The 12th House in Astrology – House of Enemies

It is governed by the planet Neptune and the house of Pisces .

It is the house of misfortune, of trouble and social falling. Hardships, suffering, hidden enemies, restriction of freedom, chronic diseases, psychological trauma, vices, fears and forebodings are other things we can learn about in this house, which stands at the opposite end of Paradise.

When we talked about the 6th house, we mentioned that we would find out about the Zodiac’s Hell. Well, the 12th house also represents Hell.

This house expressly represents the tendencies that can easily lead to outside inhibitions and inner isolation.

When it comes to external activities, they are met with a psychological block, a distancing from the world and in some cases, even criminal attributes and tendencies (antisocial otherwise).

The reason for the suffering is usually well defined because the 12th house deals with physical and spiritual ailments.

As a way to overcompensate for these inhibitions, strong antisocial attributes and tendencies form, based on easing the suffering of the many.

The 12th house an important structural element in a doctor’s, philanthropist’s and occultist’s horoscope.

The haphazardness of the constellations within this dial reveals a troubled destiny and that can lead to either isolation, disease, bad instincts or reprehensible morals, hard to accept and hard to defeat because their own consciousness fights with the greatest of difficulty, in this case.

The Planet Neptune and the 12th House

The planet the governs the Pisces Sign and the 12th house.

The feminine, water planet bestows creative spirit, lofty ideals and talent in the field of arts.

Neptune favors occultism, mystery, and when it is poorly aspected, it favors scams, lies, intrigue, unscrupulousness.

The characteristic sign is that of a semicircle with an opening on its upper side, intersected with a cross where the circle would be. The symbol alludes to the god of the sea, Neptune, who the planet was named after.

Symbolically, the symbol can be seen as the soul’s victory over material desires. Neptune represents imagination, illusion, mercy, emotions, spirituality, dreams, lies, cheating and fraud.

From a psychological standpoint, individuals are under pressure from the struggle between their body and their souls that are locked in permanent battle, each of them wanting to take control for the rest of their lives.

This is where their dual nature comes from, they are either lead by pragmatism when it comes to the material side of life or idealists that want to change the world according to what they feel it should be.

They are dreamy, melancholic, romantic and sensitive. Many times they are unpredictable because there is no way to know when the mood strikes them.

From a medical point of view, Neptune governs over the spinal cord, nervous system, lymph, legs and the cells.

The Pisces sign is its house, which grants it a very powerful position. The planet takes 164 years to pass through the zodiac, spending approximately 13 years in one sign.

Up until 2013, it travelled through Aquarius. When Neptune is in its house, everything that happens to us gains new meaning, as it influences the spiritual workings of everything.

Deeds and events that up until that point had no greater meaning, now have a spiritual explanation that makes them logical and rational. Spiritual phenomena, throughout all forms of existence, will have the best opportunity to manifest.

When in the 12th house, it shows links with spirituality, religion or people’s want for isolation in order to contemplate spiritual truths. The tendencies are powerful because the House of Death is the planet’s natural house due to the fact it corresponds to the Pisces sign.

There will be situations in which individuals will learn from past mistakes or will draw profound meanings that will help their spiritual development. They will be in touch with everything that happens around them, but also very romantic. Especially if the planet is well aspected.

A poorly aspected Neptune will cause individuals to be neurotic, even more so when it comes to their past, slightly mentally deficient, and the results of their actions will be devastating.

They will not be able to face life’s challenges, they will be confused and scattered, and their lives won’t bring them many joys.

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  • May 16, 2020