Black Zodiac – The Dark Side of Each Zodiac Sign

The dark side (or the Black Zodiac) of the zodiac is represented by the negative aspects of people born under a certain zodiac sign. Each of these negative aspects influences their way of life, their relationship with the people around them, and to some extent even their future. 

The star signs of the zodiac are full of qualities, but their flaws are not lacking either! As happy as we are to learn about the beautiful traits of our zodiac sign, we must also accept that our zodiac sign has its dark negative traits.

Knowing our own weaknesses is important – it helps us evolve and to change in relation to others. We also need to know the hidden shadows in others, in order to understand how to deal with them, how to avoid them, or not let them hurt us.

This is the black zodiac, represented by the negative traits of the zodiac signs:

Aries Is Temperamental and Impulsive

The dark parts of Aries can manifest as selfishness, impatience, and quick temper. Although they are good at making decisions, they can get frustrated quickly and bored just as rapidly, yet at the same time, they feel determined to make decisions that will get them through the impasse.

They require a high degree of independence and are easily irritated if others try to control them. They like to be their own boss, but this doesn’t mean they are always responsible.

Taurus is Selfish

A Taurus tends to be very possessive regarding both material possessions as well in their relationship with their romantic partners. They are inclined to be very dependent on relationships, very jealous, and overly concerned with acquiring wealth to make their lives more comfortable.

Geminis Are Unable to Make a Decision

By nature, Geminis are always thinking with two different heads and this prevents them from taking a decision. They miss many opportunities in life because they can’t make up their minds in time.

Gemini is also shallow. And that’s because they don’t analyze things in-depth and they don’t pay attention to details.

Cancer is Pessimistic

Cancer is one of the most pessimistic zodiac signs, being the one who often feels abandoned by those who should love and support them. That’s why they feel overwhelmed by life’s challenges, and constantly feel they have to face obstacles alone.

Leo is Arrogant

Leo, self-conscious of his own powers, is extremely arrogant and often becomes obsessed with his own leadership qualities. Also, the people born in Leo often become aggressive, and their hostility is sometimes difficult to deal with.

Virgos are Too Judgmental

Virgos love to be critical. This is an unpleasant trait of Virgos that alienates them from people. They criticize anything, anyone, anytime, while they are PERFECT! But they better understand that this is not the idea of perfection. It would be helpful if the analysis and criticism took into account each specific circumstance.

Libra Can Be Selfish

Libra is one of the most generous of the zodiac signs. She will not hesitate to give a person what they need when they need it if it is in her power to do so. However, Libra can also be incredibly selfish. She enjoys life’s finer things and will not hesitate to ignore her charitable side to put her pleasures first.

Scorpio Is Impulsive

Scorpio’s dark side can translate into impulsiveness, denial, and difficulty accepting change. They love having friends around and hate it when they have to let go of someone they love. They can’t stand to see things get out of control and panic when someone doesn’t follow the direction they’ve set their sights on.

Sagittarius is Uncaring

Sagittarians are careless and this affects all their relationships. Because they get bored easily, they tend to unapologetically let go of people and things that no longer interest them.

Capricorn is Too Sensitive

Capricorn individuals are known for their exaggerated sensitivity. If they feel someone has betrayed them, they suffer to the point of exhaustion. There are also situations where that person didn’t intend to hurt you, but you just misinterpreted the situation.

Aquarians are Annoying

Aquarians are so good that they become obnoxious. They don’t grudge, they don’t retaliate, they don’t criticize, but they are so proud and so pleased with themselves to the point that it becomes annoying to those around them.

They think themselves superior and expect others to listen to them. They are known to be emotional manipulators, and if they get upset they become indifferent and arrogant. What you need to know is an Aquarius will attack you emotionally if you have upset them.

Pisces are Greedy and Envious

Pisces seem like compassionate people, but no one sees the real face. They often show themselves to be greedy and envious, constantly wanting attention to be directed their way. They are also dreamers and lazy, constantly changing their moods.

  • August 23, 2022