The Dark Side of Each Zodiac Sign in 2022

Each of us has a dark side that we do our best to hide but manifests itself from time to time.

Here is the hidden dark side of each of us, depending on the zodiac signs under which we are born, and what we can do to diminish its unconfined impulses in 2022.


You have a very competitive nature, and you always want to be in the first place, even if it means to do things that are not that innocent.

aries 2022 horoscope

On the other hand, you take it personally if someone surpasses you, and you end up hating them for it.

In 2022, try to work more as a team, and you will notice that you will have more success professionally.


Taurus people love money, and they are considered the most materialistic sign of the horoscope.

They weigh things according to their monetary value, and they are perfectionists.

taurus 2022 horoscope

Taurus women can spend a lot of time in front of the mirror to look perfect. For them, it is quite normal to spend exorbitant amounts of money on clothes or make-up products meant to camouflage their imperfections.

This year, it would be best to focus on saving and stop spending money on things you don’t need.


They analyze people and look at them with critical eyes. And when you open your mouth and utter sheer gratuitous malice, it is no surprise that you end up being avoided by some people.

gemini 2022 horoscope

You say what seems interesting to you without realizing that your sour replies can hurt other people profoundly and permanently.

Words fly, but the effect remains.

In 2022, if you want to keep your friends and family close, you should be more moderate and diplomatic.


They tend to see only the empty half of the glass, and they are pessimistic. They are very sensible, and even the tiniest problems can throw them off balance.

For this reason, their friends are careful with what they say, so they don’t upset them.

In 2022, if you want to have a peaceful year, try to look at the bright side. Your friends are always helping you.


The Leos tend to be charming and loving, but they often focus their love on… themselves.

leo 2022 horoscope

The Leos need attention, and they do absolutely anything to stand out. For Leos, everything revolves around them.

In 2022, you should help those around you more, and you will gain gratitude and peace of mind.


You expect everyone to act according to your code. And if this doesn’t happen, you immediately put a label, and you don’t want to hear anything else.

The opinions of others are wrong from the start if they are not the same as yours. On the other hand, you display an image full of confidence, even arrogance, but inside, you are not so convinced of it.

In 2022, if you don’t take into consideration the opinions of others, and you don’t accept the help of your friends, you will have to deal with things on your own, which is not going to be very easy.


They tend to pick unsuitable life partners, and when they see that the relationship doesn’t work out, they don’t dare to break up with those who make them suffer.

libra 2022 horoscope

Additionally, they are in direct competition with Virgo regarding the laziest sign of the zodiac.

This year, try to put yourself in the first place and make order in your sentimental life. Find a partner who appreciates you more.


You have all the time in the world, but you want everything to be perfect. You are always finding flaws in each thing and the shortcomings in each person.

scorpio 2022 horoscope

However, you cannot stand anger, and brutal force doesn’t impress you. Having control delights you, which is why you know how to wait for the final assault, like in hunting.

In 2022, it would be best to share the tasks with your office colleagues and life partner if you don’t want to exhaust yourself physically and mentally for the rest of the year.


You are like a storm. Nothing is more important for you than your own wishes. You want things your way, sometimes even at the expense of others. It is their problem that they suffer, not yours.

sagittarius 2022 horoscope

If someone stands in your way, you can hit them with your incredible fury. You don’t care what other people think about you.

This year, take into consideration the desires of other people, and you will be more appeased and peaceful throughout the year. Moreover, your friends will always be by your side.


Capricorns have no sense of humor, and they are deeply unsatisfied by their incapacity to love or to be loved by others.

capricorn 2022 horoscope

Their thoughts focus on elaborating world domination strategies. Their relentless determination and perseverance can often lead them to gain the power they desire.

However, once they reach the top, they tend to lead tyrannically, like mad people.

In 2022, if you manage to be a good leader, you will gain the appreciation and loyalty of many subordinates, who will work hard throughout the year.


They believe they are above everyone, and few people can stand at their level. To reach the standard of living they desire, they work hard, and they are ready to make any sacrifice, including giving up their friends.

aquarius 2022 horoscope

However, once they get where they want, their life becomes boring because they no longer have something to motivate them.

2022 is going to be a year full of challenges in all spheres of life, so there will be no boredom for Aquarius.


Within yourself, there are tens of people contradicting themselves, and you, the external person, adopt one of them for each moment.

You feel that you are one step away from psychosis, but you try your best to hide it. Nothing is what it seems when it comes to you, and only you know how many conflicts take place inside your mind.

In 2022, you should talk to someone. Although you avoid even thinking of the topic bothering you, if you speak to someone about your thoughts, maybe you will feel better, more relieved, and perhaps you can even find a solution together.