The 10th House in Astrology

It is governed by the planet Saturn and is the house of Capricorn.

It is the most influential house, also known as The Center of the Sky. The house tells us what role we play in the world, how brilliantly or modestly we will be, durable or fragile.

Our professional and social destiny, maturity, power and ambition to make a name for ourselves are all information generously offered by this house.

This region of the horoscope indicates the psychological and temperamental traits that gravitate towards power and exposure, and play a significant role in one’s professional and social life.

This house’s constellations will always define one’s external situation and professional vocation.

It’s worth mentioning that this house represents practical vocations and not intellectual ones.

The former appear only when they enter a practical field (literature, technical, commerce, organization etc.).

This sector of the horoscope also holds significance for the individual’s mother, showing the role and way she will play a part in the horoscope’s possessor, in other words, the mother’s destiny.

The 10th house traditionally represents marriage for women and occasionally the consequences of this marriage, including its effect on the household (the 10th house represents the 4th house, the household, viewed based on the 8th house is as we know, the House of Home and Family).

The evil planets in the 10th house will always be linked with serious diseases or the deaths of brothers and sisters (the 10th house is the 8th house – The House of Death – from the 3rd house of the Sky, which represents brothers and sisters).

The 10th house and the planet Saturn

It is the planet that governs the Capricorn and Aquarius signs, the 10th and 11th house, and Saturdays.

It is the masculine, earth planet that represents pessimism, cowardice, old age, tradition, authority, stability, earnestness, time and melancholy.

The characteristic sign is that of a cross, the symbol of matter, continuing with an inverted semicercle, symbolizing the soul.

The characteristic meaning of Saturn is that the soul, the consciousness, is what needs analysis to be fulfilled and to externalize itself.

In other words, before acting, we must first look deep within ourselves.

From a psychological standpoint, Saturn governs over inhibitions, maturity and responsibility. Individuals are concerned about the way they act, the maturity with which they take decisions and the responsibility they accept for doing so, especially on the material side of things.

They are the ones that learn from their mistakes throughout their lives, don’t externalize, but rather suppress any reaction.

From a medical stand point, Saturn governs over the skeleton, the gallbladder, the knees, cartilages, teeth and skin.

The Saturnian type has protruding physical characteristics, particularly in the facial region. The forehead has a trapezoidal shape, with a stern, piercing look.

The nose is large, bony and prominent, bent and thin at the tip. The mouth is small, with thin lips, and short. The cheekbones bony, with narrow shoulders. Their step is heavy and slow.

They are serious, austere, cold, dreary and speak little and rarely. They have a great memory, their mind is slow and powerful.

Persevering, skilful, determined, independent, distinguished, patient, lonely, pessimistic and distrustful. They are not very sensitive or sensual and easily accept celibacy.

They are not part of the category of loving individuals, but when they get involved in a relationship, they are definitive and responsible.

They are not enthusiasts, more thinkers and melancholic.

The great philosophers of our world were influenced by Saturn.

For the Capricorn sign, represents the desire for success in social and professional life. This desire usually manifests itself in business, politics or science.

They feel they must do something with their career and that is why they measure each of their steps, being pragmatic and choosing practical goals.

They are good organizers, because of all of this, but also conservative when it comes to their activity.

They obey rules and take orders from their superiors and later, when they obtain similar positions, they demand the same of their subordinates.

They knew their business very well and know that everything has its own price, but they also know that no reward comes free.

If they do not reach the top of the social or professional pyramid, then they will prop up those around them or help them make themselves known, but only through their own means.

They will never facilitate a position or professional promotion of somebody they know.

They are strict when it comes to authority, but this toughness will gradually disappear in time, when they will be at an old age, they will forget that they were too strict.

They have a tendency to not understand others’ problems, which makes them fairly sullen. If the planet is poorly aspected, they have a tendency to use all of their wealth to control others.

For the Aquarius, Saturn informs about an individual’s capacity to concentrate. Such an individual has a mind focused on things of a scientific and impersonal nature.

They are preoccupied with the truth of things, their state, all very important aspects for them.

They have the capacity to channel all of their mental energy on their goals, which will help them develop a uranian intelligence characteristic of Aquarians. Saturn will help give them clarity, pragmatism and peace.

They are known to be ambitious individuals, open to new methods, workers, with an inclination towards scientific fields.

When the planet is well aspected, individuals have a sense for justice and responsibility in their relationships, so much that they are capable of giving very good advice.

For these individuals, social relations are very important, and when Saturn is in discord, it gives us egotistical and domineering individuals that want to manipulate those around them, making them play by their own rules for their own gain.

In the 10th house, it gives individuals organizational and managerial skills. This is position is favorable for state or corporate presidents, politicians, CEOs, managers etc.

These individuals will struggle all of their lives when it comes to their career and professional development, especially when only this planet is in the house.

This struggle will be frustrating for their personal life. If the planet is in discord, dangers, obstacles, disappointments, lack of opportunities or safety will appear when it comes to their career.

If the planet is well aspected, they will be able to achieve a new level in their career and gain a considerable wealth, thanks to hard word and outstanding moral integrity.