Chiron Retrograde in Aries 2022

Chiron, the small planet discovered in 1977, orbiting somewhere between Uranus and Saturn, is the planetary archetype of healing and transformation.

Chiron retrograde in Aries Between July 19th-December 23rd.

Chiron is responsible for spiritual wounds, the incapacity to move forward, traumas, the situations when we feel vulnerable and unable to help ourselves.

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At the same time, it indicates the depth of understanding, the wisdom gained through experience, and our ability to guide and heal others.

Chiron retrograde in Aries brings us the opportunity to become aware of who we truly are.

Also, it helps us rediscover ourselves, find the qualities we can count on, look at our true selves, understand how the lack of determination and safety makes us feel defeated, and it encourages us to regain our independence and courage to fight for ourselves, to obtain what we want, and to overcome our limits.

At the same time, it can show us how we can stimulate others and restore their self-confidence.

At Birth, Chiron is Present on Everyone’s Astral Chart in a Specific Zodiac Sign

Astrologically, due to its location between Saturn and Uranus, Chiron assumes the energies and influences of these two great planets, combining them subtly and genuinely for spiritual life and evolution.

Chiron’s position influences stagnation or progress, conventions or nonconformity, restrictions, and freedom, shapes our conscience, and brings us closer to the immediate reality.

Chiron identifies a point in us where we are neither for, nor against what we know, but we are feeling differently and evaluating in our own personal way.

This small asteroid reminds us that we are the masters of our own reality and that we need to take responsibility throughout life. Our current situation is the result of our past actions.

During our inner but also outer struggle, Chiron in Aries can help us become aware of our obstacles and wounds that are the result of wrong actions or misunderstandings.

We have the duty to see the truth, to awaken spiritually. Chiron has a special role now in 2021 to develop our intuition and to heal our wounds. Aries stimulates, burns, and enlightens, and people can use their anger as a catalyzer for more direct actions.

Chiron’s Influence


Chiron will remain retrograde in your zodiac sign, and you will probably reencounter those situations that made you feel vulnerable in the past.


Chiron will have an impact on your secret side and the part of you that has to do with old closures and karma, so it is right to say that certain things that stay on your mind will need to be solved.  


Chiron influences your sector of friendships and long-term relationships with people.


You will be guided to break the emotional barriers that prevent you from living the best life. You can thus expect a change that has to do with your inner world, personal identity, and the impact you have on others.


Chiron will help you start new projects, improve your daily routine, and also the way you take care of yourself.


In the next period, Chiron will ensure that you leave the past behind and that you obtain the connections that you truly need. Therefore, there are great chances to start a relationship with someone you know for a long time, and that could help you forget the past.


While Chiron is retrograde, you will feel the need to pay more attention to yourself. You will start to prioritize yourself and to ensure that you satisfy any of your desires. Although some say that you are selfish, this will help you find your peace.


Get ready because love is going to bring colors to your life. Whether you are already involved in a relationship or single, you will enjoy many beautiful moments with your lover. This period will help you forget someone from your past and start a new chapter of your life.


If things were quite dull so far, from now on, you are going to enjoy the adventure of your life. Chiron brings you a secret love relationship that will make you feel in the ninth heaven.


Chiron in Aries will help you meet many new interesting people. The positive influence of this event will benefit both your couple’s relationship and the group of friends. Pay attention to all the signs because your soul mate could be right in front of you.


You feel the need for an adventure, and this is just one of the effects Chiron has upon your zodiac sign. You will start a love relationship at work, and this is why it would be best to pay more attention to the people of the opposite sex.


Chiron will favor the travel sector, but also of personal philosophy. Thus, you will take advantage of your free time to find inner peace, but also to heal the wounds of the past. Have you dreamed of travelling to a special place until now? It is time to turn this dream into reality!