Aquarius September 2022 Horoscope & Yearly Predictions

How is September 2022 for Aquarius?

as per Aquarius September 2022 horoscope, acquisition is the keyword for your sign this month. The first law of acquisition is to show a profit. You can profit from many experiences this month if you are willing to take the responsibility for acquiring new responsibilities and skills. Travel will be highlighted at the end of the month and at that time you could acquire some really neat new friends. Take time to count your blessings because that will be your greatest acquisition this month.

If you were sensible enough to take a step back from the responsibilities of your everyday life that were threatening to engulf you, or if you were plainly too stubborn to do this for yourself and so events conspired to engineer such circumstances instead, you will hopefully have spent the time considering your present situation and the ways in which you can best proceed from here. Once you are more sure of where you are going you will pursue your revised objectives with renewed vigor, helped along by your friends and by those with whom you share an emotional affiliation.

What Will the Rest of 2022 Be Like For Aquarius?

The Aquarius 2022 horoscope reveals that this year will be a time when you will want to associate yourself with new ideas and many of your aspirations will see change.

The year will mark the professional aspect of your life. If you are doing a job, especially in the creative field, you will do very well.

Opportunities for your career advancement will be apparent but you may not be able to decide quickly enough. There are chances of lost opportunity. If you are a student, there will be a success with your efforts.

Competitions will be easier to handle. Intensely personal relations may suffer due to thoughtless comments at the wrong moments. If you are in a partnership of any kind, be careful how you deal with the other person.

The stars will help you if you put in serious effort, especially in September. Expenses could also impair your bank balance, create tension and in effect cause turmoil in your domestic life.

Do not try to do more than your capacity. There may be some amount of imbalance in you which may create turbulence in your relationships with close relatives. Be careful of what you say. Your sharp response may lead to confrontations.

You are usually quiet but you can sometimes blurt things out with unpleasant or unrefined expressions, and this is not a very good asset for business success. Your love life may become rather unpredictable and there may be misunderstandings and explosive exchanges of words.

Try to keep your attitude open and adjust. Being emotional may cause more harm than good now. For students, there is a possibility of further studies. The second half of the year can bring good opportunities. Artists and media personnel may get great job opportunities overseas.

The Chinese zodiac sign of the Tiger is the closest to the Western zodiac sign of Aquarius. According to the Chinese horoscope 2022, on February 1st we enter the year of the Water-Tiger. 2022 promises a favorable year for the representatives of the Horse and Dog zodiac signs. They can expect beneficial professional changes and creative achievements.

Planetary Influences on Aquarius in 2022

Mars’ transit through Aquarius starting from April 7 will bring plenty of luck in their lives. The Aquarius will be very ambitious, and the circumstances seem to support their actions. Everything will be in their favor in 2022, which means that they have all the reasons to continue their plans. 

Saturn retrograde in Aquarius starting from June 5, 2022, will bring a period of karmic rebalancing. During this time, the Aquarius will make beneficial changes in their lives. 

aquarius 2022 horoscope

 With Mercury retrograde from May 10 until June 3, we can talk about a more turbulent period when Aquarius may feel the need for solitude, for isolation. They will use their intuition and imagination to solve some business issues, but also problems from their past related to lies, forgeries, and frauds.

Aquarius Love Horoscope 2022

All your closest relationships are moving into more expansive times, with the good ones going from strength to strength. The odd shaky tie will amicably drift apart. You may feel weighed down by responsibilities to loved ones until mid-year but that will change. After September, deeper intimate emotional bonds will come easily.


The next twelve months promise a number of opportunities and a certain amount of luck where your career and worldly ambitions are concerned.

Aquarius must be prepared to work hard to make the most of things but he needs to try to resist the temptation to regularly take work home with him to keep his edge, otherwise, his energy levels and therefore general effectiveness may suffer.

2022 is the year for Aquarius to promote himself and his goals. With Jupiter and Uranus in harmony, the spring and summer should be particularly significant with a fortunate turn of events presenting you with an opportunity to boost your career, status, and bank balance.

There may be times when the demands of others appear to slow you down, especially with Jupiter and Saturn square in the second half of September and again in late October. Use these periods constructively to consolidate your position and be prepared to compromise to get ahead.


Can Aquarius become rich in 2022?

 Aquarius should have no trouble rising up the ladder of success in 2022. Just make sure that you are paid a salary that is commensurate with your lofty position.

Fortunately, it looks as though an appreciative authority figure is ready to pay what you are worth. Your ability to reap huge profits may be a bit compromised between June and August, but your bank account should be flush throughout the greater part of the year.

After September, you can financially benefit by entering into a group venture of some kind. Any investments related to electronics, television, and technology are also favored for the last month of the year.

Is 2022 Lucky for Aquarius?

In 2022 Aquarius will enjoy harmony and peace in his soul, especially at home. Next year will be about the family! Whether it means a new family member or a reunion with relatives, those born in this zodiac sign will feel especially fortunate to have so much love and appreciation.

All of these things give them the strength to overcome difficulties in their private lives and help them better understand themselves!

For Aquarius, the revelatory year of 2022 follows, a year of changes for the better – all these changes being sustained by the care and love of the family!


2022 is the year you take your physical fitness seriously. Air signs generally don’t listen to their body’s needs, but now you’ll look at sensible diets and taking up mild exercise. After mid-year don’t push past your limits by taking on too much work. Remember to say no once in a while.