Top 6 Most Hated Zodiac Signs

Our astrologers have been able to identify the main advantages and disadvantages of the zodiac signs and even make the top 6 most hated zodiac signs in 2022.

No one is perfect, so you have no reason to believe that you are the exception to the rule. Here are the strange things the zodiac signs do without realizing it.

Scorpios and Geminis “enjoy” occupying the first 2 places of the ranking when it comes to the most hated zodiac signs.

On one hand, it is believed about Scorpios are too controlling, evil, obstinate, cryptic, and volatile.

On the other, Geminis are known to exaggerate a lot, and they appear to be careless, false, and disloyal.

But all these are stereotypes. Each zodiac sign has its imperfections. In addition, it’s not fair to judge the zodiac sign, judge and hate the person, or at best don’t hate anyone, for no one is perfect! Not even you!

1. Why is Gemini the Most Hated Sign

Gemini occupies the leading place in this top because they do everything premeditatedly. They always have a diabolical plan and calculate their steps in detail when they want to hurt someone.

Geminis use the weakest people and take advantage of them, they have many secrets and they take revenge even for the slightest offense they receive.

Geminis are easily irritable, capricious, and nervous. If you can avoid an argument with them, do it! They are good speakers, extremely convincing, manipulative and they know how to twist you. According to these reasons, Gemini is considered the most hated zodiac sign.

2. Why are Scorpios so Hated

Scorpios are mysterious and often silent, but the moment they get upset they become downright annoying.

Scorpios do not meet anyone’s requirements, they will imply that they do not see or hear those around them. It is possible that Scorpios will completely close in front of other people and end up not being liked by them.

Probably because of their sensitivity, they are too jealous, possessive, and grumpy when it comes to love.

3. Why is Libra so Hated

Those ruled by this zodiac sign prefer balance, so many people will get angry when Libra tries hard to solve certain situations. They dedicate their energy to the people around them, but they do not realize when they exceed the limits and end up upsetting other people.

They are possessive and extremely jealous. Even if they don’t want one thing, they hold on to it, just so it doesn’t fall into someone else’s hands. And this is true when it comes to objects, and when it comes to people – whether you are life partners or friends.

4. Why are Leos so Hated

Leos lie extremely and they are mean to those around them. They don’t care about the feelings of others and betray them without thinking about whether there is a big stake in the middle.

  They have no remorse regardless of the seriousness of their deeds, it is important for them only to get where they want. They lie to you nonchalantly and will never admit their mistakes.

Most Leo natives are lazy. They prefer to let others do the work for them and take advantage of every minute they can spend in vain.

5. Why are Capricorns so Hated

Capricorns are dominated by inner storms, which often turn into a desire to suppress others.

They prefer not to show their deep feelings to anyone and have difficulty orienting themselves in unpredictable situations, things that make them less desirable to those around them.

Capricorn likes to look superior. Capricorn always corrects those around him and shows them how wrong they are. Regardless of the field, Capricorn will always have a word to say or an observation to make.

6. Why is Aquarius Hated

Aquarius is very aggressive and it doesn’t take much to show this side of them. Aquarius is so arrogant that they feel frustrated at the slightest word to their detriment, which means they will attack without thinking.

It can give you unpleasant surprises. Today he can be your friend, tomorrow he will prove to you that not even the enemies can ignore you as he does.

Aquarius talks a lot. Sometimes it’s too much and you’re embarrassed to stop his speech, especially since you see him so excited about what he’s saying.