Virgo 2018 Horoscope

virgo 2018 forecast

Virgo 2018 Overview Horoscope

This is an empowering year to discover who you are in your deepest realms by being able to invest in the work and discipline mode you are most comfortable with, Virgo. New and healthier routines that encompass physical fitness and eating routines can free you to explore the delights of the life around you.

You get busy at helping others learn to use their lives and in doing so come to an acceptance of your own life including your limits and your gifts. Visit also if you want to read another opinion about 2018 horoscope and astro trends.


This year promises to bring ‘hands on’ activities that enhance your finances and material security. It is both a year to learn new skills by assessing where you need to grow and to embrace new players in the realm of your ability to earn and work for your resources.

Other people have important parts to play in the year ahead and working with their resources and helping them make the most of them enhances your own. You will find that willingly seeking out ways to reinforce your skills and talents can help you steadily build towards your goals. Putting your mind towards a bigger goal, a group oriented project is likely to yield some positive financial rewards and also lead to important and long lasting work relationships and commitments.

The Best of Times and Good Luck.

Jupiter is adding an important someone into your life early in the year before moving onwards to help propel you towards a time of growth and outreach. The first half of 2018 can see the potentials to either travel or to embrace a new learning experience that helps solidify not only your present but also your future.

2018 horoscope predictis : don’t be afraid to dive into any chance to learn a new skill or even reinforce a hobby or pleasurable past-time. the second half of the year sees you putting many of these newly picked up talents and gifts to use as Jupiter infuses the real of your career with its expansive promises and energies.

Career and job growth, employment advancements and raises or powerful job changes can be a result of its transit through 2018. Don’t take on more than you can handle and make sure that you leave ‘self’ time with all this pressure on your outer actions and life.

A time to change…a time to grow.

How you give of yourself, what you have that in some ways empowers and helps support the world is seeing the most out-of-your-hands change in the year ahead. there will be both new responsibilities and stronger obligations to your job, to those in your life and to your own attitude of health and fitness.

This is the realm of routine in your life and because you are an earth sign you can hold tightly onto your habits and your ‘ways’. This year encourages an openness to embracing what the universe has in store by being willing to rework and re-think your orientations and your routines to allow new energy and fresh air into your life.

The changes that come via this route are not always foreseeable and they will not always seem agreeable but their is a cosmic promise infused within them that brings in wonderful gifts and helps set you up in an environment that can hold your future.

Dreams, fantasies and reality.

Neptune with its cosmic magic is sharing the spotlight above and bringing spirituality, dreams and gifts to the area of service, work and health. Paying attention to your bodies needs and allotting plenty of rest and recuperation time is essential.

Routines are changing and the change is for your benefit so rather than fight them learn how to release and move onward. Psychic talents, hidden intuition and a very strong bond to the ‘something’ that propels our lives is all part of 2018 but finding it requires inner work more than outer work.

A kinship and empowering connection to pts, animals and those in need can be an energizing source of joy and comfort and should be nurtured. The greatest truth of the universe is that we can provide our gifts to the world, we can fulfill our role while truly enjoying our lives and our actions. Seek to find this truth this year..and it will liberate you.

Heal me…Free Me.

Chiron, the wounded healer, brings its power to your home this year, Virgo, and allows you the gift of releasing old wounds, old circumstances and habit patterns in order to build something that suits the you that exists now. Issues and events around your home bring reflections that can at times be painful but the pain associated with Chiron is always that of old wounds and not new ones.

Rather than reacting to occurrences in your outer world look for the links to conditions that wounded you in the past and learn to project yourself away from them rather than projecting ‘into’ them. This is a soul cleansing energy that can easily bring freedom of the sweetest kind.

The Past and the Future.

Dreams have brought hints and touches of prophecy and your future. They’ve been re-worked to allow you to see and hold onto what that future brings. 2018 changes the focus and makes friendships and your most important desires the growing field for your life and new people, new dreams and new adventures that combine the two are powerful motivators.

Old friendships that have outgrown their place in your life can be embraced and released. Old dreams that no longer suit their purpose, likewise, can be closed. A new cause can quickly lead to an entire new circle of associates and comrades and the discovery of new friends leads to the discovery of the ‘new you’ that has been working to get out.

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