Most Disloyal Zodiac Signs (Men & Women)

Which zodiac signs are most likely to cheat? They’re the most skillful in covering their tracks and you can rarely find any evidence against them. Exactly what is it that makes these signs unable to refrain from cheating? Here are the most unfaithful women and men of the zodiac:

Which Zodiac Signs Are Not Loyal?

Men of certain zodiac signs are prone to experiment outside their relationship or even marriage.  


If we have to nominate the less loyal zodiac sign, we would call out Aries. 

Dreamers, those born under this astrological sign, are permanently looking for escapades and challenges of any kind. 

By his structure, Aries is an ideal partner for extramarital relationships: passionate, always ready to try the taste of temptations, and of course, always eager to have his value validated. 

If an Aries man cheated on you, you’ll probably get it straight from him: Aries don’t know how to lie and they don’t like to do it, they easily tell the harsh truth, sometimes even with some pleasure. The unfaithful Aries is self-satisfied and indifferent towards his former love – it was only a mistake after all. Poor guy has no idea that the next one won’t be any better.


The Libra men can be unfaithful, but only when they feel neglected in their relationship. Their need for love and pleasure is stronger than anything else.

Thus, if the partners put them in the background, they tend to seek affection somewhere else.

Contrary to general opinion, although Libra is the symbol of stability, they are excessively unstable, precisely because they seek perfect balance. Pleasing both mistress and wife and sometimes girlfriend (because they can be close friends with women) can be a subject to which they devote all their energy.

They are very receptive and vulnerable to physical beauty, so they will always be attracted to beautiful and chic women; That’s why the woman who wants to keep the Libra man by her side should always pay attention to how she looks and dresses.


Sagittarius men are very secretive and are very good at hiding the fact that they have a mistress. If you caught him with a lie, there are probably many other things he doesn’t tell you.

The Sagittarius men are known for their cold, calm, and controlled behavior. Thus, these traits help them lead a double life. Additionally, everything could turn against you if you accuse him of flirting with another woman.

They become bored easily and although they don’t only want sex, they like variety as well as intellectual and physical stimulation. Honest, straightforward, tactless and he will speak the truth without too much reserve, even if it means admitting that he has cheated on his partner.


The appetite for diversity sometimes wins out and Aquarius will seek to get close to a woman just because she is nothing like his current spouse.

Aquarius men are volatile, unstable, and unfaithful because they don’t think about the consequences of their acts.

They venture headfirst, without asking questions, especially if they are bored with their couple’s life. They don’t care if they are caught in the act and always do what they want.

Most Unfaithful Women of the Zodiac

We often blame men that they are unfaithful, but we should not forget that women also cheat from time to time in a relationship.

It seems that the predisposition to be unfaithful doesn’t hide in the DNA genes but in the zodiac sign.

The horoscope reveals which are the most disloyal women of the zodiac.


The Aries woman is the leader in the top of most unfaithful zodiac signs.

She always wants to be the center of attention, and she can make drastic changes to turn heads even more. The representatives of this sign don’t regard infidelity as something wrong but as a new experience.

The Aries woman doesn’t respect any rules. The Aries woman cheats on her partner no matter how strong are her feelings for him. She gets bored easily, so she is always looking for a man to have new experiences with. She is always on the hunt, using her personal charm to flirt and seduce.


The Gemini woman likes to discover and test new things, so it is enough if an interesting man appears in her life to move on with him.

The Gemini woman doesn’t get in bed with any representative of the opposite sex. She chooses the man who can astonish her with his bright mind. However, she gets bored as fast as she falls in love, so her adventure is not lasting.

In the end, she returns to the comfortable arms of her partner.


Sagittarius women love adventure and freedom, so they will not resist an exciting occasion.

In comparison with other women who cheat, the Sagittarius women don’t hide behind the bush but admit it.

They don’t like cat-and-mouse games, so they rather confess their wrongdoing from the beginning.

The good news is that their craving for infidelity diminishes with age, and they start to appreciate more the stability of a serious relationship.

The Sagittarius woman loves to cheat. She never misses an opportunity. It’s very easy to find out if you’re being cheated on. Most likely, mutual friends will let you know.

  • May 17, 2022