The 11th House in Astrology – the House of Friendship)

It is governed by the planet Uranus and is the house of Aquarius .

It shows us our connection with friends and our social relations, it shows us the type and degree of sympathies, personal aspirations and humanity.

The 11th house’s characteristics are sobriety and ambition, which help individuals establish connections with older people that will help them in their career.

When it is well aspected, it can represent sincerity and well defined moral principles.

In discord, it can help obtain gains at the expense of friends the relationships they have, using them for their own interests.

Saturday influences traits such as respect, willpower, discipline, intuitions, wisdom, profoundness, motivation, distance, the past, pragmatism, materialism, pragmatic spirit, maturity, coldness, obstacles, endurance, conflict and limits.

This house, based on certain planetary positions that it can represent, also indicates the probability for social success, mirroring itself in the main human tendencies when it comes to friendship and social relations.

Sometimes, this part of the sky can represent inclinations, artistic and aesthetic qualities, however mostly those that come about based on the idea of collaboration and less those that deal with intellectual and personal problems.

Tradition also speaks of the significance of hope and illusion, and it is justified if we account for that fact that personal relations and moral or material support from friends are necessary to make most wishes come true.

The Planet Uranus and its Influence on the 11th House

Uranus is the planet that governs over the Aquarius .

The masculine, air planet represents friendship, change, traveling, spiritual journeys, risk, freedom and nonconformism.

The characteristic sign is that of a circle, symbol of infinity, from which the cross of matter springs from, closed at the ends with a semicircles that represent the subconscious, destiny and the lines of life.

In some images, the semicircles are vertical lines, this is where the idea that it represents the lines of life comes from.

The planet represents the way in which the individual expresses his need for freedom.

From a psychological stand point, Uranus represents the way in which an individual can reach originality, inspiration and intuition by means of the connections made with the supraconscious levels.

Desires and motivation are other fields that are, at a psychological level, influenced by this planet.

From a medial point of view, Uranus governs over the ankles, arteries, nerves and the cardiovascular system.

The Uranian type is either a jovial and communicative individual or a closed and opaque one.

Regardless of how it manifests itself, their actions are sometimes odd. They are unpredictable, and the negative type is easily identified by their violent manner, rashness, disregard for all forms of organization and careless attitude in life, disregarding the consequences of their actions.

In Aquarius, Uranus is very powerful. The individual has the ability to enter the scientific or mystical area of all things.

They are capable of attracting spiritual energies and comprehend mysteries and religious concepts.

In this sign, it gives the individual both independence and mental willpower.

They are relentless and defend their view points with a fiery passion, which is exactly why their intuition helps them, and the conclusions they draw are drawn by themselves.

Intellectuals and independent, they will seek the impartial truth.

Socially, they will have humanitarian tendencies and dignified ideals. Uranus takes 7 years to cross a dial of the zodiac, it spent the time period of 1996-2002 in the sign of Aquarius.

Until 2009, it travelled through Pisces, those born during this period have the ability to combine intuition with scientific research.

If Uranus is in discord, it can create an irrational idealism and no seriousness in friendships.

In the 11th house, the individuals has goals that are aimed at independence and all of their actions be focused on achieving this goal. Another field that they will be drawn to is novelty or progress.

The position also hints at their intuition, which will make them open to anything new, they will be preoccupied with events and their veracity. Social relationships will be plentiful when Uranus crosses through the House of Friendship, but also diverse.

However they will not be safe from change, which will often times be sudden and frequent.

The negative attributes of Uranus will force the individual to sometimes use these relations and the position they will attain in an irresponsible and unwitting manner.

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