What An Aquarius Man Needs in a Woman

People born under the Aquarius sign are the visionaries of the zodiac, always seeking to improve things in order to make the world a better place. Eccentric and sociable, they relish new experiences and are always ready to take on new challenges.

What an Aquarius Man Craves in a Woman

Let’s discover together what an Aquarius man wants from a woman. The men born under the Aquarius sign love the chase. The challenge to win you over gets them excited and triggers determination. An open book is boring and not worth the effort. They respect the women who think outside the box and will often gravitate towards broad-minded people. Do not try to tame this wildflower, the Aquarius men need to see and experience all that life has to offer without excessive restrictions placed upon them. If you respect an Aquarius man, it will reciprocate.

First dates should be intellectually stimulating for the Aquarius man. So make sure you read as much as possible, follow the foreign policy columns, and stay up to date with the latest discoveries in science.

The Aquarius man loves parties and reunions, in the midst of which he always stands out, so he will enthusiastically welcome your invitation to a party. Act casual, don’t stick to him all the time, and talk kindly to everyone!

The Aquarius man really appreciates a mysterious woman. So the longer you preserve a sense of mystery about yourself, the better your chances with an Aquarius man. Of course, he’ll seem more interested in you if you pretend to be indifferent when you first meet…if you’re too into him, chances are you’ll put him on the run.

Aquarius Needs An Independent Woman

Aquarius is recognized for its independence, for wanting freedom and for the need to be involved in ongoing projects and activities. That’s why the Aquarian man needs a woman who is just as independent, not clingy and reliant on him. 

In particular, the Aquarius man is extremely attracted to a woman who has her own high aspirations, her own projects to work on, or ideals to aspire to. This kind of woman inspires and fascinates him, and he takes pleasure in knowing that when they are not together, she has time for her own concerns, hobbies, or passions.

She Has To Be Communicative

Being an air sign, Aquarius likes to express himself. If problems appear in a relationship, he wants to be able to discuss them with the person he loves. When he has wonderful feelings of love, the Aquarius man wants to be able to share them, and he wants his woman to do the same.

Best Love Match for Aquarius

Finding the perfect mate is not easy, and in many cases, exhausting. Although there is no road map to guide you to the ideal lifetime soul mate, there is an easy tool available to seek out a partner. Many use zodiac signs to help them understand other individuals’ personality traits and assess whether or not a compatible partnership is feasible. The process often becomes the path to a strong, healthy, and satisfying relationship.

Aquarius personalities are intellectually inclined, which describes how they approach most things in life, enjoying intelligent conversation and meaningful debate. They sometimes come across as eccentric characters, as they need constant stimulation or they become bored. This zodiac sign is typically unpredictable, a trait that can easily translate to ‘unreliable’ in the eyes of others. One never knows what the water bearer will do next. Aquarius is very helpful towards others, to the extent of incurring potential financial problems.

Aquarius and Sagittarius

Sagittarius makes one of the best love matches for Aquarius. Both are social butterflies, and love getting out and meeting new people. They appreciate diversity and want to experience as many unique adventures as possible. A fast-paced lifestyle makes them happy, and both want to be right at the center of the action. The relationship will include a lot of time spent outside the home, be it in clubs, at the theater, or on a trip – all forms of entertainment will be welcomed.

Sagittarius has a passion for new ideas and, although Aquarius tends to be methodical, it still requires occasional change. Sagittarius will enthusiastically meet Aquarius’ need for novelty, offering exciting adventures and spontaneity. Between a thriving social life, unorthodox conversation, and exciting travel experiences, this relationship will be anything but dull.

Aquarius and Sagittarius Strong Points:

  • A common need for change
  • Equal love for travel and discovery
  • A shared appreciation for a busy social calendar
  • A mutual passion for excitement as a way of life 

A Love of Freedom: Aquarius and Aries

In order for Aries to be the best love match for Aquarius, it has to accept personal freedom as part of the relationship – and it typically does. For certain other zodiac signs, freedom can be viewed as a threatening concept that often damages a couple’s alliance, but in the eyes of Aries, freedom is a requirement for happiness. Just like Aquarius, Aries demands the allowance to enjoy life as a free soul.

Aquarius shows much concern for the welfare of others and makes an effort to better serve society – a trait much appreciated by Aries. Aries also admires the innovation and imagination of Aquarius, which will help to form a durable bond between them, preventing any time apart to unravel. Aquarius can live up to Aries’ energy level and a strong sense of adventure; the couple will walk together in agreement, without strife.

Aquarius and Aries Strong Points:

  • Freedom is important to both partners
  • Equal energy levels will combat boredom
  • Creativity and imagination are mutually valued traits
  • Aquarius‘s efforts to better the world will inspire Aries