Weekly horoscope for 2-8 January 2017

Monday finds you breaking new ground. You may find yourself getting involved in something you’ve never experienced before. You’ll feel completely capable of taking on anything Tuesday. Wednesday brings you back down to earth as you realize the hard work that will have go into a new project. Putting long hours in at the office on Thursday to make your vision come alive will really pay off on Friday. By the end of the week, people who matter take notice; a good time to demand the recognition you deserve. Celebrate your success on Friday night and host a dinner party on Saturday. On Sunday, you may be feeling emotional or on edge — has too much socializing left you drained? Rest up and get ready for the next week ahead.

As the week opens, a misunderstanding about money may cause a conflict with someone close. The mood could continue until Wednesday, when you’ll be able to see the other person’s perspective. A vacation might be on your mind Thursday. Are you trying to wrap things up at work so you can make a fast getaway? Don’t shirk responsibility on Friday to make your escape or you may have to address someone’s obvious disapproval. What happens Friday could affect your mood into the weekend. Share Sunday with someone who understands office politics. You’ll get some insight about how to cope.

Someone close to you may throw you a loop on Monday. You’ll know just how to react in order to turn the situation around to your advantage on Tuesday. Wednesday could bring some covert power struggles in the office. Try to establish boundaries. Someone may want to lay claim to what is rightfully yours on Thursday. Friday leaves you wondering if it is all worth it. Talk it over with good friends on Saturday and spend Sunday dreaming about how to make a change.

Monday finds you being pulled in all directions. Take some time for yourself on Tuesday. You can’t be everything to everybody. The mood continues on Wednesday as work and home both need your energy. Slow down and give a little to each on Thursday. Home life is your top priority, but you are dependent on what the external world provides too. If you make sacrifices for family and friends on Friday and Saturday, you may be feeling emotionally taxed on Sunday. Take some time to do something you enjoy.

The week opens with Leo in fine form. You’ll feel fantastic on Monday. Tuesday finds you enjoying life while on an excursion away from the mundane. Enjoy the walk on the lighter side because on Wednesday, things could take on a serious tone. Or is it that you’ve committed yourself to having some serious fun? You may have to tone down some of that Leo expansiveness on Friday and Saturday, when a relationship issue demands compromise. Don’t give in too much, or on Sunday, you may feel that you have been taken advantage of.

Virgos might feel overwhelmed with responsibilities on Monday. Have you been trying to take care of everything again? Let others help. By sharing the load on Wednesday, you may make a connection with someone special. Working in a team brings results on Thursday. Friday may find you mentoring someone against your better judgment. Helping others brings a renewed sense of purpose on Saturday. Sunday could bring a flare up of a health issue you’ve been suppressing all week. Take some time to relax rather than trying to get everything done.

Monday brings the intellectual stimulation Libra craves. You could gain some real insight through discussions with others. Head for the cafe and strike up a conversation with the brainiest-looking patron on Tuesday; you won’t be disappointed. Has the new perspective caused some dissatisfaction with your world on Wednesday? On Thursday, this perspective could continue to gray your world. Rest easy knowing that Friday brings relief. Share the evening with your new intellectual friend — through conversation or cuddling, you’ll feel content going into the weekend. Sunday could bring a realization that it may be time for a life transition.

This week opens with a bit of a challenge, Scorpio. You could be engaged in a power struggle with someone in a position of authority, especially a superior at work. Try to ride it out without letting it affect other issues in your life at work or home. By midweek, you’ll be feeling much better about things — generous with your time and money and joyfully conspiratorial. Perhaps it’s time to send a secret gift to someone. Friday brings new challenges and a difficult decision to make. There’s something you don’t quite understand yet, but it will become clear before too long. On Sunday, you may find yourself wearing your emotions on your sleeve. Ask others for help getting through this.

Monday brings you a boost of self-confidence. You feel so good about yourself on Tuesday you can hardly believe you are real! What a fine time to make an excursion off the beaten track of your life — you may even find luck along the way. Your self-confidence translates into ambition on Wednesday. You are determined to prove yourself in the workplace and expect some big financial returns for your efforts. Friday is the day to negotiate a new status position, as your powers of persuasion are at an all-time high. Someone’s conversation on Saturday could inspire you to contemplate spiritual matters on Sunday.

Make your goals clear on Monday and help everyone understand your thinking. Tuesday may bring an obstacle that you’ll need perseverance to overcome. Is someone at work trying to usurp your authority on Wednesday? Find refuge on the home front on Thursday. Friday brings a novel solution to the problem. Saturday is a good day to work on a budget and plan for future ventures. Take in some culture on Sunday — a concert of museum visit will be inspiring.

A like-minded group of people could bring an opportunity to travel on Monday. An excursion to a new city or a new way of thinking brings you a real sense of community on Tuesday. On Wednesday, you may find work demanding more of your time. If so, your friends will probably have to take a back seat until Friday. Get out on Friday night; see and be seen. You are high on yourself on Saturday — others find you intoxicating as well. Sunday brings some sobering insights.

Poetry and love letters find their way to you at the beginning of the week, Pisces. Life is beautiful, and you are reminded of it in the best possible ways. Invite a special someone over for dinner on Monday or Tuesday to show them how much you really care. Midweek, details become too overwhelming. Make sure you don’t take on more work than you can handle. Avoid making a major decision or moving to a new location on Wednesday and Thursday. By Friday, fun is back on the agenda. Creating something new with friends is a good way to spend your time effectively, while still having a good time. Pay close attention to what you eat on Sunday.