The 8th House in Astrology – governed by Mars, Pluto and Scorpio

Aspects of life governed by the 8th house: sex, money, inheritances, processes, accidents, rents and allocations, crises, solving problems, transformation and change.

The 8th house is one of the Mystic and Psychicological Houses. It is called the House of Transformation, is usually associated with processes of profound transformation, of transition from one state of mind to another, sometimes through moments of crises or by activating latent energies.

It is also known as the House of Death and Rebirth, but also of Sex, and at a material level, the House of Inheritance.

Profound transformations within the consciousness can also occur through occult studies or through researching life’s mysteries.

This house is connected to surgical procedures, serious diseases, transformation, death, upset, sorrow, procedures for divorce or for shared money (from inheritances, from business, etc.).

It is also linked to professions that have something in common with death (medics, surgeons, butchers, etc.).

And finally, it governs over the influences of death: testaments, dowry, as well as forebodings, fatality.

The 8th house and the planets Pluto and Mars


Pluto, the water planet, the planet that represents power, will, the transformations that take place in one’s life, subtlety, rebirth and destruction.

Its characteristic sign is that of a semicircle with an upwards opening, completed by the circle of life, and the cross of matter extending from its underside.

Symbolically, it represents the struggle between mankind’s material desires and fulfillment, the power of the soul, desire, power and will are manifested between the two.

Another explanation for the symbol’s meaning is one’s change and transformation in life.

From a psychological standpoint, the planet influences the changes that take place within one’s mind, changing plans and creating new ones, deeds that require a large amount of inner force and energy.

This is where their introverted personality comes from, they do not manifest themselves in public or externally, they prefer to keep it inside them.

From a medical standpoint, Pluto governs the reproductive system, sexual organs, hormones and excretory system.

When it passes through the Scorpio dial, it is in the house, a very favorable position for Scorpios.

What must know about this planet, is the fact that it doesn’t belong to the category of planets that influences people at a personal level, it only influences them in the general or historic sense. Other planets that belong in this category are Neptune and Uranus.

Pluto’s passage through the zodiac is variable, it can stay within a sign’s dial between 12 to 32 years.

During this time frame in Pluto’s passage, radical changes occur in human history, states disappear, others are reborn, wars and attacks take place.

This not the case when Pluto is within an astrological house. Here, it influences people at a personal level.

The 8th house symbolizes a desire to dominate everyone you encounter. Under these conditions, individuals must understand their responsibility and accept it.

They need to be diplomatic because their tendencies can attract enemies, arguments and conflicts, especially if the planet is in discord.

This placement can hell individuals get involved in public life or politics because their traits will help them out.

If the planet is well placed alongside Venus, Jupiter or the Sun, individuals will be characterized by the willpower and capacity to improve their interpersonal relations and spirituality.


Mars is the aggressive side of our personality. Mars generally rules over discord, sharp objects, war and conflicts.

Mars represents energy, impulsiveness, independence and sexual desire. Those that are governed by this planet have volcanic temperaments with extraordinary willpower that manage to achieve their goals.

They need this success because, from a psychological point of view, they can’t accept the fact that they failed.

Their positive energy, their desire to achieve things in life, their dominance and masculinity are a result of their desire to succeed.

In the Scorpio sign, Mars is the representative for desires and strong emotions.

This emotional intensity will give courage to them and efficiency in their goals.

This transit can bring about great results in regards to spirituality, identifying hidden inner resources.

They are capable of real, decisive battles with no compromises when it comes to defending their own vies and principles.

When Mars is poorly aspected, a great fury might ensue alongside hate and resentment. Individuals will be dominated by a desire for revenge.

When Mars is in a house, it reveals information about the areas in which the individual acts and moves while being dominated by their inner desires.

Other details are linked to the energy they have and their initiative to obtain results.

In the 8th house, Mars has a very powerful position, representing ambitions and intense feelings.

Here, most actions and conflicts are caused by the financial side of life. They are secretive, tenacious, full of energy and have hidden tendencies.

Their emotional nature is fowl, they are aggressive and greedy. They are marked by excessive sexual desire, the inclination for occultism also being present.

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  • May 16, 2020