How the zodiac signs behave in self-isolation at home

Each zodiac sign has its way to defeat boredom. Boredom itself is quite harmless, but it can cause negative manifestations and emotions such as irritation, loneliness, and depression.

Each of us tries to find something pleasant to do when we are forced into quarantine for a while. Here is how the zodiac signs have fun when they need to stay at home:


If the Aries people have to stay in quarantine, they will start to ask all kinds of pointless questions, just for the sake of making their voice heard.

Also, they will call and talk with everyone, they will make bad jokes, and in short, they will be a terrible headache.

To relax, the Aries will resort to different aromatherapies to make time pass faster, or they will start redecorating the rooms or organizing the closets and drawers. 


The people born in Taurus can’t stand the quarantine boredom – their energetic nature simply can’t get it.

This is why when they feel tired and feeble, they start cleaning or dancing on their favorite tunes.

At the end of these activities, the Taurus people will reward themselves with a well-deserved dessert made on their own.


When bored, the Gemini will not do anything else but stay in front of the TV, or play on the computer, or binge-watch for hours on end TV shows or play different computer games.

Although they are very sociable people, they love to be lazy, and nothing makes them happier than a new season of their favorite TV show. 

If they are home with their family, the Gemini will invent all kinds of games to amuse the little ones.


If they don’t have two cats already, the Cancers will buy or adopt as a cure for boredom.

When they are alone, and there is no one to talk to, the Cancers will make conversation with their pets. 

The rest of the time, the Cancer will spend on social networks, trying to find what zodiac signs are compatible with them, so they can get thoroughly ready for a future meeting with their soul mates.


They try to watch TV, play on the computer, or follow other people’s posts on the Internet.

But they still get bored and remain unsettled all day that they can’t go out to shop or to meet their friends at a bar or terrace.

Also, the Leos will call all their friends to complain about how badly they are bored.


The Virgos have always wanted to be famous singers. But, as they have no singing voice and they don’t know how to play an instrument, when they get bored, Virgos sign classical music. 

If you have neighbors who sing in the bathroom with the bath brush as a microphone or turn the music all the way up, although there is no party, they are probably Virgos.


There are two things Libras love most in the world: their own thinking and gadgets.

When they get bored and have nothing to do, the Libras will show off the artist in them, and start taking selfies in the bathroom. 

Sometimes, the Libras relax by solving some crossword puzzles or reading a book. If they get bored, they take all the clothes out of their closet and throw away all the junk.


Secretly, Scorpios love to be lazy. As soon as they are home alone, they get back in bed and sit as comfortable as possible for a few good hours of sleep. 

During the days when they have nothing better do to, the Scorpios will gobble down cakes, and read a book or watch TV shows from the top of the bed.


The Sagittarius people are terribly social creatures, and loneliness doesn’t suit them.

Because they always feel the need to have discussion partners and adventures, the Sagittarius will not waste their time when they are home alone.

When they have nothing better to do, and they get bored, the Sagittarius will start cooking and surprise their family with delicious meals.


The Capricorns will try to get the best out of any activity or thing. Those who have children will start all kinds of fun activities and games that chase away any boredom.

When they don’t have something specific to do, and they have some time to kill, the Capricorns would want to spend a few hours reading a book, but without even realizing it, they end up on social networks or searching websites where they can read the horoscope.


The Aquarius people are always connected to everything new and current. In other words, their whole life is on social networks and smartphone.

If they are bored, the people born under this zodiac sign get to spend many hours watching funny videos with cute cats and babies or watch with their family videos of their last vacations spent together.


The people born under the Pisces sign are very creative when it comes to boredom, which is why they are not so affected that they need to stay in quarantine for a while.

They play with the kids, and invent all kinds of games, they listen to music and draw or plan the next family vacations.

  • March 16, 2020