Astrology planets and their meanings in a Natal Chart

In astrology, an individual is not a “blank slate,” to be molded into a person by his environment and heredity.

He comes to the game as an identifiable combination of definite characteristics, strengths, preferences and sensitivities. Just as the environment is influential on him, he (or she) strongly influences his or her surroundings, from the very beginning.

planets meaning in a natal chart

Lovers who share moon signs have a compatibility that can’t be fully understood by outsiders, and might not show on the surface at all.

The location of the sun
shows the strength of the character, and permeates the chart. It might not dominate the individual, though. It’s quite possible that other signs will more aggressive.

The moon and ascendant might both be in the same sign, and exert a stronger combined influence on the personality. Or, you might have a large clump of planets in one sign, overwhelming everything else.

The sign at the top of the chart indicates the career path that will bring out the individual’s talents best, and enhance the ability to achieve their own particular kind of greatness. It is in this area of the chart that French statistician Gaugelin has made some fascinating discoveries. His research seems to show, for one example, that great athletes have Mars at the top of their charts, in either the ninth or tenth houses.

His work is generating a great deal of controversy and study in both scientific and astrological communities. Some astrologers have attempted to duplicate his research and come up with findings that were inconclusive, while others have been able to support his theories with their data.

The folklore is, however, that the sign where Mars was at birth shows how the person handles aggression. If it’s in Aries, the character is spontaneous, outspoken, and charges gleefully into combat. If it’s in Libra, the person is a lover, not a fighter, and gets control over situations in a very different manner.

The location of Venus in a chart tells about your romantic side, and your sensitivities (or lack of them). A person with Venus in Pisces will crumple at a snide remark. He will have a hard time getting along with a person who has Mars in Gemini, and who uses her wit like a rapier. On the other hand, if those two could manage to learn from each other, each would become a more (or less) sensitive person, and could profit by the relationship.

Mercury represents the mind, and its sign will help explain where your thoughts wander, as well as your ability to express yourself.

Jupiter signals strength, good luck, and abundance.

Saturn is the stern teacher. Its location pinpoints a problem area and the source of your greatest success.

Uranus is a wild card
–sometimes bringing excitement, sometimes chaos–but always a change and always interesting!

The location of Neptune shows how you deal with the invisible and hidden things in life–like religious, philosophy, and your own hopes and dreams.

Pluto is an explosion! It stands for completion and a new beginning–the end of one thing and the birth of something new.

Its position in your chart is shared by your entire generation and shows how you’ll wage war, make peace, and change the world.

Can the positions of the planets at your birth really tell about things as far-flung as the way you’ll make love, or your fortune, or your biggest mistakes?

People for hundreds and thousands of years have kicked that question around. Welcome to the game!