Venus Retrograde in Capricorn 2022

Venus, the planet of love, and beauty, the second planet from the Sun, brings the season of romantic love, and a truly special time.

Venus in Capricorn – January 1st-January 29th

Venus transit in Capricorn between January 1 2022 and january 29th of 2022 will facilitate communication in the relationship with the others.

Venus retrograde during this period will trouble the love life of the signs.

Therefore, we could become more emotionally detached and more objective and willing to analyze all the possibilities, instead of immediately assuming commitments and responsibilities.

Venus’ transit in Capricorn is relaxed, stimulating intellectual, but less so passionate interactions.

One could say, for example, that the intelligence of those around us is more exciting than their physical attractiveness.

Carefree and even humorous discussions can help people get to know each other better, creating mental, intellectual bridges.

Supposedly, when Venus is in transit through a sign, all the zodiac signs automatically become more charming, but also more open to flirt and adventure.

Therefore, one should be more alert in the coming month to the flirting that seems to happen at every step.

You never know how you can ruin your relationships because of this, so don’t be too friendly with everyone if you don’t want something from that person.

Don’t give false hopes, and don’t bring into temptation someone, if this is not what you want.

The zodiac signs under Venus influence (Libra and Taurus), will perceive all the Venusian retrogradation period as a continuous blockage, unable to manifest as they would want.

The movable zodiac signs (Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Pisces) are the most influenced during this transit, this energy has strong effects on these zodiac signs, so we recommend you not to make any decisions during this period related to partners or business, but to wait until it passes.

Venus in direct motion in 2022

In 2022, Venus will be in direct motion in Sagittarius, for 352 days.

During these days, you can do anything, you can alsomake any decisions in terms of romance.

The financial deals may also need a new planning strategy, and the creative projects may need different corrections, but also new approaches, this being the moment of great inspirations, great creative ideas.

It could be a good moment for reconciliation, forgiveness, and the reenactment of a love relationship once ended.

This period brings beneficial energy for starting new activities, it is a period when the energy of change is once again with us, and it depends on us if we use it in our favor or not.

Venus influence on the zodiac signs in 2022:


Venus, in apparent retrograde motion through the third house, is the energy that could bring challenges regarding the interaction with the environment, the reaction to the outside world, by which we refer to the limits the cohabitation with the close ones impose, and how they develop and how they get solved.


Venus, in apparent retrograde motion through the second house, represents the energy that amplifies the difficulties related to money, how you obtain money, how you use your skills to make money.


Venus, in apparent retrograde motion through the first house, the house of personality, will induce the energy that may emphasize egocentrism, but at the same time, it can “freeze” the heart.


Venus, in apparent retrograde motion through the twelfth house, brings some energy that accentuates the inner feelings, an acute need to isolate, to withdraw from the real world, and to search for a more profound meaning of life, to approach a new ideal, to amplify the spiritual life.


Venus, in apparent retrograde motion through the eleventh house, brings an energy that can boost your desire to see some old friends, to fix some wrongs you’ve done in the past to some people who were close to you, to a group of people with whom you’ve shared a common ideal.


Venus, in apparent retrograde motion through the tenth house, can strengthen the desire to make a career change, but this is not the best moment to make such a decision, and although the impulse to do so is rather intense, wait until this difficult period passes.


Venus, in apparent retrograde motion through the ninth house, comes with an energy that can amplify the taste for travel, the taste for luxury, commodity, and the desire for rich partners.


Venus, in apparent retrograde motion through the eighth house, creates an energy that can make you manifest selfishly, harshly, even violently, possessively and radically, and all these manifestations can lead to trouble in all the relationships based on different activities of partnership, whether it is marriage, business, bank credit, or inheritance.


Venus, in apparent retrograde motion through the seventh house, comes with an energy that can magnify all kinds of problems in the life of the couple, and everything can start from your dissatisfaction with the partner, while in business, you might get upset with an associate, and everything can culminate with the acute desire to punish your partner, your associate.


Venus, in apparent retrograde motion through the sixth house, can bring the energy that will intensify your fear to love, hidden feelings, rationally analyzing feelings, and expressing them too late, which is why you may experience some romantic disillusionment.


Venus, in apparent retrograde motion through the fifth house, is the energy that can enhance your passionate manifestation of feelings, love, romance, and you will become adventurous, with a strong need to have fun and to experience all kinds of pleasures.


Venus, in apparent retrograde motion through the fourth house, comes with an energy that may manifest through many strong wishes of detachment from family, house, parents, amplifying the disagreements with them, and it may appear as a feeling of insecurity fueled on your own.