The First House(Ascendant) in astrology: governed by Mars and Aries zodiac sign

Just as the other zodiac signs, referred to as Celestial Houses, there are twelve Earth Houses, and each of them corresponds to a specific, terrestrial, domain of existence for each of us.

The house of personality and character, temperament, but also the house of the physical aspect, refers to what makes you different from others, the way you see yourself and you are seen, the potential you have; is the house that helps you fulfill your life purpose.

The first house is also known as Ascendant. The cusp of this house is called sunrise. This house represents all the raw material the natives will start their life path with, and it tells us how the individuals will manage to gain experience in actual life, and how they will react to external stimuli.

The First House is about the subjects, their lives, constitution, body, moods, specific personality, temperament, and it is the house of beginnings and their distinctive signs.

The first astrological sign, mythologically represented by Aries, accurately symbolizes those who are born under its influence. This is their description: sharp, prominent nose, resembling the sheep’s profile; developed forehead, pointy chin, triangular face, light brown hair with reddish reflexes, and slender and well-proportioned body.

The best activities based on the astrological house: model, designer, personal trainer, plastic surgeon or neurosurgeon, beautician.

If the native is born in the first part of the sign, which is at Ascendant, the waist is a bit taller, and the complexion is lighter than the last grades. This appearance will be modified by the planets situated in the Ascendant sign.

For example, the Sun and Mars give a lighter complexion; the Moon and Saturn make the skin tone a bit more colored and brownish; Jupiter and Venus determine a majestic posture, Saturn makes the waist smaller, while Uranus and Neptune lengthen it. This observation can apply to all zodiac signs, but especially to a planet located in domicile.

Sun in Leo at Ascendant gives a blooming complexion and blonde hair, but if Saturn is also located there, the waist will be way lower, and the hair color darker.

Those born in the Aries sign are brave, self-confident, and impulsive, they like to lead and despise following others, they are always ready to take the initiative of a cause they believe in, but they are seldom lacking the perseverance to successfully finalize any project if they encounter serious obstacles.

When the Sun and Mars are in conjunction with the Ascendant, they highlight the aspects mentioned above.

Mars Influence on Aries in 2020

According to astrologers, in 2020, from June until the end of the year, Mars will be situated in Aries, which indicates a year of action, new activities, and personal initiatives. Another important aspect valid throughout the year is the Black Moon transit.

This year, Mars – the planet that governs and gives dynamism, entrepreneurial spirit, initiative, and courage will be in retrograde motion between September 10 and November 14. When Mars is retrograde, the self-motivation process requires some work.

The annual horoscope predicts a good time to work on a long project that needs constant motivation to progress. It is less likely to push others from behind because your personal goals will be more important than the potential contradictory issues of the others.

aries personality

If you can’t motivate others or use your energy constructively, you will feel lethargic and tired. This retrogradation is extremely useful to those who are focused on a goal, but unfortunately, it is extremely unproductive for those without such an orientation.

The Role of First House in Astrology

The first house and, in particular, the ascendant, governs the entire personality, defining what kind of person you are. It shows personality and natural disposition.

The first house represents your interface with the world. This house also represents the physical body, including the physical aspect, health, vitality, and wellbeing.

In many ways, the first house represents the way you approach life, how you behave, and the ultimate potential in this life.

This house, out of all twelve houses, also represents the beginnings and childhood (the beginning of life) in particular.

The lesson of the first house is to look at ourselves both inside and outside, to examine the way we interact with the world, and how we are seen by others.

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