The 9th House in Astrology

It governs over the intellect, skills, ambitions, travels and their consequences, dreams, foresight and religion.

The ideals we aspire for, vocations, life lessons that must be learned, spirituality and law are other aspects we learn about from this house.

Aspects of life governed by the 9th house: travels, tourism, faith, spirituality, religion, higher education, judgment, foreign languages, relations with foreign countries and foreigners, relations with teachers, guardians, churches and guides.

The 9th house represents spiritual affinity for the new, for the great universal, religious, ideological and spiritual aspects of life.

At the same time, it reveals the inborn desire to know the world through long trips and to promote lofty ideals, and interest in the field of economics or banking.

The zodiacal category that will influence someone depends on the general aspects of the horoscope and the nature of the signs and planets in this house.

The Zodiacal Signs: Aries, Taurus, Leo and Capricorn will typically reveal the house’s effect on the material side of life.

If this position is occupied by the signs Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius alongside their proper planet, it will reveal a spiritual significance behind the professions and interests of the individual.

And finally, the 9th house reveals the type of relatives they are based on their allegiance.

The 9th house and the planet Jupiter

Jupiter governs the signs Sagittarius and Pisces, the 9th and 12th houses, and Thursdays.

It is a masculine, air planet that represents the noble and generous side of human nature, luck, high spirit, success in material and spiritual endeavors, sensitiveness.

The characteristic sign is that of a semicircle opened on its left side in whose extension a cross is drawn from its right end.

Symbolically, the semicircle represents consciousness, and when unite with the material, it signifies divine will.

From a psychological standpoint, the individual has two sides that he must develop, however the most important of the two is his spiritual side, which he tends to lead it to perfection. It represents the upper echelon of development, while the inferior echelon is the material one.

From a medical point of view, Jupiter governs over the functions of the liver, arterial circulation, growth, the spleen, the gallbladder and the pancreas.

The Jupiterian type has a compact physical form. The head is well proportioned, large, beautiful eyes, medium-size nose, a large closed mouth, around chin with a dimple.

The dimple in the chin is typically characteristic of men born in the sign of Pisces. The voice is serious and kind. His stature is high, with a calm and dignified outfit.

He has a strong spirit, full of joy, he is are sincerer and sociable, optimistic for the most part.

Moralistic and sensual, upright and a lady’s man, you might think you are meeting a nobleman when you see him.

He is loyal and devoted to his friends and family, he loves to party and travelling.

His defects might be greed and idealism.

In the Sagittarius sign, Jupiter reveals an affinity for literature, religion, education and traveling.

The individual tends to have lofty goals, so much so that they want to know the inner workings of the human brain, to understand everything about the conscious or the unconscious, or they might have interests in the metaphysical.

They are fascinated by other cultures or people and because of this, they will desire to travel and meet those ethnicities that he is fascinated by with the goal to discover their history.

If Jupiter is in discord, the individual may be plagued by dogmatism. They are the type that can quickly create conflicts when it comes to religion, as they are fanatical in their religious beliefs.

In the 9th house, Jupiter helps individuals find an essential life philosophy. For the most part, what happens and what this planet influences when it is in the Sagittarius sign, happens in, broadly speaking when it is in the House of Philosophy.

The planet’s position is more powerful since it corresponds to the Sagittarius sign. Traits such as a desire for knowledge, traveling and interest in the spiritual life, are well defined here.

The native Sagittarius has a great interest in traveling, for other cultures and languages, for higher education (post-university specializations, Masters degrees, doctorates), for everything linked to spirituality and faith.

The individual’s interests gravitate especially towards idealistic aspects of life and less towards those more pragmatic, material and mundane.

The individual is a great thinker, constantly looking to expand his horizons. Law, religion, science, philosophy, abstract notions and spirituality are the things that present interest for them and they will strive to accumulate as much knowledge about them as possible.

They have a lucid mind and know exactly what they must do to draw the correct conclusions from a lecture, experience or conversation.

They will not stumble over details, in obtaining a general view of a certain subject, in other words, when placed in a difficult position, they will be able to see the forest for the trees.

They will be frustrated if you drag on a story with insignificant details and completely ignore the essentials.

They will sketch out certain facts about their lives, ignoring certain details, out of a desire to achieve maximum clarity.

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  • May 16, 2020