The Sun in the Birth-Chart

For most people, all they know about Astrology is their `Star sign” or what sign the Sun was in at the date of their birth.

You know from studying Astrology that there are many important factors that make up a horoscope but that the Sun is the Heart and Centre of the chart.

The following is information on the significance of the sign the Sun was in at birth, and most importantly the house position it occupies.

The house position of the Sun is very important to how the requirements of the Sun sign are played out in life.

The Sun also represents a strong masculine principle and is often indicative of our father or other strong male figures that enter our life.

It can also indicate the physical strength or weakness by its sign, house position and in any aspects that it makes.

The Solar aspects within a chart predominate, as it shows how the self expression of the individual will be seen, as either easy or difficult.

The main character of each individual will shine through the Sun. Lets look at the 12 signs and how the Sun responds to each one:


An Aries Sun person is going to have an active life, be self driven and masculine. They will want to be a leader or head of any group they join. Rash or impulsive in some area, think with their head first and jump into situations.

Both sexes come across as direct, brash and can appear self centred. They will often find their lives full of competition, or conflict because of their manner.

Will always retain some child mentality and mannerisms. The position of natal Mars will indicate some colouring to their sun. Mars will either moderate or accelerate the Sun.


A Taurus Sun person will be most focused on values, possessions and security.

More patient, slow to anger, but nevertheless driven to succeed, like the Aries but with more substance, they are hard workers. Many have a lot of charm, attractive or handsome, and can remain calm in a crisis.

Stubborn and cling to their own way as the best. Many are also artistic, or musical.

Many are singers and builders in their lifetimes. All have self worth issues, which many try to mask with wealth and possessions.

Dislike change, feel comfortable with normality, steady and reliable friends – always there.

The sign and house position of natal Venus will need to be assessed, to see how this Taurus goes about acquiring what they need.

Because Venus is never more than 48 from the Sun, it can reside from late Pisces (for early Taurus births) to early Cancer (for late Taurus births). Many will display the sign that Venus is in at birth.


A Gemini Sun person has come to communicate in some form. Most under this sign have a dual nature, either clever in the brain or in their hands. They need to find a balance in using both, to attain a satisfied life.

Restless, and often like to learn throughout life. Curious, nervy and jumpy people, they find it hard to sit still.

Generally do a lot of talking, moving around and meeting lot of people.

Many find it difficult to form close loving relationships, and especially so with their parents (many I’ve met `divorce’ their parents while young).

The natal position of Mercury is very important in assessing how each different type of Gemini will communicate.

A difficult angle between the Sun/Mercury (this includes a close conjunction) can disturb their flow of communication. They will show the sign of Mercury outwardly in life.


The Cancer Sun person has come to nurture and protect others in some way, as a Mother does.

They are usually sensitive and their early family life, especially with their mothers gives a strong indication of how well adjusted they are to cope with life’s lessons.

Often moody, they are subjected to ups and downs in emotions.

Many prefer to sidestep important issues. They like to be the boss in their home area (men as well).

They need a safe, secure home, or a place to retreat to when hurt. Many have issues that go back to early childhood.

The position of the Moon will show their emotions are expressed, and many will even appear to be like the sign their natal Moon is in. Look to all aspects made by the Moon to gauge how they feel.


The Leo Sun person has the Sun in their sign, and many know it. They like to shine and take centre stage, even as children they love people to admire them and compliment them.

They are a childlike sign all their lives, and often get a big kick out of small things.

They generally like to help others, are generous of spirit and once they learn to give they are often happier people.

Many of this sign have strong father figures in their life, and the women are often in love with them, which does create some difficulty when trying to find someone to match their ideal male (father).

Generally have good health, but must watch the heart and back. Have a proud regal bearing and some in this sign do like to lord it over others.

Obviously, with the Sun as their ruler, house position becomes even more important for Leo, as it shows the stage they use to express themselves. All aspects made by the Sun need to be assessed.


The Virgo Sun person has come to offer service and they find many ways to do this.

They like to keep records, information tidy and able to be retrieved. They are a mental sign, and some worry and get stressed over small things.

Being an Earth sign work is important for them, they need to watch becoming a workaholic.

Can also be too fussy and fault finding. Make excellent critics or writers. They are also knowledgeable about healing, through herbs or diet.

Many have sensitive systems, some becoming vegetarian or adopting a pure food diet.

Must watch the tendency to be hard on themselves and finding unnecessary fault. Traditionally Mercury rules this sign, and since 1977 Chiron has been seen as its ruler.

Both of these planets will need to be taken into account. Because I have been looking to Mercury as the ruler of this sign for years, and as it never travels more than 28 from Sun, it can reside in Leo, Virgo or Libra.

If natal Mercury is not in Virgo, you will also see the qualities of Leo/Libra expressed.


The Libra Sun person strives to be a peacemaker and lead a balanced and harmonious life.

They are a sign of justice and will weigh up many options before (if ever) making a commitment. They are seen as idealistic especially where relationships are concerned.

Dislike being alone, partners and friends are important. They dislike conflict, but they often set this up in their lives.

Many in this group find themselves in the middle of situations early in their lives, striving for the middle ground, some never leave it.

Many have bowl type charts showing their one-sidedness, for many in this group have relationship difficulties, because they can be too considerate and understanding.

They get involved with diplomatic situations, often find people want to confide in them, and seek out their opinions. They can delay taking sides.

The position of Venus can vary for these between Virgo, Libra or Scorpio. Remember that Venus is in fall in Virgo, own sign in Libra and possibly in detriment in Scorpio (opp to Taurus).

This position is vital to understanding their strengths or weaknesses thru Venus natal sign.


A Scorpio Sun person has major issues of power and control in their lives. They are intense and deep seated people, who often act in secret ways. They are very passionate in their desires and whether this is to possess people or acquire money they pursue both to an extreme level.

They are part of the fixed sign group and are therefore stubborn and unbending in their own beliefs. Sex is a major issue.

They can be interested in death, the occult with a liking to investigate the unknown. Many are very psychic, with a knowingness that is never taught to them.

They are generally represented by the Scorpion which shows the sting in their tale, and that some never trust the world outside their rock.

When this sign finally ditches some of their rigid behaviour they can use their intensity to assist others to fly like the eagle they become.

They never shirk hard work, give in to illness (in fact they hate admitting a weakness) or let you get close. They like to see things through to the end, no matter how long it takes.

Since 1930 Pluto has been the ruler of this sign, and as this is a generational planet many people for long periods have Pluto in a sign.

To get a more personal view the natal position of Mars and its sign can indicate a lot about this Scorpio’s character and mode of expression.


The Sagittarius Sun person is here on a quest, to roam, ask questions and find out about life from different perspectives.

They love being outdoors, roaming free (on their horse or just walking) and always want to know what is in the next paddock, or town.

Many travel and have friends and partners from different cultural backgrounds. They enjoy knowledge and many can use their minds in higher education later.

Many are competitive, and can spout off their `truth’ in a convincing fashion.

More likely to be optimistic and hopeful, than depressive about life, they can be uplifting to be around.

They are prone to excessive behaviour, too much partying, over-imbibing of food/drink, too many late nights. They have large appetites and need to be aware that they can get `hippy’ in later life, if they eat excessively, or do not walk enough.

Being ruled by Jupiter, the sign and house position will give an added clue to their particular Centaur character.


A Capricorn Sun person has to learn to be responsible and take an authorative role in this life.

Many find that additional responsibility comes young, when as the eldest child, they look after younger siblings.

Many in this sign have difficult relationships with fathers, teachers and other authorative figures.

They often appear older than their years, and many have a limited childhood.

Some because their father is an important man and too busy; much is expected of them; they are an only child; they are bought up by older parents, even grandparents.

They can also be a sign that finds fault with themselves, in fact will often take the blame.

They feel limited until after the first Saturn Return. Some will take responsibility into their lives willingly while young, and maybe give it all away older. They lighten up with age.

They often take roles as teachers or administrators or they are in charge of the affairs of others.

Saturn is their ruling planet and its sign, aspects and house position can tell you a lot of how this Goat expresses himself in life.


The Aquarius Sun person knows from early on in their lives that they are different, they may not look like other members of their family, or feel they do not fit in.

By nature they are interested in humanity, more than individual one on one matters. They are cool, detached and aloof and seem to want to do their own thing.

Many show rebellious tendencies, or going contrary to everybody else. Their life is never ordinary, but full of sudden changes in direction, and many new starts.

Many find commitment into marriage difficult, because of a perceived loss of freedom this can bring.

Unorthodox, unconventional, modern and always looking for the new. Interested in alternatives especially in medicine and their work.

Being ruled by Uranus, the sign and house position of this planet will indicate an additional level to their sign.


The Pisces Sun person has come to clear up deep issues of a karmic nature. Being the final sign of the Zodiac, indicates that these people are possibly close to leaving the wheel.

The issues they deal with are dealing with the sick or oppressed, in hospitals or institutions, and many have healing qualities.

They are dreamy, romantic souls have want life to be beautiful and everyone to be kind.

Because of their habit of wearing rose coloured glasses they only see what they want, not what is really happening.

They can have addicitve qualities, evade issues and will proscrastinate (like Libra) as long as possible. They often feel pulled in two directions. They need a private place and
somewhere they feel safe. In love with the sea, they respond to water around them. They can become a martyr. Need a faith outside of self. Many find the world a harsh place and can spend some of their life cut off from the world, in a retreat or institutionalised life for some time. Being ruled by Neptune, this generational planet spends 14 years per sign. Its house position can be very revealing when working out how each particular Pisces will choose to express self.