March 2024 Monthly Horoscope – Your Predictions Are Here


Aries speaks forthrightly in June and is in constant danger of getting into arguments and offending companions. Now would be a good time to do some firey writing. In conversations however, be aware that you can come off sounding dogmatic and arrogant, or stiff-necked with fixed ideas.

Show some sincere interest in how the other guy thinks and feels, and what’s behind the formation of his viewpoints. Grant everyone the space to have their own worldview, heartfelt beliefs, and spiritual growth path – you’ve been working on this theme for over 2 years, now’s the time to master it!


Taurus gets a welcome respite from pressure in June. Give yourself some well-deserved relaxation with minimal responsibilities. Spend quality time with artistic or spiritually-minded friends, or just dreaming. You may be thinking about buying a new car now, replacing garden tools, or repairing your air conditioning or window screens. Do not overspend this month. Bypass fights with your mate or partner about money as well.


Gemini is full of vim and vinegar, with lots of energy to get into mischief during June. You speak in a forthright manner and call it honesty and telling it like it is, but do try to stay out of snafus that take a long time to repair or may involve threats of lawsuit. Your vision of what’s possible and desirable is strong now, and you ARE a “keeper of the flame,” but be prepared to revise your plans in the face of new developments. Ask close associates how your new plan is for them – surface their concerns sooner rather than later.


Cancerians are full of plans behind the scenes. You’re restless and itching to get going with your new agenda, but now’s the time to tie up loose ends from the last year and to rest up in solitude in preparation for your new birthday year ahead. Use your extra energy to clean up, purge files and bookcases, catch up on your reading and correspondence, work your spiritual practice. Bliss and wisdom are yours for the taking now. Keep a journal of your inspired ideas – you may have several this month!


Leo plays the social scene in June, but look out who’s feuding with whom! You may be surrounded by folks who have a bee in their bonnets, are not happy campers, or who have hair-trigger tempers. Just be your gracious self and manage business as-usual, creating an island of stability in the midst of an otherwise noisy scene. Mates and partners continue to rethink their lifestyle and may be eager to try out unconventional arrangements that allow you both more freedom.


Virgo revels in their mates and partners this month, praising their compassion, generosity, and willingness to stand by through thick and thin – they are truly a blessing to be appreciated! Now’s the time to push out in public relations, or furthering your career or professional reputation. Don’t push too hard though, lest you offend. Let people know know you’re there and what you stand for, but avoid jamming ideas down people’s throats! In other words, get off your high horse!


June is a perfect time to pursue stimulating educational or spiritual interests. A church, academic degree program, metaphysical or meditation group could become a new passion. You just can’t get too much information now and want to talk all about it, so frequent the library, bookstore, and/or coffeehouse to fill your voracious appetite for the best ideas. Relationship frustrations building for the last 2 years may come to a head this month and demand resolution from the courageous – take initiative to bring up neglected topics in your relationship.


Joint finances and resources get lots of attention in June. How will debt and payments be handled? How to save for the future? Scorpios contemplating long-term relationships need to get prenuptual contracts in order now, and you may feel to act quickly under the well-considered advice of a lawyer. Even so, expect complications down the road, so try to cover various scenarios and what-if’s. If you don’t have a will or trust, make one now on general principles and keep it revised as needed. Don’t short circuit your energy with too much sex – if you’re nervous or feeling strung-out, that may be why.


Relationships are intense in June, with many points of common values and vision, but also any number of disagreements and hitches. Try to keep a sense of humor and accentuate the positive! See what good is coming out of some strange situations. You’re in a mood to purge the old and rebirth yourself into a new lifestyle. Several events of the recent past still weigh heavily on you, but your current associates spice up your life. Revel in your lovely home.


Capricorn may be putting out fires and doing crisis management in the workplace this month. Roll with the punches and trust your own good judgment, as well as your willingness to course-correct in front of others if your initial approach turns out not to be workable. Avoid muscle strain and maintain safety practices in connection with activities involving arms, hands, and eyes. June is a good month for Caps to attend to areas around the house that have fallen into neglect or disrepair – tie up loose ends there and feel a sense of wholesome accomplishment.


Aquarius is so excited about life you hardly know what to do with yourself! June is a good time to get away for a vacation, play some tennis, raquetball, badminton, take a short plane trip. Visit an oxygen bar, or try out a nutritional “smart drink” or fresh vegetable juices. Games, puzzles, and lectures also get the nod. Vow to end your association with people who make you feel small. I have a saying, “If something feels lousy, it probably is.”


Pisces has been on a roll in their relationships for some time now. You have also been enjoying personal growth and an expansion of your self-esteem. You’re feeling comfortable, secure and a bit adventurous this month! Use June to mock up how you want to present yourself to the world, your image and self-expression. What do you want to BE, and what do you want to project? Go on, don’t be shy – use your imagination and just let it rip! You’ll be surprised at what begins to unfold easily and naturally for you.