Which Zodiac Sign is the Best Child

From the first months of life, children have specific character traits on which they build their personalities. Find out what your baby is like according to the zodiac sign.

The children’s horoscope shows as clearly as possible what character and personality each sign has, with good and less good traits, what is to be admired in each of them, and, at the same time, what must be taken into account to improve their relationships with those around.


There is no ignoring the fiery Arian child! Your impatient toddler expects her demands for attention to be dealt with quickly and efficiently – ignore her and the penalty is high.

Persistent cries of protest will quickly shatter the peace – and your nerves! Bursting with energy, determination, and independence…..right from the start, your active little Mars child is the boss.

Expect the bare minimum of time to yourself until your curious, adventurous toddler discovers the distractions of school. Those born under this sign need the most discipline, so from day one, set down firm rules to be followed.

Temper is easily roused but wonıt last long. For all her independent, bossy ways…remember that her heart is loving, soft, and vulnerable.

An impetuous little daredevil, she’s also prone to accidental bumps and bangs, so keep a close eye on her. Almost from birth, this roguish child, full of charm, will fight to achieve her dreams…and you will have to fight to keep your sanity!


Taurus is one of the most affectionate, warm-hearted signs of the zodiac. Your cuddly Taurean baby will thrive in an atmosphere of sheltered love, melting hearts with his natural charm.

But donıt become too complacent with this seemingly serene, sweet child. All’s well until his strong Turin will is defied. If your headstrong toddler is forced to do something against his will, you can expect deafening disapproval.

Born under the sign of the bull, your sturdy, stubborn baby adores attention; so watch those temper tantrums just melt away with a loving kiss and cuddle.

Turin children enjoy making and building things, but they can also be possessive; learning to share will be an important lesson.

Drawn to colors, music, arts and crafts, and possessing a limitless imagination, your toddler has creative talents. Practical, loyal, and reliable, yours is a persevering child with the heart of a romantic artist.


Gemini children are lively, curious, and enchanting. Baby Gemini will respond quickly to chatter and cooing sounds. Toddler Gemini will be a mischievous and playful pixie who adores fun, games, and laughter and will keep you delightfully entertained with inventive originality.

In fact, keeping her quiet will be a problem. Mentally agile and articulate from an early age, her first and favorite words are usually how, when, where, and why?

Be warned – once this incessant questioning starts, it never stops. To satisfy her endless curiosity, educational toys and books…and later on a computer….are a must!

Although she will be brilliant academically, prepare yourself for report card comments such as “needs for concentration and less chatter in class”. Your little livewire may also stretch the truth ever so slightly…in adulthood, she’ll just call it “poetic license”!


Gentle, affectionate, and vulnerable, your Cancer baby is the epitome of love. This shy, sweet bundle of joy is the most emotional and delicate sign of the zodiac.

Being innately intuitive, your toddler quickly absorbs the surrounding atmosphere. But this extreme sensitivity also means that fragile feelings can be all too easily wounded.

Moods alternate between laughter and tears. Itıs important to calm your toddler’s inner fears as he can be frightened by insecurity, rejection, or hostility. Encourage open discussions about his feelings and needs.

Always be honest – your physic moon child will intuitively know when the truth isn’t being told. Full of contradictions, your loving, sensitive child may initially demand an exhausting amount of tireless support and self-sacrifice. But there’s a very rich reward.

That special love you gave in your early years will be returned ten-fold later on with lasting loyalty and trust.


Everyone is captivated by this delightful baby and her bright, sunny smile. The sun is her ruler, so the more affection and adoration bestowed on her, the more brilliantly she’ll shine.

The lion is the king of the jungle, and your princess is practicing to be the queen. Although born under the most generous and playful of the zodiac signs, expect roars of protest if she doesn’t get her way.

Encourage this natural leadership but also make it clear that she canıt always be the boss. All Leos are born with tremendous enthusiasm and pride, as well as a creative spirit that strives for nothing short of perfection.

The hardest way to win her co-operation is to openly give orders or scold her in public.

But flattery will get you everywhere! And with frequent words of encouragement and approval, your headstrong, courageous, and commanding child will aim to outshine the rest.


The Virgo baby is alert, quiet, and attentive. Curious, intelligent, and active, nothing escapes this child’s attention. Your baby is quick to learn and will respond in an astonishingly clever way.

As Virgos develop fixed habit patterns from an early age, if daily routines don’t follow the same neat pattern, he’ll readily complain.

This dependable little person wants to be taken seriously and will be the model of efficiency. Although his childish chatter may seem incomprehensible, listen closely and you’ll be staggered by his innate wisdom. Your Virgo child will adore the order and discipline of the school.

His work will be exacting and conscientious. Virgos love learning practical things and “hands-on” technical skills will take precedence over creativity, although his talent for writing should be encouraged.


The Libran baby is blessed with grace, serenity, and beauty. Born to be loved, she’ll charm all with her captivating magic – responding gracefully to appreciation and applause.

Although never deliberately manipulative, sheıll soon learn that sweet-talk and enchanting smiles can miraculously produce delightful presents and treats.

A born performer, encourage her artistic and musical talents. Vibrant, colorful clothes will appeal from an early age and she’ll adore shopping. But with her eye for quality, style, and beauty – your budding fashion queen’s tastes will be plentiful….and expensive!

Born under the sign of the Scales, Librans have an innate need for justice and equality. All tasks need careful consideration before deciding whether to do them or not.

She may have difficulty focusing on one idea, especially when there are several to choose from. Be patient and encourage her ability to make decisions and to be more assertive.


Scorpio is the most mysterious, fearless sign of the zodiac. Everyone will be bewitched by this babyıs piercing, intense eyes. Born with immense courage and intelligence, he’ll show signs of pride and defiance from “day one”.

Patient and firm discipline is needed to control him – compromise is an important lesson. This complex child desperately needs praise, approval, and privacy.

Your serious little Scorpio will prefer to conceal his inner thoughts and toys, but to hide anything from him is impossible. He was born with an uncanny ability to see what lies beneath the surface. Always be honest with your toddler – he’ll know the limits of the truth.

Outdoor activities will be popular and a good way to release all that energy. This enigmatic child’s love, loyalty and commitment to family is second to none. Encourage the hypnotic, special magic that your exceptional child has – he is moving towards fulfilling an important destiny.


The Sagittarius baby is born with endless energy and curiosity. Her sparkling eyes are alert and twinkle so much, you’ll wonder if a star is missing from heaven!

She’s the most adventurous of all signs and needs freedom to explore and experiment. She’ll adore being protected, but unduly harsh criticism and unnecessary constraints could stifle her love of life and artistic talents.

This child will also need to be encouraged to create her own opportunities, rather than rely on good fortune alone. Sagittarians girls enjoy boisterous play as much as boys do.

Your academically alert Sagittarian child will be an intelligent, enthusiastic scholar, but as her natural inclination is towards trail-blazing adventure – distractions will be plentiful.

Kind and understanding, your trusting Sagittarian expects and generally finds the best in people and situations.


The Capricorn baby is born with wonderfully expressive, intelligent eyes that seem to understand everything thatıs happening around him.

Bestowed with wisdom beyond his years, your serious little toddler will unnerve you with his surprisingly adult manner. The Capricorn child is extremely practical and responsible. Open displays of anger are rare, and only occur when his dignified wisdom and maturity are challenged.

Never coy about expressing his needs, this self-assured toddler can be quite bossy, although he may initially be inhibited with other children. It’s not that he doesnıt like to play; rather he doesn’t fear being alone.

Young Capricorns may see dependence as a weakness, but beneath the outward strength lies an inner core of vulnerability and a fear of failure. He desperately needs your help, but disguise it with a loving touch.


Curious, intelligent, and charming, this exceptional child is always two steps ahead of playmates. Rebellious and fiercely independent, she’ll want to do things in her own way – conventional attitudes will be disregarded.

Any attempt to enforce a strict schedule will not be popular and therefore school reports could be somewhat erratic. School, however, will be seen as a place to make multitudes of friends.

Fairness is very important to the young Aquarian; truth and honesty are also high in her light of priorities. Easily bored by routine, your Aquarian child will need plenty of room to develop her originality and to experiment.

She adores electronic gadgets and technology, so forget about fluffy bears and building blocks. Start saving now for an up-to-date whiz-kid computer.

Also, encourage any signs of musical or acting ability. One thing is for sure – with today’s adventures merging into tomorrow’s dreams, you should always be ready for the unexpected.


Sensitive, vulnerable, and gentle, your Piscean baby will capture your heart from the moment he’s born. He arrived on a magical moonbeam – a friendly, warm-hearted playful pixie who in later years will weave dreams into creative reality. Easily distracted and restless, his behavior will be erratic.

Daily schedules and rigid timetables may be difficult to establish….and school could become a struggle. But your young Piscean will excel in any subject where imagination and creativity are required, especially music, art, drama, and dancing.

Always desperate to please, he’ll unselfishly put others before himself. His trust is limitless…so betrayal, rejection, or humiliation will all too easily bruise his tender heart. Guide him wisely and in later years, the world will be richer for the compassion, kindness, sympathy, and love he’ll offer to one and all.

  • October 1, 2021