3rd house in astrology

This is the house of relationships, of communication with siblings, relatives, friends, peers, but also the house of study, intellect, and freedom of speech.

The best activities based on the astrological house: writer, journalist, professor, programmer, computer scientist, transporter, trucker, air traffic controller, sales agent, travel guide, speaker, newscaster, librarian, bookseller.

The Role of Third House in Astrology

The third house reveals our attention towards the local environment, the mind adaptability, and the style and manner of communication.

Also, it governs all the transportation means, including the small roads, and close relatives (other than parents).

How well we communicate with the world is vital if we want to establish productive relationships with the people we meet throughout life.

The communication skills don’t comprise only the communication art itself, but also the efficiency we can transmit the message.

An apt speaker is an intelligent person who thinks of what to say (or write), how to expresses himself, and how to make sure the message is clearly understood.

The third house reminds us that this is a conscious process where our analytical capacities can be used to give clarity to our thinking.

Learning is another key element of this house that also governs the primary education and educational environment when we are thought how to think and communicate.

This is the place where we develop intellectually, and we learn how to interact efficiently with others.

The lesson of the third house is to learn how to use our intelligence to collate what we learn so that we can share what we’ve learned to aid not only us but also those around us who can benefit from our knowledge.

Mercury in Gemini is under its masculine sign of Domicile, and it feels very well, offering lively and skillful thinking, motivated by the constant curiosity to learn new things, and the desire to communicate them to others.

Often, the natives with Mercury in Gemini have great skills for writing and rhetoric and, in general, for expressing ideas by any means.

They have distributive attention, and they can sometimes be duplicitous in ideas, or they can treat ideas with superficiality, this is why they best play their role where they only need to convey ideas and information, and less to judge them.

The Influence of Mercury on Gemini sign in 2020

This year, Mercury will exercise a new influence on those marked by Gemini. Mercury, in this situation, is associated with learning in one way or another.

For those who wish to continue their education by following the form of education successive to their training, there is a predisposition to encounter some minor delays or obstacles on the way.

Another area that is influenced by this aspect is the area of beliefs. This can be a moment of conflict between what you believe now or what led to your beliefs in the past, and the situation you face now.

On the other hand, the annual horoscope underlines the fact that you are going to have varied and sufficient opportunities in 2020, so you better take advantage of them, and stabilize both your professional and financial life, but also make your life more beautiful and interesting.

Numerous occasions will occur to get out of your comfort zone, to learn, to accumulate and deepen new knowledge, and maybe to choose a new professional path, if you are willing to take on challenges that come together with this fact.

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  • March 6, 2019