Top 5 Nostradamus predictions for year 2017

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Scholars who study the sixteenth-century French philosopher are trying to decipher and gather the facts that Michel de Nostradamus revealed for each year.
According to the English newspaper the Daily Express, for 2017 Nostradamus mentions several not very encouraging events that will mark the fate of the different regions of the world.
Here are some of the most relevant prophecies for the year that will begin in just a few days.

United States: With Donald Trump assuming the Presidency, the country will become difficult to govern and some actions taken will call into question the effectiveness of institutions and of the administration. There will also be an increase in corruption, ideological polarization and inequality.

Latin America: Although Latin American governments took a turn towards the left a few years ago, the opposite will occur in 2017. Governments in the region will lean towards the right and this will lead to more frequent civil unrest.

China: One of the options open to this powerful Asian nation will be to become a balancing point, in light of the looming global economic imbalance. China will make what will be considered some “bold” changes to its economic policies.

Europe: The new financial crisis in the Eurozone will be focussed on Italy, where there will be new developments in the matter. Meanwhile, Russia will end the crisis in Ukraine by reaching a mutual agreement.

Armed conflicts: Perhaps the most worrying thing about the year is what Nostradamus says about the problems that global warming and the scarcity of natural resources will cause next year. We will see several armed conflicts related to these issues, which the philosopher refers to as “Hot Wars”.
On the other hand, the use of solar energy will become widely available in the coming year and commercial space travel will become more and more frequent and popular.