Taurus and Aquarius Friendship

Those born under the Taurus sign have strength of character like the bull, and a practical nature influenced by the Earth’s elements. No stranger to hard work, the Earth keeps them grounded with both feet firmly planted in what needs to get done.

While it was thought at one time that Saturn ruled the sign of Aquarius, it is now believed that Uranus is the dominant ruler. Saturn inspires the more serious side of Aquarius and encourages structure, while outrageous Uranus influences its unpredictable nature, causing this personality to walk to its own tune. Because both planets have an influence on the Aquarius sign, the result is unpredictable behavior. This character can be on a steady course of action and then suddenly change direction.

Taurus and Aquarius Friendship

The biggest reason why the friendship between Taurus and Aquarius is great is that they are both very intelligent. This pair is actually one of the most popular when it comes to friendship.

When they get together they have interesting discussions about current events and always express their appreciation for each other. Both zodiac signs possess a high level of knowledge on similar topics and interests.

Taurus and Aquarius form one of the most enduring friendships in the entire zodiac. 

Despite the Taurus’s constant need to control everything and the Aquarius’s need for attention and affection, the two will always be best friends. 

Taurus follows plans carefully, while Aquarius loves consistency and people-oriented goals.

Taurus as a Friend

Bull-headed, the Taurus sign does not flinch when confronting an obstacle; they will usually get what they want whatever the means. They can plow through like a bull or use wit and patience as their driving force in order to achieve the results they are aiming for.

Their stubborn personality can be shaken up by change. They like familiarity and do not respond well to upheaval in their lives. Family and friends are the center of their world, and as long as they have someone to count on, they can survive anything.

A Taurus is a true blue in both friendships and love relationships. While they love a healthy debate, a Taurus does not look for an argument. It takes a lot for them to blow up but when they do, watch out! A strong dislike for conflict may well cause this personality to retreat for a while in an effort to regroup. 

Taurus is the ideal friend, loves parties but also takes walks outdoors. Friendship with a Taurus will be based on stability, a Taurus never disappoints. He will always keep secrets and give his friends the strength to get through the difficult moments in life. 

The most compatible signs with Taurus are Cancer, Aquarius, Pisces, Virgo, and Scorpio.

If you have a Taurus buddy, you can consider yourself happy, as this native rarely gets attached to anyone other than family members or life partners. 

Once you’ve earned their friendship, you’ll have it forever. You will always enjoy the best food on earth at his home because he is an extraordinary cook.

 Your Taurus friend has the good sense never to offend or hurt, even if he is disappointed and even if he is angry.

The Aquarian as a Friend

The water bearer that represents this sign inspires growth and change. The Aquarius personality is always looking to the future with promise. This witty and intelligent zodiac sign is said to be years ahead of its time. A positive attitude and zest for life give it a social flare; however, when the need to retreat surfaces, the Aquarius will bear down and become focused.

 The Aquarian’s friendships are a very important aspect of his life. He makes friends easily but his true friends are few.

Aquarius divides people into three: close friends (true friends), real friends and the rest of the world (acquaintances). 

An Aquarius helps at any time by sacrificing his own interests and expects nothing in return.

But you should know that no matter how dear a friend is to you, you will never put your loved one on the second plane. 

Although naive and maybe childish, Aquarius is aware that his friends have their own lives and so he must protect his life too.

For Aquarius, a friendship is forever. They don’t get to have many close friends but when they do, they give them the freedom to be themselves. The most compatible signs are Taurus, Sagittarius, and Capricorn.

Taurus and Aquarius Love Compatibility

The Taurus – Aquarius relationship can be a wonderful casual partnership, but in the case of long-term relationships and commitments, things could be much more complicated and they would both have far too much trouble making the relationship work.

The relationship between Taurus and Aquarius is far from perfect. Both have strong personalities. Taurus is stubborn, not flexible, and does not like change. On the other hand, Aquarius is a water sign and is very adaptable. And, as adaptable as he is, Aquarius is less interested in instability, in family,  things that Taurus cherishes.

When a Taurus comes into contact with an Aquarius, it will have a beneficial effect on the Taurus’ career. It will stimulate that part of them linked to ambitions, aspirations and therefore the relationship could be a harmonious one.