The Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs When Angry

If some zodiac signs are well known for being the most romantic, the most friendly at work, the kindest… Others are known for being the most jealous, the most hated, or the most dangerous of the zodiac.

Top 7 most dangerous zodiac signs under stress: those are the zodiac signs that overreact when upset. Among the people who belong to one of the zodiac signs below can be parents, friends, or even life partners.

Perhaps some of your friends and acquaintances are easily annoyed. Sometimes it only takes an ignored message or a nasty comment to set them off. The most dangerous zodiac signs when nervous are as follows :


Pisces is too sensitive to hurt others. Their hearts are full of kindness and generosity. They always seek the comfort of others before their own and for this very reason would never allow themselves to hurt anyone. However, the only danger the Pisces native faces is being a very emotional water sign, so there are times when they are quite unpredictable and it’s really hard to detect when they have a problem with you.


No wonder this zodiac sign is represented by an angry bull. Taurus natives can be temperamental, obsessive, and even violent. A Taurus rarely listens to other people’s opinions. However, most of the time, Taurus’ anger is justified. They don’t jump at everything.

So what should you do? Well, there’s not much you can do when you have an angry Taurus around. Let him be until the storm passes. Fortunately, he’s fully aware when he oversteps his bounds and, although he won’t admit he’s wrong, he’ll know what he has to do to make things right.


In the case of Aries, it’s simple. When an Aries native is angry, it would be better for those around to get out of the way as quickly as they can. Aries are ticking time bombs, and in certain situations can resort to physical violence quite easily. Therefore, if they are not raised in the right circumstances, they can become very angry and violent adults. Aries responds under stress regardless of repercussions, they simply unload their nerves. Aries is among these hard-to-control zodiac signs.


Gemini is the angriest person that could ever exist. Not only are you anxious most of the time, but you’re also incredibly indecisive. You have a hard time making decisions, you’re always weighing the pros and cons and asking lots of questions. You should focus more on trying to combat all the thoughts running through your head causing you to be nervous and dangerous all the time. 


Leo people over-dramatize a lot often and like to be dominant. When they are angry, Leos strongly think they are right and won’t back down from a fight. They are also unafraid to resort to insults when they are angry with someone. Let’s face it, they do sometimes overreact in their anger. Even if they’re wrong, they won’t admit it and refuse to apologize first. Leo is one of the most dangerous zodiac signs when nervous.


Scorpios will manipulate absolutely anyone to get what they want! As a creature, the scorpion is undersized, but its sting can be deadly, a fact that also applies to zodiac signs. Very mysterious people, they denote cunning and deviousness in many of their actions. Scorpios rarely show their emotions, which makes them very dangerous when they are angry.


Aquarians don’t express their dissatisfaction immediately, instead, they let it build up, and when the cup fills up they burst out spectacularly. For several days, Aquarians will refuse to listen to anything or anyone. Don’t even think of calling them to apologize, because they will hang up on you without regrets. 

  • July 25, 2022