Aquarius 2020 Horoscope


According to your horoscope, with all the energy in your sign, Aquarius, this year promises the same type of energized, constantly shifting and powerful tone as the last year.

There is change..literal and obvious hovering constantly outside your door. But there are dreams there as well…visions and wishes…sometimes nebulous and sometimes ultra-clear. In a sense you cannot control ‘what’ happens outside in your life but you can maintain your integrity to a conviction or a endeavor and you can show others how to walk true to self through any kind of cosmic weather.

Go with the flow remains to be the most important phrase and suggestion for 2020. Anything can happen…and the most glorious episodes can begin at any moment.

Love & Relationships

The predictability, stability, security, and contentment of love, marriage, and long-term relationships are not your strong suit this year and you could see losses in all of these areas, and even in friendships.

This could set you back some as you come to realize that you don’t understand others and that they especially don’t understand you.

Moodiness, pouting, sudden flare-ups could occur. Even business relationships could be hindered. You have some lessons to learn this year in relationships and those lessons will not decrease in 2019.

Career & Work

Personal power is yours in 2020in the world of work. You will have some restlessness until mid year when it all seems to come together. You’ll undoubtedly find pioneering ideas, new ways of doing things, and improved innovation the underlying reasons for your marked career and professional success this year.

You will simply exude self-confidence and assuredness and others will follow. It’s not a good time to start a new adventure or business. It is a time to reap the harvest of what you have been doing but in a new direction or a new way. You crave respect and you will finally have it by the end of the year.


Money finds you in 2020. You have been focusing on it for the past few years and it finds you in every way possible. You have bigger everything: larger sales, promotions, honors, recognitions, income. It is a good year.

The only hindering factor in your income production is in the relationships that may support that income production.

It would be well to shore up the relationships if your income or finances depend upon the relationship. Spring is a good time to seek outside advice and assistance with finances. By the end of the year, you will see it as a year of strong, steady increase and progress.

 Health Predictions

You could be strongly drawn to alternative health practices in 2020 and it will be to your benefit to integrate them into your life. You have enjoyed vibrant physical health in past years, but health challenges early in the year will lead you to alternatives and healing. It will take a couple of months but you will not have serious setbacks.

Working in groups or networks with health practices is highly likely this year.

In 2019 you will need good health as your relationship issues and partnerships will continue to cause great stress. Stress could take a bodily toll then so it is time to put good practices in place in 2020.


Relationships and commitments bring in the most profound and significant life changes early in the year and then this influence switches to how you give of self.

The nature of your work can change and focusing less on ‘how much’ or what you can personally attain and more on how much you can give and how much you can help allows your future to make some beautiful transformations.

It doesn’t matter what your actual job is there is a guarantee that you can reach out and touch the world through the simplest and most compassionate of routines

Aquarius Facts – Traits and Qualities

You are a unique and fiercely independent individual. Different from anyone, you want to be original and will do anything to be unconventional. You want to be free to follow your own path.

This makes you unpredictable. Therefore, you always react against convention or expectations. At your worst you become a rebel.

You are intelligent and an intellectual with strong ideals and socialist views. A humanitarian at heart you champion equality and freedom. You can be an inventor and a radical.

Science, mathematics and the occult are areas of life in which you express yourself. Because of this you, may seem cool and detached. It is necessary for you to get in touch with your feelings and get out your head.

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Groups play a big role in your life, giving you direction and purpose. You are very social and have many acquaintances. They cover the full spectrum of people. It is through expressing your idealism, being tolerant and broad-minded that you find recognition and fulfilment. Your life revolves around knowing the truth.

Your purpose is to have the freedom to responsibly reorganise society and the groups with which you are involved, along the lines of a future ideal. Therefore, you must have a future!!!! The world is not yet ready for your ideas; therefore you are always ahead of your time. Keep going.

It is necessary that you find this freedom and that people respect your space. Since, you need to feel free to move and express yourself. You must make your own choices, as you respond strongly to any one else choosing or deciding for you. In fact you may go completely anti. If people understand this and let you choose your own direction, within reason.

You are very cooperative and loyal, because you are essentially a cooperative person. But first, you need to know that your needs and wants are considered equally, and you are not having someone else’s rules forced upon you.