The Unluckiest Zodiac Sign in 2023

If for some zodiac signs luck will be on their side this year 2023, there are also 6 zodiac signs that will not be doing very well. These are the 6 zodiac signs that will have bad luck in 2023. Here’s what they’ll have to go trough:

Top 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are UnLucky in Money in 2023

In 2023 there are some money unlucky zodiacs who fail to save money. There are zodiac signs that spend, waste money on things that are not useful to them.

  Aries, Libra and Aquarius don’t put much value on money. Their priorities in life are experiences, journeys, small adventures or hobbies on which they spend a lot of money.

These zodiacs signs have costly vices that they can get rid of, only with a strong ambition. 


In 2023, Aries, always are wasteful! Those born in the sign of Aries are quite disorganized and have no clear goals in life. They don’t care about career, money, car or comfort at home. What matters more to them is how they live, the experiences they enjoy and passionate loves. 

Aries waste money on concerts, holidays, festivals, parties with friends, bars and restaurants where they leave their last money. 

They don’t have much luck in their careers either, unless they follow a military career or work in a well-organized field with a hierarchy on which they can climb to higher-paying positions.

Not all Aries are unlucky. Single natives have it harder. Married natives learn over time to save for the family and be more responsible. 


In 2023, Libras don’t save money, they buy all kinds of things all the time just because they think they are pretty. That’s pretty much what most Libras do if they run out of money.

 In general, the natives of this zodiac sign oscillate when it comes to their financial situation. They can have good times, with secure jobs and salaries, and then manage to make small savings. But, if they are doing well, they start to spend too much. 

Libras are very generous. They want to give everything to their children or life partners, all kinds of expensive, quality things, nice holidays, games, gadgets, unique experiences. They think too late about saving money.


Aquarius will always be in the top of the unlucky money zodiacs, because they cause all kinds of changes that they can’t keep up with. They are always looking for another job and always borrowing money from friends.

In 2023, they are always looking for experiences and little adventures that they waste money on. And if they are lucky enough to find a good job or business, their money doesn’t last long in the bank account. They immediately think about where to go next, what countries to visit, what gadgets to buy… and all these things are quite expensive. Aquarians don’t even think about saving and many of them can barely get by with all kinds of loans. 

On the other hand, in 2023, there are many zodiac signs that have some luck with money and manage to do well in life, some even very well. Among the zodiac signs that are lucky in money are Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces. Each of these 7 zodiac signs has periods of prosperity and periods when they gradually learn to save money. 

Top 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are UnLucky in Love in 2023

The zodiac signs that are unlucky in love are always being tested and always have something to prove! They have to make greater efforts to receive affection and unconditional love. Find out which are the unluckiest love zodiac signs in the European horoscope:


 In 2023, Aries people could always rival Capricorn people for the number one spot in the list of unluckiest zodiac signs in love… if only they weren’t such a passionate lover. However, Aries’ passion often goes to those who don’t need it. Aries is known in the zodiac for not knowing at all how to choose the right partner. Because of his distorted self-image, Aries does not know how to choose a suitable partner.

Aries will demand everything from their partner. He wants passion, deep love, creativity, new experiences and especially adoration. At first, the Leo native is full of love and a lover with a rich imagination. But he asks for too much and after a while becomes annoying, possessive and annoying.


In 2023, the unlucky ones in love are also those born in the sign of Gemini! The second place in the list of unlucky zodiac signs in love is not at all a coincidence. Gemini are generous and give almost everything when they love. Their great misfortune is that they don’t offer their heart to someone who deserves it, and they get dumped for all sorts of reasons. 

 But Gemini’s who find the right partners will be happy till old age and enjoy full love all their lives! 


The sign of Capricorn will always be one of the most unlucky in love, even though many natives enjoy solid marriages. 

Capricorns are family-oriented, serious and committed, they love children and make many sacrifices for the family. But they are lacking passion! You’ll hardly meet a Capricorn who is truly in love, ready to sacrifice everything for love and give you their heart without reservation.

 Capricorns choose their partners by all sorts of criteria such as professional success and bank account rather than by their heart. They don’t know how to give passion! Capricorns must learn to cherish love just for the sake of it!

Also, according to the zodiac, the luckiest zodiacs in love are Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces. These zodiac signs attract the sympathy and affection of those around them with great ease, and some of them can give birth to burning passions. 

  • July 26, 2022