Virgo – A Drive for Perfection

A drive for perfection is personified by Virgo, the maiden

High standards of excellence characterize Virgo people. Cool, careful and analytical, their razor-sharp mentality can pick things up at a glance, and focus on very small details in a flash.

It’s true that they can be fussy, but on the other hand, all Virgos display great intelligence and are blessed with powers of reasoning which are hard to match.

Moreover, many have a sharp wit and a sense of humour that is often wry and surprisingly unexpected.

Practical, prudent, modest, and hard-working, these people have their feet firmly on the ground and own a maturity that more often than not, belies their years.

At work and play, with such honed critical faculties, no other Sign is better placed than Virgo to succeed in any occupation that requires discipline, patience, and skill in minute precision.

Careers in engineering, scientific research, statistics, and record-keeping of all descriptions, attract the members of this Sign.

The social sciences and the public health services equally beckon and offer a suitable outlet for Virgos’ methodical minds and their extraordinary organizational talents.

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In love and relationships, Virgos who are actually in love with their partner, never seem to lose their sense of reality.

Practical and logical, they can spot falsehood at twenty paces, and although they are discriminating, they realize that perfection is an illusion.

Nevertheless, details remain important to them, and members of this Sign are unlikely to commit themselves to a partner until they are sure of their ground. To them, intelligence and honesty are essential requirements for the long-term success of an intimate relationship.

In health matters, Virgos have a tendency to suffer from stress and tension, often manifested by intestinal problems, such as stomach cramps and ulcers.

They are notorious for fretting and worrying which results in headaches. In particular, they are discriminating when it comes to what they eat, and they often opt for natural or organic produce.

Many Virgos turn to complementary therapies – acupuncture and homeopathy – which they find more suitable than conventional medicine. On the whole, though, Virgos tend to have strong and healthy constitutions.

Where wealth is concerned, Virgos are not the greatest risk-takers in the world and tend to build up their resources slowly but surely.

They favour safe investments, especially if their money is tied up with ethical companies or with those that support environmentally conscious products. Naturally hard-working and frugal, Virgos save enough money to ensure a comfortable existence for themselves and those they love.

Personality Keynotes

* Logical * Realistic * Practical * Faithful * Wise * Perceptive * Analytical *
* Tactful * Discreet * Orderly * Clean * Neat * Tidy *
* Loyal * Fussy * House-proud * Perfectionist * Hypercritical * Wry *
* Hard-working * Achievement motivated * Industrious *


* Symbol – Maiden
* Ruling Planet – Mercury
* Element – Earth
* Colour – Dark Blue, Red Brown
*Flower – Anemone
* Stone – Sardonyx
* Lucky Number – 5
* Lucky Day – Wednesday

Virgos Should

* Learn to relax
* Accept people for what they are

Virgos Shouldn’t

* Quibble over the details
* Be quite so logical in matters of the heart