep them hidden.

Love is one of the most mysterious and powerful feelings in the Universe. So often love gives you wings, changes you, transforms you, overwhelms you, helps you see life differently, shapes you, it makes you happy, and lets you truly live.

Here are some clear signs that a Taurus man misses you:

It Talks a Lot About You.

Do his buddies tell you he talks about you all the time? If so, then you can be 100% sure the Taurus man misses you. Always, when he thinks about someone – the Taurus man talks about that person. And he doesn’t hide his feelings from others either!

He is Jealous

Jealousy may indicate that a Taurus man misses you, but what type of jealousy is it? Is he jealous because he misses you or because he owns you? 

If he simply wants everyone to know that you’re together and that you’re not available to anyone else, it could make you angry. As irritating as this is, it’s harmless. And it means he misses you. But he probably has some confidence issues. 

When a man tries to control you and considers you his property, he simply won’t be able to trust you ever again. He’ll be jealous for whatever reason. But you shouldn’t allow this kind of domination to exist in your life.

He’s calling and texting you over and over again even though you hardly ever do it.

It doesn’t matter if you rarely call him. He’ll always find a reason to do it.

If he misses you, the Taurus man will text you “how are you doing?” even if the last time you spoke was two hours ago.

He Buys you Expensive Gifts

If a Taurus man really misses you and wants to win you back he will try to give you expensive gifts. It should be kept in mind that a Taurus man never seeks just to make an impression on you through his money; he genuinely takes pleasure in the simple fact of making and accepting gifts.

He is Highly Engaged on Social Media

Does he follow you on social media? If your Taurus ex comments, share your posts, or likes them, these are signs that he might still have feelings for you.

He wouldn’t be checking up on your social media activity if he was no longer interested in you. Taurus Men don’t invest their time and energy in things that don’t mean anything to them.

Does he post a bunch of pictures from his events? Like parties, for example? He feels he needs to capture all those “fun” events with the clear intention of showing you he’s doing well, but that’s precise because he hasn’t moved on.

If he is posting statuses such as ” Life is so empty”, “I wish you were here” or songs that meant something to you, he may be trying to send you a subtle message. Moreover, if he posts more and more pictures, he’s doing it in the hope you’ll see them and remember him and the good times you had together.

He Try to Stick in the Same Group of Friends

Sometimes, Taurus men who still hope for reconciliation don’t give up the mutual friendship groups or the places they used to hang out with their former lovers. 

Instead, if he distances himself from everything connected with you, it’s a clear sign that he wants distance between the two of you and doesn’t want to reunite with you precisely because he no longer envisions you in his future.

He Often Talks About Your Old Romance

If the Taurus man keeps insisting on talking about your relationship, looking for explanations about why it didn’t work out, he may want to know where he went wrong, and this is a sign he wants you back. 

He Quickly Replaced You and He Bragged About Tt

When you find out that your ex-partner has found someone else extremely quickly after your break-up with the Taurus man, there are two possibilities: either he had a relationship with that person before you broke up, or he wants to make you jealous, to make you think he is not suffering from your break-up.

He Invite you for a Walk Like Among Buddies

Maybe asking you out doesn’t necessarily mean he’s desperate for you to get back together. However, the fact that he wants to meet you implies that he misses you, that he wants to see you, to smile at you, to talk to you. However, don’t get your hopes up. 

How can I make my ex Taurus man want me back? 

Start by not making these mistakes:

  • Beg him, implore him.
  • Try to convince him that you two are meant to be together until death.
  • To spy on him.
  • Have your friends  spy on him or question him.
  • To apologize a thousand times or blame yourself
  • To start with reproaches.
  • Showing up in places you know he used to go.

If you do any of the above, you will seem desperate and obsessed with it, which I don’t think you would want! The best solution is to take a break from each other. This will give you time to reflect on everything and heal all your wounds.

After at least three to four weeks, give him a call and ask whether he’ll go out with you for a coffee, or something…

If he accepts, it’s a good sign!