New Moon in Libra – September 25th 2022 – Rituals, Affirmations & Horoscope

Get ready for this month’s New Moon set to arrive on September 25, 2022, in Libra sign. If there was ever a time to be positive about yourself and follow your heart, it’s now. A new moon in Libra is a time to focus on family, emotions, and your inner child.

Anything you start on the New Moon is destined to succeed. The New Moon brings the energy of new beginnings and creativity. With the help of a Libra, we have the opportunity to make important changes in our lives from which we will benefit long after this lunar cycle is over.

The New Moon is associated with new beginnings, it is the best time to reflect on what you want to change or what you want to bring new into your life. The sign of Libra is the sign that embraces the astral moment, offering a realistic perspective on what needs to be analyzed, organized, sorted, detailed and ordered in a new way in our lives.

During the New Moon in Libra in September 2022, the following zodiac signs will feel more strongly the influence of this astrological phenomenon: Virgo, Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius.

The New Moon in Libra Will Highlight Family, Home and Nurturing

Back in the Disco era, there was a song by Sister Sledge called “We Are Family.” Aside from being a good dance tune, it has some nice lyrics that relate to the energy of this New Moon. Consider giving it a listen. Among the key lines are “just let me state for the record, we’re giving love in a family dose” and “high hopes we have for the future and our goal’s in sight.”

The New Moon in Libra will highlight family, home and nurturing. Now is an excellent time to work on family goals and foster a closer connection with loved ones. Are you looking to start a family? Now is a good time to try and conceive. Perhaps you are looking to reconcile with some siblings or other relatives. This New Moon can help with that too.

Focus on Emotions

The New Moon is about our comfort, security and rest. At the same time, each month, as the moon enters different phases, the energy will change. Full moons are known for bringing intense feelings and emotions, but some unresolved situations from the past may also return .

Vow to express them truthfully. By the same token, this New Moon in Libra will help you be more conscious and sensitive to others. It’s a great time to develop more empathy.

Recognizing and working with your emotional intelligence is also favored at this time. Begin to trust those gut instincts and hints you get, even if they don’t seem logical.

Learn to value your intuition and appreciate all the subtle nuances you pick up. Practice these skills starting now and by the Full Moon , you’ll really have a firm grasp on the gift of your emotional intelligence.

Embrace Your Inner Child

As you work with your emotions at this New Moon, you are likely to encounter some feelings of nostalgia or perhaps a longing for the freedom, simplicity, and security of your younger days. The Moon rules Libra and this creates a feminine, nurturing, and mothering energy. Taking time to acknowledge and care for your own needs will be highlighted now. In particular, it will be a time to get in touch with your inner child.

So go ahead—mother that inner child of yours. Devote some time and attention to pleasurable activities. Get out and play! Whether that means enjoying a hobby, taking a day off from work, going to the beach or just sleeping in, this is the time to do it. Not only that, it is also a time to make it a regular part of your life. Starting at this New Moon, vow to make consistent play dates with your inner child.

In addition to the fun and games, also honor any feelings that come up regarding your inner child. You may be sad about missed opportunities or angry that you neglected yourself in some way. Let the emotions flow. It will ultimately lead to your healing and growth.

As the New Moon visits the sign of Libra, take the opportunity to get in touch with the themes of family, emotions and your inner child. Embrace your feelings and share them!

New Moon in Libra 2022 Horoscope

The New Moon on September 25 is a time to take responsibility, make sense of things easily and let your own thinking carry you through life. Here’s what’s going to happen with the zodiac signs!


It is an emotionally intense period when sensitivity is at its peak. The soul is at the forefront, so offer it what it needs. You sense a greater need for protection and love.
Relationships with family are intensified, so visit parents more often and play more with children.


It is a period of intensifying relational and intellectual levels, so you have to focus on those projects that call for flexibility, change, and innovation.


It is a period of fruition of older projects, and financial success after sustained efforts, so it is a time of harvest. You can be rewarded – financially – for what you have achieved so far.


It is a period of self-affirmation, of highlighting yourself in everything you propose. It is an ideal time for new beginnings, for starting new paths, for personal initiatives, for daring to show yourself and for bringing your true personality to light.


Upsets and unwanted surprises can happen at any time. You are not feeling well and prefer to stay more in the shadows. You prefer isolation, solitude, dreaming, and illusion.


Your concern moves towards the world, society, the community, and humanity. You are better integrated socially. You make new acquaintances, associations, and friendships.


Your career profile stands out. Start new projects that can bring you success. You are more concerned than ever about your professional image, your reputation, your connection with your bosses, your reputation, so you will do everything possible to draw attention to yourself.


It is a time when you expand your horizons by connecting with the world, by learning and understanding, by traveling and being spiritual. Be open to the subtle and abstract side of life.


Your preoccupations turn to the deeper things of life. You become more indiscreet, more curious, more mysterious, more attracted to gossip and secrets, you want to discover the true side of things. Your sex life increases in intensity and you could experience a passionate erotic affair.


It is a good time for new ventures and contracts, for collaborations and partnerships on every level. Be more open to others, to the world, to society, which can be of help to you in important moments. Don’t stay alone, accept the company of others, because you will feel a greater need for support and understanding. Teamwork comes first.


Your attention is directed towards the purification of soul and body. Do a slimming, detoxifying, healing treatment. It is the ideal time to get rid of an unhealthy eating or behavioral habit.


The New Moon in Libra is a dynamic time, full of energy and creativity, when you put your natural talents at work.

You can fully manifest your qualities, so it can be a time of total affirmation of who you are, perhaps even a time of glory and brilliance. You can more easily stand out, highlighting what is unique and special about you.

6 Rituals To Try During the New Moon in Libra

  1. write your wishes on a piece of paper, burn it and throw the ashes towards the Moon.
  2. light a candle and say a prayer
  3. start a new beneficial habit
  4. be brave and invite the person you secretly love to a date
  5. give up a harmful habit
  6. pull a card from a tarot deck

New Moon in Libra 2022 Affirmations:

  • My heart is open to receiving all the love of the universe
  • I read to receive all forms of abundance into my existence
  • I own the ability to outline my reality.
  • I have faith that I’m entirely backed by the universe.

Enjoy this New Moon in Libra. May it help you start anew! The effects of this New Moon will be felt over the next four weeks until the next New Moon on the 25 of October.