How is Your 2023 Summer Going To Be Depending On Your Sign!

It won’t be long until summer will be upon us! You are already waiting for your free time from work and the long hot days or are you afraid of the heat?

You will feel more prepared for the most appreciated season of the year, once you will know what will happen then!

Have some fun discovering how your summer is going to be depending on your sign!


Your summer will be truly hot…literally! Most likely, after only three months, you will get to know all sorts of cures for hangovers and sun sickness, because you will spend most of your time outside.

Not at music festivals or Rihanna’s concert, but running after every change of (cheap) fun!

Fun in the sun? For Aries this means action! Hiking, biking, rollerblading, surfing, soccer—you name it, you’re up for it! As long as you are moving your body, you’re happy. Be sure to invite a friend or two to share the fun and games. After all, you’re up for a little competition too.


You have already purchased the hottest bathing suit and a romantic hat, but will first need to lose all those extra pounds! The main conflict of your summer will be the fight with the fat caused by culinary temptations.

Watch out, for this war may be endless and might lead to a summer spent in the trenches…of the restaurants, avoiding all of the gyms!

A sunny day for a Taurus means soaking up those rays in a comfortable hammock or lazy lawn chair. Of course, you should have a nice cool delicious drink nearby, preferably a hand-crafted cocktail or smoothie. And don’t forget the music!


This summer, you will party like crazy and will be the last one to leave! Most likely because your friends got tired of pulling you from under the tables where you collapsed after drinking the “killer” cocktail specially made by the bartender you were flirting with (in order to get rid of you!).

You can’t just lie around in the sun on a beautiful day. An outdoor flea market, craft fair, or antique mall is for you. Not only can you walk around and chat with all the vendors, but you can also post your pictures on Facebook, text, and Tweet the whole way through.


Don’t worry, your summer 2023 will be wonderful! You will probably spend it like you want to, in the company of somebody else’s family!

As you aren’t so well financially, you get a job as a babysitter, but, because this isn’t well paid, the first days of September will surprise you by cooling off with water balloons thrown at you by the neighbors (not so cute) children!

This is the perfect opportunity for you to surround yourself with family and loved ones in the great outdoors. Pack a picnic and hit the park or the beach. Heck, you can even make a picnic in the backyard something special! Be sure to include some of your delicious homemade treats.


The savanna becomes even hotter during the summer months, therefore the Lioness will spend the entire summer proudly walking (and daringly dressed) on the city streets, surrounded by admirers! At least that’s what she is dreaming while sunbathing in the apartment building… Pardon me, I meant in Cannes, of course!

You like to do things in grand style, Leo. A sunny day for you might mean time at an exclusive country club for a round of golf and a gourmet lunch. Wherever the movers and shakers are out and about—concert, festival or parade—you’ll be there too.


Your pragmatism never fails to amaze us! You will spend your summer saving up for an awesome Greece beachside holiday, which will most likely take place in September (or in October, if the offer is better).

Until then, there must be someone willing to sell baked corn on the beach in order to gather the money!

For the health-conscious and super-organized Virgo, a sunny day is perfect for getting both you and your garden in shape. You’ll weed flowerbeds, clean your patio and then grill up a healthy dinner on the barbeque, followed by a delicious fresh fruit dessert.


Only exciting events are in store for you this summer! Half of the time you will have to exert your magical abilities in diplomacy, trying to reconcile with your friends who are arguing over what is the best destination for the holiday, and the other half you will spend watching retakes of the movies and TV series: actually, it seems that you were the one holding the group back, and peace soon returned after you were abandoned. Have fun!

As a lover of balance and beauty, a botanical garden seems to beckon. You can stroll with your partner or friends among well-manicured lawns, stately trees, and fragrant blooms bursting with color. Consider following your tour with an alfresco lunch.


You will spend your summer planning the most terrible, cruel, and terrifying revenge on the unfortunate person who stepped on your toes!

The good part is that you won’t even feel the heat wave, because you will be busy watching his every move and getting to know all of his secrets so that you will get the deserved satisfaction.

Privacy and seclusion are important to you, so you might spend the day enjoying your own backyard. Escape to a hidden corner of the yard under a shady tree with an intriguing mystery or a juicy romance novel. You might even prefer to read while floating in your pool.


You are an active and strong individual, so you couldn’t have spent your summer doing anything else other than practicing an extreme sport: zig-zagging between the people you annoyed all year.

Do not worry, you won’t get bored, because you managed to gather some enemies, despite your charming personality.

You love to travel and a sunny day is a perfect excuse! Head out of town for the day on a random drive, preferably with the top down. Chances are you’re a great animal lover, so you might enjoy a trip to the zoo, a day of horseback riding, or time spent with Fido at the dog park.


Why does it matter what you do all summer when autumn arrives? You are a real person, therefore you will avoid seaside adventures and spending money on sexy bathing suits, when you would rather invest in autumn clothes, make provisions, and buy office supplies. Provision always pays off!

Being a traditionalist, a sunny day is likely spent doing the same things you did while growing up. Perhaps you take in a baseball game or go for a day hike, returning home for a barbeque with family, friends, and neighbors. You like mixing business with pleasure, so a little shop talk is likely.


The Aquarius will spend the summer…filming YouTube videos! While everybody else is toasting under the sun’s rays, he will show us how you can have fun by yourself in the city: catching fireflies at night, listening to the echo on abandoned streets, and sorting the shells received by the friends who just returned from the beach. Quite interesting!

A sunny day for you is just another chance to get involved with friends, groups, and humanitarian efforts. You’ll likely attend or organize a volunteer event or just use it as an excuse to get a block party together—using social media and technology of course!


As a water sign, nothing suits you better on a summer sunny day than time spent at the beach. Let go of your worries and indulge in daydreams. If you can’t make it to the ocean, then a lake, river, or stream will do. Even a dip in the pool can make your day!

  • June 29, 2022