Top 7 Happiest to Saddest Zodiac Signs

One thing is clear: life will always be full of challenges. That’s not something bad; on the contrary, it just means it will bring many surprises. Some zodiac signs are happier than others, they solve their financial problems patiently and they passionately insist until they find true love.

It can be a tough thing to deal with sadness, but people react quite differently: some don’t acknowledge it, some don’t accept it, while others let it ruin their whole lives. It’s tough, but finding out how to control your feelings can be useful in life.

In the following article let’s find out which are the happiest to saddest zodiac signs.

1. Sagittarius

It made sense that Sagittarius would be on this list. People of this sign seem to be always free and enjoy every moment of their lives to the fullest. Their optimistic attitude and the way they usually handle stressful circumstances always keep them smiling.

Sagittarians basically seem to have a built-in system in place so that when they go through difficult times, they instantly bounce back to a better state. Whether they’re making jokes on their own or trying to take on new challenges, Sagittarians are definitely the happiest of the zodiac signs.

2. Libra

The quiet Libra has a well-defined purpose in life: she wants to find her ultimate harmony and balance. In order to maintain her happiness, she avoids difficult confrontations and less-than-pleasant situations likely to bring her disappointment. There is no room in her life for drama, arguments, or conflict. Even if she doesn’t always seem happy, she is satisfied with life as it is and is always grateful to the Universe for the positive emotions she feels.

What are the times when a Libra is happiest? When she dedicates her time to helping people in need. Libra’s idealistic personality lends to a desire to serve and make those around her happy as best she can – especially when it comes to the relationships that really matter ( relationships with the people she truly cares about). Finding balance doesn’t only mean that Libra is happy, it means that everyone around her is happy too.

3. Gemini

Under the influence of the planet Mercury (known for its ability to govern things related to communication), Gemini love to communicate is sociable, and feels happy when surrounded by people with whom he can have diverse and interesting conversations.

This is why they are said to possess the ability to be the ” soul of the party ” and are wanted for being a pleasant company. In the same context, it should not be overlooked that they know how to bring people together, even if they are very different.

A person belonging to this zodiac sign knows how to find happiness and enjoyment, as they are able to leave a ” door open ” towards happiness thanks to their dual thinking: life is a choice, and everyone can choose between feeling good, being happy, or not feeling comfortable. Geminis always choose the first option, especially as it is in their nature to live every moment, to savor what life offers them right away, knowing how to enjoy every single experience.

4. Leo

Ruled by the Sun, it’s no wonder that Leo is also among the happiest of the zodiac signs. While their desire to shine is sometimes seen as exaggerated, as a way to stand out from the crowd at all costs, in reality, Leos actually want to do so to ensure their well-being. The more self-confident they are, the better they will feel about themselves and the happier they will be.

Leos crave anything positive, they make every effort to find it, and most of the time they succeed. Playful, cheerful, and optimistic, a Leo will quickly become likable and win others over with their charm. When he feels he has succeeded in this endeavor, most of all he wishes to have fun and enjoy himself in the company of others, without forgetting to be friendly and inspiring.

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5. Cancer

Your emotions know no limits because you are an extremely sentimental person who is deeply involved in everything he does. You’re one of the saddest of all the zodiac signs because people hurt you easily and make you isolate in order to protect yourself. Just stop putting your heart into any relationship and let others make the first move. This will make it easier for you to figure out their intentions.

6. Virgo

The great thinker, Virgo gets very gloomy thinking about his own life. And since they never stop contemplating the ups and downs of their lives, this can lead to emotional exhaustion.

Virgos tend to overthink and invent fictional scenarios in their heads, and these scripts always end in disaster. They anticipate bad times ahead, and in doing so, they spoil what’s happening right now by becoming heavily down.

7. Pisces

Although they are considered the jokers of the zodiac, Pisces are very prone to sadness and are in our opinion the saddest of the zodiac. Deep down, Pisces are very affected when something doesn’t go according to plan and can quickly fall into a state of deep sadness.

Pisces is a multi-dimensional zodiac sign. Having so many personalities, they are full of contradictory states, and this can throw them into a state of severe blues, caused by the fact that they don’t really know what they feel or want.

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  • September 21, 2022