Gifts ideas depending on the zodiac sign

Being a sign with a lot of energy and eager to change, Aries needs spontaneity. The ones who are born under the Aries sign and competitive, brave and confident. Having an active nature, they appreciate sports articles, clothes that can be combined with sports or action books and thriller movies. Aries women are stylish, knowing how to highlight their advantages. The best gifts ideas for Aries are: cosmetics, games, war movies, jewelry with gems specific to the sign, watches, lighters or sunglasses

Taurus is that usually means food. They appreciate a romantic dinner or the presence of friends – at any meal time! Both the man and the woman Taurus adopt a serious and elegant style but, despite appearances, they have a really great sense of humor. The ideal gifts for this sign are : sweets, fine drinks, leather belts, watches, perfumes, cookbooks, some ornaments as : paintings or frames for family pictures, candles, clothes in neutral colors, leather clothes, silk scarfs, beauty products, body lotions.

Gemini is an air sign, he prefers changes and are adepts to the new experiences. Gemini has a
developed artistic spirit and are attracted to everything that is new. The man Gemini prefers gifts that help him use his energy, as: bicycle, motorbike, mountain trips, concerts; while the woman Gemini is excited about receiving clothes (colors: orange, yellow). Gifts ideas for Gemini gifts: writing articles, encyclopedias, books, magazines, travel articles, perfumes.

The cancer is the family man of the zodiac. He is in a permanent need of affection and security and the gifts that he would appreciate are: chocolate, articles for kitchen, slippers, bathrobe, articles for bedroom or kids’ room, poetry or love books, romantic music or old books.

The Leo is a serene and extrovert person, making friends easily. The wants to leave everywhere a good impression and expensive jewelry are just some gifts that would make him happy. Being stubborn and proud, Leo is very hard to please. The presents that would satisfy their desires would be: art, articles for living room, theater tickets, clothes, fine chocolate, cosmetics.

The Virgo is a practical, politely, responsible and hardworking person. Both the women and the men are attracted to the objects that might help them achieve their duties faster. The best gifts for a Virgo would be: a notebook, calendar, office supplies, bag, briefcase, cosmetics, body lotions, perfumes, books of literary criticism

Libras are open, popular persons who needs peace and harmony. Libra is elegant, having a good aesthetic sense. The gifts suited for a Libra are: entertaining articles, humorous books, sweets, writing articles: custom pens; art, music, paintings, elegant clothing pieces

The Scorpio prefers mystery. The Scorpio has a magnetic personality, his charisma attracts everyone as a magnet. They are, at the same time, sensitive and emotional. The gifts that could have their interest are: thriller or erotic books, mystic articles, erotic article, clothing pieces in red and black, watches, jewelry

The Sagittarius is an energetic person. They are interested in everything that is new, but also in adventure, Sagittarius prefers spontaneous activities than planned ones. They have a great interest in travels. The ideal gifts for Sagittarius are: camping articles, foreign books, books about foreign civilization, humorous books, travel articles, vacations, perfumes, clothing pieces in black and green.

Being an earth sign, the Capricorn have a strong personality and a quiet character. They prefer watching a movie at home, over the noisy atmosphere at a party. The ideal gifts for a Capricorn are: thriller, action and comedy movies, clothes, books, perfumes, watches, decorative objects,

The Aquarius is the type of the free, modern man who doesn’t accept any constrain. He is interested in everything the is new, and his clothing is young and modern. Aquarius prefers gifts as: computer related articles, games, photo/video cameras, movies tickets, clothing articles, books, action movies, beauty products as: perfumes, body lotions

The Pisces are sensitive and romantics persons. They prefer articles that are designed specifically for them over expensive products from the stores. Having an artistic spirit, the perfect gifts for them are: art, custom writing objects, frames for photos, decorative objects, tickets to theater or concerts, bathing articles, shoes, clothes in light colors.