What are the Worst Zodiac Signs in 2022

Some people have evilness in their blood due to the zodiac sign under which they were born.

As much as they would try to hide it, it still comes out during many months of the year 2022.

Some zodiac signs manage the astonishing performance of pilling up a lot of negative traits.

evil zodiac signs 2021

The Meanest Women of the Zodiac in 2022

In 2022, when it comes to the personality of a woman, the zodiac signs show that some of them express their point of view in dark colors.

Whether they are drama queens or goddesses of jealousy, there are zodiac signs that put the foot down.

Aries Woman

In 2022, the Aries woman will be very jealous, and when betrayed, she takes revenge one way or another.

She is both the judge and jury of those who hurt her, and her sentence hangs over their heads for the rest of their lives.

She is stubborn, lacking any reason and logic, and she will always pose as a victim.

She can become violent and frightening in anger, and she expects total submission from the others, unable to admit when she is wrong.

At the same time, she is powerful, loyal, and courageous. She seeks safety, and she is not materialistic if she has a stable home and everything she needs for a decent life.

Scorpio Woman

Very revengeful, the Scorpio woman is focused on secrets in 2022. She never forgives and forgets.

The Scorpio woman is suspicious, explosive, and obsessed with control on all sides.

She feeds her ego by humiliating others, and a verbal defeat from her is worse than a brutal beating.

She has a way of expressing her opinions that can crush your personality and destroy your self-esteem.

Libra Woman

The Libra woman, a professional wailer, is also among the meanest zodiac signs.

Naïve and escapist by nature, the Libra woman is very promiscuous, and a stable relationship with her doesn’t impede her from acting up.

In 2022, she will have many affairs. She lies to herself that today’s fling is her only true love, even if the fire of passion lasted only an hour.

She seems a veritable martyr, helpless and unearthly, but she has a steel structure.

This year, her true vocation is to nag the man by her side, and she prefers to wallow in self-pity than to discuss rationally. She loves scandals and quarrels.

Capricorn Woman

In 2022, the Capricorn woman has no personal life but a career since she is obsessed with high functions. She has no regard for other people’s feelings.

She is snobbish, and she often acts like a spoiled diva. Social status matters a lot to her, and she will do anything for it, regardless of price and her feelings, as she is very materialistic.

She wants to impress anyone and embellishes the truth. She is pettish and doesn’t respond well to jokes.

The Meanest Men of the Zodiac in 2022

All the men, with no exception, are capable of intentional or unintentional evil, and we will finally see how they manifest and which zodiac sign is truly mean in 2022.

Gemini Man

In 2022, the Gemini man is the leader of this top because everything he does is premeditated.

He always has a diabolic plan and calculates his every step when he wants to harm someone.

He uses and takes advantage of the weak, he has many secrets, and he takes revenge at the slightest offence.

Cancer Man

This year, the Cancer man is very aggressive, and it doesn’t take too much for him to show this side.

He is so full of himself that he feels frustrated with the tiniest word in his disadvantage, which means he will attack with no second thoughts.

He does evil by the simple fact that he is in a permanent defensive position, and he sabotages those around him to be the first!

He is unpredictable, and he will do anything to win.

Virgo Man

This year, living next to him is like being pushed in the middle of a busy road, although you had no intention to cross it.

He has an attitude of superiority and plans to improve everything besides his behavior.

When it comes to finding faults, he is merciless. His talent in communication consists of a long series of criticism directed to the whole audience.

He doesn’t like conflicts or his opinions to be disputed. Neurotic, always unsatisfied and selfish, the emotional situations make him panic because he is afraid of losing control. He is not romantic.

However, the Virgo man is faithful, attentive, and great in times of crisis. He is also punctual, diligent, gentle, and loyal.

Aquarius Man

In 2022, the Aquarius man will crush many women’s hearts. He is an innate liar with self-destructive and alcoholic tendencies.

This year, he hopes to become rich by winning the lottery.

He has one thousand faces and lives in a fantasy world. He is always the victim, regardless of the situation.

On the other hand, the Aquarius man is very romantic and has a hypnotic charm. He is intuitive, understanding, and merciful.

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