Taurus March 2018 Monthly Horoscope

This month is very much a Taurus heaven. The action is in your Money House, your favourite area and the health aspects are good. You are prospering right in the midst of your self-doubts, right when you think you’re going backwards.

Your personal image is still an important factor in earnings. Investing in yourself is still good (especially until the 5th) but now sales, marketing and communication play important roles. You need to use the media properly and get the word out on your product or service. Family plays an important role in finances until the 21st.

Many of you are spending more on the home and family but also family connections or actual family members are providing earnings or financial opportunity. Professional investors are much heavier traders this month. This seems successful.

The perception of short-term trends is acute. A new car or communication equipment or software is coming to you. There are good short-term aspects for buying or selling a home.

Though Venus is still retrograde in your Money House, much of the lack of clarity on financial goals will be alleviated by the New Moon of the 17th. Greater financial clarity, new financial information, is on its way to you.

Intellectual interests in general, are emphasised this month. Both the Sign of Gemini and your 3rd House (Communication and Intellectual interests) are strong. Educational opportunities will come and you should take them.

By all means take courses in subjects that interest you. Read those books that you’ve always wanted to read. Your mind is very sharp now. Learning is easier. Students should do well.

Most of the planets (like last month) are below the horizon and on the 10th your Career Planet (Uranus) goes retrograde. Career can safely be put on hold as you focus on setting up the infrastructure for future career success.

Mars moving into your 4th House on the 24th shows the urge to renovate or reconstruct the home.

Health is good though you shouldn’t make any drastic changes to your health regime until after the 29th. Enhance health by paying more attention to your lungs, intestines, arms and shoulders.

The Eastern sector of your chart is still strong so take personal action to create your life as you desire it to be. Sure, you may not be clear on all your desires but implement the ones that are clear to you.

With the two Love Planets in the Horoscope retrograde all month, love needs much patience. Progress is being made on subjective levels, though you might not see it outwardly. For singles, this is a time for preparing the ground for future romance.

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