Your Aries Child Personality

When we say that a child is ‘An Aries’, what we actually mean is that the Sun was in the sign of Aries when they were born. However, in order to see the whole astrological picture, we need to calculate the whole natal chart. Only then can we see the positions and signs of all the other planets and assess the relationships between them.

The Sun Sign is only a small part of the real horoscope, but nevertheless certain generalisations hold true for most ‘Arians’. This month, we take a look at traits you will notice in your Sun-in-Aries child.

Be Proud Of: Courage, Confidence, Assertiveness, Pioneering Spirit

Watch Out For: Selfishness, Quick Temper, Impulsive Behaviour, Impatience

Your Aries child, at first glance, would seem to be quite easy to look after – being, after all, essentially direct and uncomplicated. With this sign, what you see is very much what you get, so you needn’t worry too much about hidden anxieties and psychological difficulties. Stimulation and a sense of achievement are however vital to the Aries child – and without these two things, they can rapidly become extremely difficult to live with.

Deep resources of determination help the Aries child face up to any challenge, although they do have a tendency to rush in where angels fear to tread; it will always be beneficial if you can persuade the little Aries to think before they act – otherwise they are apt to learn the hard way.

Perhaps the worst Arian fault, certainly in youngsters, is selfishness, which will rear it’s head in every Aries child at some point (and very persistently in some). Arian children are passionate about absolutely everything which is important to them – and that includes their possessions and their opinions. When they refuse to share a toy, or make a loud and unkind remark about another child, they don’t see it as beings selfish, more as asserting their right to do and say as they please. Arian children with younger siblings usually learn to deal with their selfishness much better than those who are only children or who are the ‘baby’ of the family.

Your Aries child will display a great deal of enthusiasm in his or her day to day life – but be warned that this enthusiasm can wane very quickly as the child moves on to the next interest. In other words, before spending a lot of money on a hobby or interest that seems to have caught your child’s attention, make sure they are going to stick at it for long enough to appreciate your efforts.

Patience is not an Aries strong point, which sometimes means that progress at school can be patchy for your Aries child. If they are lucky their surges of enthusiastic study will come at the right time, before tests and examinations. However, it will only take one or two bad results, when the Aries child sees his or her peers sailing ahead, in order to concentrate the mind and ignite their competitive instinct, thus spurring them into keeping up. A broad range of subjects will appeal to the Aries child, but again the enthusiasm for each particular subject may wax and wane with his or her mood.

It can be rather tricky to strike a happy balance in discipline for the Aries child. Restrictions and rules just don’t suit their temperaments, but if allowed too much of a free hand they quickly become unmanageable. The key is to provide sensible rules and – crucially – to explain the reasons behind the rules well to your child. Aries children respond well to logical explanation, but their adventurous spirit will not toe the line on rules that are imposed just for the sake of it.

Plenty of exercise is a must to keep your Aries child happy and healthy – and often young Arians just can’t seem to keep still. Whilst encouraging an early love of activity and sports, do take care that your little one plays and exercises safely – that Arian tendency to act first and think about it later can have dangerous consequences.

As your Aries child grows into a teenager and then an adult, the competitive side of their nature will become more and more apparent, especially once they begin to make career choices. Freedom in the career is essential to the Aries person, who just does not suit routine and humdrum work. Engineering and electronics are popular fields (Aries people don’t usually mind noisy or dirty environments in the least), and the armed services, psychiatry and dentistry are all traditional career routes for this sign too. With a good head for business, as well as that pioneering spirit, many Arians are in their element becoming self-employed, where the only restriction on their ambitions is their own time and energy.